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  • SirGwill
    2 posts

    After the patch I’m still not able to talk to him, after he was telling a story to some kids and not been able to interact since, just want the weekly shop back 😞

  • GreenFurian1976
    1 posts

    I am also having the same problem as everyone here. It is quite annoying and I just pretty much stopped playing the game. I don't like it when quests get bugged. I can't do the quest Viking for Hire and I also can't get quest speak to Randvi  to clear as well. She just opens up the dialog to view the map and does not do any of the story dialog. This is goes without saying I have no access to buy things for my opals so I am sure I missed that killer deal for the horse 😞 I am playing the PC version

  • OrlithNightfire
    2 posts

    @stoltz612 yeah same issue here on my PS5

  • jmicmiddle
    3 posts

    I used to not be able to interact with Reda because he would not stop telling the Origin story.
    Now I can’t interact with him at all. So the mission can’t be started. There is no way to interact with him.

  • OsTornados5
    1 posts

    Just got to this quest on my PS4. Tracked the quest but can't talk to Reda to start. Hopefully this isn't a major issue like the seer quest when the game first launched and a patch comes out soon.

  • korbyn420
    4 posts

    @jonari24 hey thanks omg that worked I'm so happy...I never stayed for the story thank you again

  • Valkyra_007
    8 posts

    I have the same problem. I was only able to talk to him to complete the codex mission but I haven't been able to interact with him and see his inventory in almost a week. I can talk to his minions in other cities just not him

  • Rastarix69
    7 posts

    @ubi-spud same issue here. doing what you say may allow us to pick up new contracts but it doesn't allow us to see the shop as you can't talk to reda. makes collecting opals and doing contracts pretty pointless.

  • RahulVyas97
    5 posts

    @korbyn420 The Reda Bug of not being able to solve was solved Randomly. I was walking through Ravensthrope when I heard Reda speaking the Story of Bayek and then After the story was over, I was able to speak to him, But after I spoke to him and completed the mission, I got The Berserker set again which I had already received before and it showed me all additional content now unlocked which I already had unlocked before. My entire Berserker Set has been Downgraded from Mythical To Superior. so the amount of Tungsten Ingot I had used to evolve it from superior to Mythical was wasted, plus it didn't return in my inventory nor the world. Basically the Tungsten Ingot used to Evolve Berserker gear vanished from the game as it is not in the place where I farmed it from nor in my Inventory.

  • ThordekHU
    9 posts

    @korbyn420 Currently Reda is just sitting in my village... no other childs listening to Bayek story, no interaction sign, nothing. I have to visit other "gang members" from ex. Lunden to get the daily quests. Before 1.0.4 it worked.

  • SoulmasterxX
    37 posts

    I'm having another bug, In addition to not being able to advance in the campaign because of the Clues and Riddles mission, now I can't complete the mission of delivering 10 contracts because I can't talk to the NPC.

    congratulations Ubisoft

  • sattium85
    72 posts

    Today, in patch 1.04, I reached the point when Reda comes to Riverstop and gives contracts, I fulfilled two contracts and after that I cannot talk to Reda (there is no active button for talking). Please fix this bug.

  • jeje_71
    69 posts

    @sattium85 welcome to the club!

  • thebler123
    1 posts

    Ive done everything in the whole game and I cant do any missions to fix reda because there are no missions left to do. I hope ubisoft fixes this next patch

  • Squall619
    1 posts

    I can seem to talk to rada anymore after he told his strory to a crowd an d now that l completed 10 contracts l need to talk to him but can't. Also l can talk to anyone else in world to get contracts just not Rada

  • Darthtanien
    4 posts

    Same issue on PC. Tried all the suggestions. Just sits there with an icon above his head.

  • RONMAN1990
    3 posts

    I'm seeing a lot of people having the same issue as me, unable to actually speak to Reda in the "Viking for Hire" mission, which has now ruined the ability to start fresh contracts and also buy anything from Reda. Very frustrating!

  • mrdeejoh39
    1 posts

    I can get contracts from him but not the shop. The reticle stays at the bottom of the screen. It does the same with the Cartagrapher. I cant navigate his shop. So frustrating!!!!

  • Dastardly44
    4 posts

    This worked for me and as @Fuzies777  mentioned.... Collect all 6 codex pages and give to Hytham (the Assassin in Ravensthorpe) who tells you to speak to Reda. Reda says to read 'Hidden Ones letter' in his tent. Once read, Interact and listen to the story Reda is telling. Once he finishes you then have access again to him.... Hope works for everyone

  • Jogio17
    1 posts

    Today I’ve the same problem, the other kid is gone end I can’t speak with Reda. your comments are yes a few days ago. Have you solved?

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