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  • bayofangels
    Original poster 9 posts

    @vanarlen By "interacting with the pole next to him", if you mean the text note on his left then no, that doesn't fix the issue. He's been uninteractable since that scene with the kids, and that's a long time ago now.

  • MildlyColdSalsa
    1 posts

    I accepted all three of the contracts that were given to me when Reda's shop showed up in my settlement. I went and did two of them without issue, but when it came down to the last quest, where you had to "kill the predators", it showed as being located in Cent, a much higher level area than me. However, the quest tracker said that it was located just outside my settlement, so I went over to do it. I used my bird to scout out the area, and it was highlighted blue, but after running around for 30 minutes, there were no predators to kill. I restarted my game, and upon getting back in, I found that the quest was completely gone, and the NPC was no longer interactable. I've tried reloading a previous save, killing myself in the game, and restarting the game multiple times, but the NPC continues to not be interactable. I would like to be able to do contracts and want this issue solved so I can have the ability to spend my opals! Please help.

  • Foxiary_
    1 posts

    Maximal levelled by killing a wolf at level 16.
    Infinity capability points.

  • Strayngel
    83 posts

    Just happened to me on PC. Same deal with telling the kids a story. I can no longer interact with Reda, therefore I cannot purchase items with opal.

  • rasmusadson
    10 posts

    It has been 8 hours since it became possible to complete this quest because we got 3 missions on Tuesday; 2 on Wednesday-Saturday (total is 8). So if you tried you should have already completed 10 missions. When I finished I went to talk to Reda but there is no dialogue option. There is a quest marker on him though. This will be bad in a long run because you can only buy items with opal from Reda, quests can be asked from other children.
    Have heard it to be a problem caused by Ubisoft server issues but don't know for sure. Also don't know what to do if that is true.

  • rasmusadson
    10 posts

    Happened to me too, thought it to be a problem with Ubisoft server connection or mission "Viking for hire" though in my case I had just finished the 10 missions given by him and can't have the final talk. Have tried many times: fast travel, completed other missions, restarted the game, meditated. Also listened to the story he tells children. Playing on PC.

  • Snipergaming68
    2 posts

    After the initial time I met reda in which I got the first weekly and daily missions, I can't interact with him anymore. I can still get the missions from his associates and I get rewards for completing them but I can't talk to him at all to see his store. Im power 60ish at this point and don't want to start over. Anyone have a fix? I'm on PS4.

  • Strayngel
    83 posts

    After completing the "Taken for Granted" mission I was able to interact with the "pole" and this lead to Reda being interactable again.

  • Toeken42
    4 posts

    On PC, same here, on Viking for Hire, no kids in camp at all, Reda is not interactable at all, im 50 hours in, no interaction available. Changed the totems, read the note near him tried to complete a few quests, committed suicide, Fast travelled all over the map, killed 60% of the order still not interactable. there's two days left to get the item i wanted, I hope it works soon. I also verified Files (Uplay Launcher, Ubi Store purchased), uninstalled, re-installed. Still nothing.

  • Larme_Noir
    1 posts

    We fixed this Bug 10 minutes ago. In the great hall the child Knut is crying and wants you to follow him into the woods. The children of your village are in danger and you must help them. When you complete this quest, the children return to your village and Reda will tell them a Story. Interact with the Pole and listen to Redas Story. After this you will be able to interact with him again. Try this.

  • NLDraakje
    6 posts

    Same here, watched him tell his story and now I cant interact with him anymore.

    No useable poles and did the crying kid quest ages ago.

    Just finished the Viking for hire quest and tell me to talk to him but I cant.

  • deviant47
    2 posts

    Same here, cant talk to Reda at all for 2 days now.

  • Dexxwar
    2 posts

    I can't use her anymore I got to look at her once after I first opened her stoor. Now, days later I went back and she doesn't do anything. There is no option to talk to her. I have no previous save to go back to either.

  • Riggelz
    4 posts

    Have the same issue.
    Knut quest done a few days ago.

    I have 150 Opals for the Horse.
    Cant interact with him.
    Kids and i heared the story about eagles.

    Cant talk to him since then.
    Cant turn in Viking for Hire.

    Please fix this before the Horse isnt in the shop anymore!

  • DjKamo
    18 posts

    I have a problem with Opal trader in my camp. I began the quest, done 3 daily missions, gathered 100 Opals from it. Wanted to buy some items from Reda. Unfortunately I can't seem to speak with Reda. NPC is there but there is no option to talk with him. 
    When I load the game to the point where I first spoke with Reda I can normally interact with him, but it is long time ago and I don't want to loss that much progress.
    Other players have this problem too - if unsolved we will lose many daily opals quests because of this bug.
    Any fixes/solutions?

  • Exxano
    2 posts

    Same bug on me.

  • NoBrain460
    1 posts

    Same here got 150 opals for horse and now this kid doesnt speak to me 😞 SadFace - if i miss this opportunity i'll just refound this game.

  • C4tero
    2 posts

    So same problem for me and the quest with the crying kid i did that one already still cant interact tryied a lot of stuff will this be fixed?

  • Snipergaming68
    2 posts


    Any suggestions?

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