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  • XX-Artorias-XX
    86 posts

    Play a game is not complete a game, but play until have fun.

    Work for have 100% is a job, a mental limit, a fixation not healtly.

    If i don't like a game, i stop playing.

    I think there is something wrong with this practice of "100% ever".

    Play for fun, not for job.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    well said.

    Thats why i stopped playing Hearthstone. Doing those dialy missions to earn enough gold and whatnot just became a chore. a obligation.

  • kreutzgang
    600 posts

    @asgardian02 I know, you kindly told me about the trick before, which has made it a lot more bearable.

    BTW I also use a controller, but I wonder, if it was optimised for controllers, do Keyboard users also plant body bombs whenever they activate Odin's Sight? 😄

  • B00MSIE
    265 posts


    If you ask nicely, Ubisoft probably will add customisation of odin sight button to the Helix store...

  • kreutzgang
    600 posts

    @b00msie LOL. Now if they added a "autoplay the anomalies" feature to the Helix store, I might be tempted xD

  • B00MSIE
    265 posts

  • Yesin069
    459 posts


    Nice video from those guys! I always love the videos from those classic AC YouTubers. They started playing AC1 at the same time and age as me and they always say stuff that i can relate too. The modern AC YouTubers like JorRaptor aren't even in the same league. They just want to keep a good connection to Ubisoft and are always held back when Ubisoft needs to get some big citicism. They always show of microtransation gear sets and say that they just want to show them to us but don't would tell us to buy them. They should say very clear and loud that NOBODY SHOULD BUY THIS STUFF! Not just a small sentence. Make it very clear that you just show those armors and don't say that they look cool. Even if they would look cool i wouldn't say it. Those gear sets cost between 10-20 € and i would never say as single good word about them even if they would be the best sets in the world.

    Those old-school-AC-YouToubers got everything from Ubisoft until they started to criticise the hell out of them after Syndicate. It gone so far that Ubisoft Quebec deleted posts from them on Twitter and didn't give them any game copies. Some Ubisoft Montreal devs that worked on the old AC games are still close them and would never block critiques from them. Like Darby McDevitt, the last writer on Ubisoft that knows how to write AC stories.

    So when they are talking about AC, i know it is there real opinion and that they are care about this franchise. They don't care about any good connections to Ubisoft.
    Just say out loud what Ubisoft are doing wrong since Syndicate.

    When Ubisoft keeps going on with there microtransactions and roadmaps, they will loose every last AC fan they had until just small kids stay that love buying microtransactions with their parents money. At least we all know that this is the way how you can make money today.

    But it is pretty obvious that Ubisoft will stay on that formula until the sales go down. Nothing surprising here.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    no, instead it doesnt give us any content but wants you to grind out opals so you can get armors from their helix store..

    Great content, truly masterfull.

  • B00MSIE
    265 posts


    I also am a big fan from the old AC’s. Recently replayed the remastered Ezio collection and still loved it. I even start AC1 now and then, to relive it. Origins and Valhalla are big fun, but not like the old one’s. They feel more like an addiction sometimes.

    I think Origins has the best story from the last 3, but Valhalla tries to honor the old games more and tries to do more with the story then Odyssey did (Like adding some reality to people you meet by inviting them to Raventhrope). I also think (hope) Eivor will become a real Assassin in the DLC’s (like they did in Origins). I understand why people are big fans of Odyssey, but it’s not my game. I think it would have been better if it just wasn’t an AC game.

    Not saying I dislike Valhalla, I love the scenery, the English rain, snowy mountains (although HDR does not look great). It also is just a fun no brainer hack and slash like Odyssey, without the never ending grinding (although still to much for my taste). I also like the little puzzles, stones etc, which most people seem to dislike. And no godlike powers like in Odyssey, like no fall damage etc...

  • kreutzgang
    600 posts

    @b00msie Either I don't know what grinding is, or some people on this forum have not finished Valhalla.

    How is Odyssey grindy in comparison to Valhalla?

    • Valhalla has a metric ton of "collect random crap from culling entire species" goals, when this includes fishing, the grind level is literally peak.
    • On a similar note, the stuff you have to collect in the vision sequences
    • Reda's quests consist of a max of 5 goals you have to repeat over and over, only getting marginally less repetitive if you switch the quest givers.
    • The sheer number of locked doors for every crap chest/curses and so on get super repetitive, i.e. grindy.
    • Collecting all the rubbish to upgrade everything (armour, weapons, rations, quiver, settlement)
    • Collecting the Roman artefacts
    • Collecting random stuff that in some cases doesn't even serve a purpose beyond collecting it (e.g. Rigsogaur or whatever it's called)
    • Running out of arrows/rations
    • Weekly challenges
    • Not to mention people scouring the entire map for Odin's Runes etc, as there are allegedly "mysteries" to be found ...

    These are off the top of my head. That's literally MMO-level grind. The only non-grindy thing is the lack of gear and the fact you know where to pick it all up as it shows up on the map.

    So what's grindy in Odyssey? Picking up crafting materials? - considerably less boring than any type of collecting stuff done in Valhalla, except when it comes to dismantling/selling, which can get tedious. IDK about the weekly challenges as I never noticed them in Odyssey. Recurring "go and kill x bandit" quests can easily be ignored.

