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  • APPLE5333
    28 posts

    @rasmusadson I'm having the same issue and made a post about it. Somebody replied saying that after he did the bakery quest he could talk to reda again for some reason but I've already done that bakery quest so I can't test it myself. 😕

    Really hope they fix this soon

  • APPLE5333
    28 posts

    @dem0niac_live I guess all we can do is just spam the forums with " Reda bugged - Vikings for Hire ". They should just have a bug report button at this point. Ya'know. Since this is basically beta still. x_x

  • Lycan_333
    3 posts

    Playing on PC. Progressed heavily in the story, first encountered a few days ago and read similar topics with no solutions. I've since progressed significantly, ie; multiple zone changes and game reloads. I have interacted with the pole beside him as some people claim that to fix it. Nothing I seem to do will allow me to complete this quest.

  • OTG_Gilamunsta
    32 posts

    Is Reda telling the story of Bayek and Aya? If so, I had to 'listen' to the story being told and wait until he was finished before I could interact with Reda again...

  • Lycan_333
    3 posts

    @otg_gilamunsta Reda is not doing anything. Just sitting there.

  • xXTeaLyXx
    1 posts

    Can't speak to reda, i can't finish the "Viking for Hire" quest

  • SlizenDize
    4 posts

    I too have this bug but I never saw any scene with children. Also there is no pole to interact with as far as I can see?

  • N.e.m.z
    2 posts

    Might have found a workaround - load a save before the bug - buy it - load current save. Done

    Only solution that i could think of - the opals are bound to the account - not the save

    Worked for me - I bought the horse - quest is still bugged but atleast i could buy what i wanted

  • DRFee1good420
    2 posts

    Same thing for me can’t talk to read spend my opals or nothing

  • Toeken42
    4 posts

    @slizendize Update: After Liberating Cent, Reda became Interactable, he also was telling a story to the children of the camp, who i had not seen for at least 30+ hours after completing a quest for/with the kids.

  • N.e.m.z
    2 posts

    Hope you guys saw my post - i know there is a few upset people - atleast this works

  • Wh1tew1ng
    1 posts

    After finishing 10 Contracts for Vikings For Hire the Quest switches to "Speak to Reda".
    The problem is that Reda is only sitting in his tent with the Questmarker, but there is no SpeechBubble or other way to interact with him.
    This not only prevents me from finishing the quest, but also from accessing the Black Market at this point.
    For further clarification I listened to the story he tells the children before finishing the 10 Contracts.

  • ValtyrNine
    87 posts

    There's a certain point in the game where Reda will begin to tell the children of Raventhorpe a 5-6 minute long story repeatedly every time you come back to the settlement. The first time you visit him after starting/loading the game, it is impossible to interact with Reda during the time he is telling the story. Essentially, this locks the player out of using his shop until he finishes, which is not fun or interesting and adds nothing to the game.

    As his shop is an amenity that is only available by talking to him in the camp, there is no alternative to this besides waiting for him to finish the story. The player should be able to use his shop without waiting on the story to finish. Right now, it is detrimental to gameplay.

  • APPLE5333
    28 posts

    Title says everything.. And this bug isn't on that megathread of "known issues"

    Come on, Ubisoft u_u You're not EA. You're better than this

  • aldastrio
    1 posts

    It was fixed for me!!! I had the same problem then after i completed cent and the dag quest i found reda telling the story of ac origins to the 3 kids in the camp. Just after the story ended i was able to speak with him at last.

  • DravicSTEAM
    4 posts

    @apple5333 Have you tried listening through the entire 1.5 minute long conversation that Reda has with the children? You can listen to it by interacting with a pillar of the tent.

  • Degzii1994
    5 posts

    @ubi-baron im playing on Xbox one X however it won't let me upload clip

  • DRFee1good420
    2 posts

    I’m mainly just saving opals and wanna finish the Viking for hire quest lol

  • muricaz
    6 posts


    Which Dag quest are you referring to?

    im going to try this

  • Kau_adh96
    12 posts

    I have the same problem, except Its happening after I finished the "vikings for hire" quest and I've finished the story and all regions.

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