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  • FR5DDY
    1 posts

    This is still an issue...can it please be fixed?

  • xliqu1dx
    10 posts

    @aazhari Similar issue here, however seems to be with variance... I am reading that completing the Cent Arc should trigger an event which un-stucks Reda. However, I am stuck on A Bloody Welcome, ont seeing Basim, unable to open the door in Canterbury which prevents me from completing that Arc. Therefore Reda is stuck. Very frustrating...

  • Demon36081
    1 posts

    Yer still no progress still cant talk at all so cant finish the 10 hit mission

  • turk76
    1 posts

    salve, non riesco ad interagire più con reda, ho compleato il gioco, non mi da l'icona "e" per parlare con reda e non posso accedere agli acquisti con oplale, sapreste aiutarmi?

  • Vege.
    1 posts

    I can't complete these Reported missing contract's because they get stuck on the You must be anonymous text.

  • Xsarsus
    11 posts

    Having the same problem.

    1. Made a raid
    2. Upgraded blacksmith
    3. Had a auto-dialog with Gunnar – upgraded my axe
    4. Left the dialog and cannot talk to anyone now

  • DemoN172014
    1 posts

    @bayofangels same for me

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @demon172014 you should all just sign the petition. And spread the word 🙂 http://chng.it/HGTWNkmq

  • Lacko19072001
    1 posts

    hello I wont call it a fix because it doesn’t fix anything but it at least allows me to get my acces into store. I finished all quests in the story and I have same problem with Reda (no respond, no kids listening to story). But Opal and whole store is conected to your Ubisoft account so I do contracts and earn opal in my late save and then I load it back when I was in the middle of story, and Reda is telling story to the kids so I simply wait till the end save game and buy what I want. It’s worth a try. However this bug needs a fix ASAP!

  • Xsarsus
    11 posts

    30th day ... still we have problem
    Just give us Fenyx free

  • Disco1133
    1 posts

    So it says to speak to Reda but he does not talk to you 🤔?

  • Spc.Durham
    4 posts

    same issue

  • vermie22
    1 posts

    I have the same problem, and he already told his story before I was even done the Viking for Hire quest. I was able to speak to him after getting all 6 Codex pages for the Bureau regarding that quest, but not able to start a dialog about anything else.

  • Docta_Dee
    3 posts


  • ImportedNine278
    1 posts

    I had the same problem with reda, it fixed when i found all the 6 codex pages. In the end, you have to talk to reda about the codex, so the bug will disappear.

  • smiller504
    2 posts

    Absolutely ridiculous that this issue is still there a month later.

  • Kalkunitiib
    1 posts

    Reda still bugged!! When fix????

  • BobNewton2
    16 posts

    @timbo_redbeard Wincestre codex unavailable to me, get everything else in the room but no codex page

  • raver4612
    9 posts

    @importednine278 not true because bug happened when i finished the story

  • JayMander
    1 posts

    Finished main story & killed all ancients, can't access reda, how do I fix!! Started again a new game and he works fine... please fix this bug

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