    As for godlike powers, no fall damage is a QoL feature. Just don't jump off stuff and walk/ride around it if it's such a big deal. In Valhalla otoh everyone is a god once they hit 400 power level (and to avoid it you'd have to stop investing in the skill tree at 300 at the latest), except for the fall damage, and it's annoying as hell when you teleport to a sync point and then end up breaking your neck because it points you in the opposite direction from the haystack, or you're trying to follow a tattoo paper (oh wait, another grind I forgot to mention, and oh yeah, the treasure maps), and have to turn the camera up to keep it in view so cannot see where you are going and - ofc - break your neck again.

    And finally, the puzzles etc are fine at the beginning, and I doubt anyone would have an issue with them if there weren't so freaking many of them.

  • longjohn119
    421 posts
    So, ngl to me, Vahalla is an unfinished product. A good one, but shouldn't have been released with the lack of content it has. (feel free to disagree but that's my observations).
    I really want to ask what is everyone's issue with odyssey's loot grind? It's almost identical to ANY rpg loot mechanics. I remember playing skyrim or the witcher, two phenomenonal games that have this system (literally remember in skyrim having hundreds of carbon copy steel weapons, and same with the witcher). So any the issue with it being in an rpg assassin's creed?
    Odyssey's system works for the type of game it is. Valhalla's doesn't. Because you're so limited in what's available, you never really find your play style. This is abysmal in a game that advertises itself as A. An rpg game, and B. A game where "you make your own viking saga"...

    That's my main gripe about the game, it feels unfinished and is buggier than a New York City crack house .... Even the aim lock on the bows is still broken which I really can't understand after Origins and Odyssey which are the same game engine so the code to do it right is already there to just copy and paste into the game ..... 2 of the first 3 monastery raids I did were bugged and they asked me for video so I gave them video .... Then they wanted time stamps so I gave them time stamps .... and never heard a damned thing back from them at which point I just gave up on the game hoping that it would get patched but from everything I've seen the game got worse with each patch to the point of not utilizing the CPU and GPU properly or just constantly crashing .... And the list of unfinishable quests because of what I suspect are broken saves caused by the Connect app keeps getting longer each time they post the latest bugs list

    Meanwhile I'm 42+ hours into a fully recorded Odyssey playthrough and haven't had a single crash or game breaking bug that stops my progress ..... The worst thing that's happened was this minor AI glitch which is more humorous than game breaking .... He's supposed to be tied up and he just wanders past me and then after I kill the first snake he drops out of the ceiling and gets tied up .... I was laughing so hard I could barely shoot the snakes

  • B00MSIE
    265 posts


    I only mind grinding when you need to do it to finish the game. In Odyssey you had to do a lot of repetitive side missions, to skill up enough (Most reviewers said that only after purchasing the boosters, progress was somewhat normal, I totally agree with that). And after skilling up your armor became worthless, so you had to grind for resources to improve that. In Valhalla that is not necessary. In Valhalla I never had to grind to continue the main story. And because of the small puzzles I did not bother the collecting of resources. The puzzles were a repetitive and could be harder, but it was (in my opinion) a step in the right direction. The puzzle itself is the reward. I really hope, they also add them to the DLC's.

    You get a lot of of stupid things like wooden legs, because you do not need that much resources. This is because grinding is not needed to level up. It is just funny stuff (a joke they stole from the Witcher and such).

    Things like collection roman artifacts have always been in the AC games, you do not need to do them to progress in the game. I like to search for them if I am not forced to do so. I do not buy maps to find them, even not when you can get them for the ingame currency. I like to just wander around in the world. In Valhalla most artifacts were on logical location.

    The arrows... If you could make them yourself then it should be at a campfire like in RDR, not while running around while also shooting them. Same with the rations. I hate the sort of godly magic that made you heal in Odyssey.

    The problem with the fishing is, it just does not work (fish disappear to soon, do not spawn at all or are not in the game). The amount of fish you need for a reward is really small.

    What I mean with the godly powers is the overpowered skills you could unlock. In most AC games these are assassin skills, in Odyssey these are godly skills.

    What I agree is that Valhalla should also have a higher difficulty level, but still maintain the easier level settings. Some people just want to have fun and games like the Witcher also provide these easier levels settings next to the more difficult ones. This way you always make sure everyone is able to finish the game and has fun while doing so.

  • kreutzgang
    600 posts

    @b00msie But the godly skills just come in the Atlantis DLC which most people probably play last, so you'd only really have them in NG+, and if you don't want to use them, don't. I don't - and I really don't consider myself a good gamer, so why anyone who thinks they are would is beyond me. In Valhalla on the other hand, literally everyone is a god unless they stop investing skill points entirely after a certain point, and that's not even counting using abilities. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, my Alexios in NG+ in Odyssey dies as soon as I don't pay attention for a sec, pretty much needs to use abilities regularly, has to use assassin skills in forts and frequently has to run away from mercs, my Eivor is never even close to dying and I forget there are any abilities there. Now I know some people built their Kass/Alexios to be super OP, but that is something you'd have to set out to do and you can easily - just not do it - while in Valhalla the only way to not be OP is to go out of your way to manually nerf yourself.

