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  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 541 posts

    Hey Aausa! I hope you are having a good day, and thank you for contacting us! Sorry to hear you have encountered this issue with the 'Beast of the Hill'. Please try our quick guide here. >> https://ubi.li/nbGmm << However, if this persists, please send me a video of your gameplay showing that he is marked above you. For the video, you can post it to YouTube as unlisted and add the link here. Thanks so much!

    Official Response
  • Aausa
    Original poster 2 posts

    @ubikobold Hi, update to this. I went back to an earlier save and I went back and he was outside of the bandit camp that is near the spot where you find the beast of the hill. He just stood there and didn’t do anything so I attacked and beat him. I got the skill points but the mystery is still on my map incomplete.

  • blank_blank
    1 posts

    happening to me too. He spawned outside the camp above his cave. He is acting like drinking his wine but without his barrel. What should I do to solve this? I am not getting any loot from him if I kill him like that

  • n4nisheeth
    2 posts

    Same bug for me as well
    I have tried restart and database rebuild of ps4 as provided in your link but no change.

    Bug still present.

  • nik4455
    2 posts

    I am having the same issue, playing on xbox one

  • Leftover_Pizza
    13 posts

    The Beast of the Hill is bugged for me. When I enter the area, the bear sits on his butt, moving his front paws like he's drinking from a jug or something. He's right at the entrance of the small camp, in a restricted area, but totally unresponsive. He can be killed, but won't reward you with the kill and it's head. The Legendary Animal icon remains on the map.

    This is the last of 9 I have to kill, but it's bugged. I tried tugging it down the hill with my harpoon ability, but although it moves, it will stand idle and do nothing.

    Can't progress, can't get 3 trophies due to this bug. I'm quite disappointed in the quality of the last AC game, after being a happy 12 year long customer.

  • Leftover_Pizza
    13 posts


    Edit: I went to his cave after killing a non responsive bear and got the kill registered.

  • meg_2010
    1 posts

    Thanks for this, going back to the arena worked for me - easiest legendary animal ever!!

  • SueBB8
    3 posts

    Thank you. He was just sitting there near the camp, killed him and went underground and that did the trick.

  • lotr476
    1 posts

    On my PS4 The Beast of the Hill is not spawning in the chamber or near the camp but 27 meters below the camp and 32 meters above the chamber he's supposed to be in. I literally cannot access him at all.

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