    As for the godly healing, the healing in Valhalla is way more OP than it is on Odyssey- Once you levelled the rations up, you can spam heal and there are usually shrooms, pots or bushes around too. In Odyssey, you had to use a skill with a cooldown or run away, and both have health on hit.

    As for levelling up gear, they way I did it was just to level stuff up one at a time when I had the resources. It worked fine and ought to be fine for everyone, at least people who complain the game is too easy ...

    And yeah, sure you can skip the grind in Valhalla, but afaik you then won't get 100% completion. You didn't have to do anything like that in Odyssey.

    Also, I'm fine with not being forced to go to a specific place to craft stuff (is finding them on random trees/corpses more "realistic"?). That's just inflicting loading screens and or traipsing from a to b on players in the name of "realism" in games that have 0 to do with realism on any level. I hate to think how many hours I've wasted doing stuff like that in Skyrim, trying to level up blacksmithing.

    I know that collecting crap was in older AC games. I was just glad not to have to do it anymore as it's legit not interesting. That was basically why I quit Unity too: the sheer amount of map markers in Paris which was basically all stuff like that was just too much.

  • Yesin069
    459 posts


    Valhalla also has grindy elements but Odyssey put it on a whole new level. You needed to grind levels to be able to play main missions. This is a game killer for me (even if i always play everything in games).

    At least you can play every mission in Valhalla because it is easy. You also don't need any microtransactions because the game isn't that hard. I think the devs tried to fight the management in a little way with the way they designed Valhalla. Every microtransaction is simply useless in Valhalla. In Odyssey the game was clearly balanced with the 50% XP booster in mind. In Valhalla i can do end game areas without any problems. Yes the enemies kill me in 2 hits at the most, but i played all souls-like games so this isn't hard for me.

    I don't dislike some grind in RPG's. I am currently playing Nioh 2 and this game is also grindy. BUT it has not a single microtransactions and the game is polished and balanced for everyone in the same way. When Ubisoft would do a game like Nioh it would end horrible because they need to have their microtransactions and this will kill every attempt in balancing a game.

  • kreutzgang
    600 posts

    @yesin069 I never bought xp boosters or felt like I had to grind in Odyssey, but then I never rush main missions anyway as I like to do everything before the end of a game, which I tried to do in Valhalla too, it's just a lot more boring imo, and even if you don't do it all, you are grossly over levelled. Plus clearly we are supposed to be buying the Helix armour in Valhalla. I did buy Odyssey after everything was released though, which probably helped a LOT.

    320 posts

    @b00msie For my part, I'm in an action RPG game, I expect to have to kill things, all the time. It's the reason why I play AC Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla. I have nothing against the fact that the end game is about killing, cleaning forts and castles, bandit camps ... but I CANT STAND having to pass all my time searching for keys, or unlocking door mechanisms for opening chests. You may find "diversity" in Valhalla's activities, I see there only boring Tomb Raider wannabe activities, and IT'S NOT what I'm expecting from an action RPG game.
    I restarted playing Odyssey 3 days ago, and this is an astonishing game, I enjoy every second of it, I do exactly what I like: I kill stuff. Period.
    I'll give a try to their River Raids, but if it's average at best, Valhalla is over for me. They sold us as a viking action RPG game, it's in fact "Valhalla Keys and Mysteries"... *vomit*

  • Yesin069
    459 posts


    I also do everything in games and don't rush main missions but if i would have liked to do so Odyssey would have made this a lot harder. The only way would be to play on easy which i hate.

    Valhalla isn't that hard to begin with so it isn't important what you level when. This is the reason why i dislike the soulslike-combatstyle in Valhalla. Focus should be stealth but the combat should be much more fun and great looking (something like Shadow of Mordor or Ghost of Tsushima). This would make the gameplay more fun. Those slower hitbox-focused combat systems (like Dark Souls) are more for difficult and methodical games. Whre you need to think a lot before you act. AC should be more in your face and cool-looking (Shadow of War wasn't that easy but i hope you understand what i mean).

    Ubisoft just copied the wrong combat system.

  • kreutzgang
    600 posts

    @yesin069 I did find Valhalla quite hard at the beginning; but as it takes me a while to get used to any game, I don't know how relevant it is.

    I still don't get how you can find Odyssey grindy. Whenever you go anywhere, there's tons of stuff you stumble into to do, be it bandits, forts, ships you can attack, quests, etc. I play all games on normal on my first playthrough. I've never played any AC game on easy. Do you get less xp if you play it on hard?

  • Yesin069
    459 posts


    I don't know how it compares because i always start at the hardest difficulty and don't ever look back.

    Just in Valhalla i put gameplay difficulty on hardest and stealth difficulty on easiest because every other setting makes stealth impossible. Even on the easiest difficulty they always spot you.

  • kreutzgang
    600 posts

    @yesin069 so why do you think it would be less grindy on easy? In my experience you get more xp the higher the difficulty, generally in games that is.

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