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  • TonyGunslinger
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    I haven't played Valhalla so I can't comment on it. 

    Regarding the AI, Origins and Odyssey NPCs’ detection have to two modes, “Easy” and “Hard”, so I wonder if it’s the same for Valhalla. 

    Easy mode is when their detection range and angle are so narrow that you can parkour over their heads or lean out of cover to shoot your bow, and they won’t notice. Hard mode increases their range / angle / sensitivity so much so that if you were hiding between two crates and there’s a 1-pixel gap between them, they’ll spot you right away. 

    In those games, detection is on Easy mode by default. NPCs also stay on Easy when they get interrupted by non-threatening triggers such as whistling. But they’ll switch to Hard mode if they get triggered by what is considered as threatening, like finding a corpse or getting hit by a ranged attack. Also, NPC's vision cones are not anchored to their bodies, but to their heads. If a soldier guarding the front door yawns, he is looking up. If you're in front of him, you can just crouch and sneak past him. At the same token, if you're above the guard and just think he's on Easy mode, he'll spot you when yawns.

    There are a bunch of variables that can affect AI behavior, so It’s possible that a player could’ve unknowingly did something that is considered threatening to NPCs, which made them switch detection modes.

    Odyssey highlights these modes above NPC’s heads with the (!) status — for non-threatening triggers, and (?) — for threatening triggers. Origins IIRC only show the (!) icon. Does Valhalla NPCs show status icons? Does it give NPCs more than one mode of detection like the other two games, or is Valhalla is really just a buggy mess this moment, or a combination of both?

    Also want to mention that not every NPCs will necessarily follow the exact same universal AI rules. VIP types like Nation Leaders in Odyssey are built differently, ie, they get more easily triggered, their routines change when you weaken on their nation strength on the fly, and their bodyguards don’t care about anyone else but protecting their VIP. Pets of NPCs are like that too — they won’t attack unless the owner detect a threat. Certain DLC enemies and quest-specific characters also exhibit different detection and AI rules, or they were one-off custom scripted events to make sure you hear in-game dialog or something.

    Would like to see someone test out various scenarios to find out what is supposed to happen vs what is currently happening in the game.

  • NobelBigPlayer
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    I honestly like what they’ve done in Valhalla for the most part.
    I think the new combat system is much better. So good to pull of a combo and reck an entire group of guards. So brutal and bloody.
    I also like the new gearing system. I really do.

    but valhalla also has some problems. No doubt.

    the story is fine, but I can’t see myself as Eivor. You rarely get to say or react the way you want and he always rehrase your answar in some horrible way. That can be really frustrating.

    I do have some issues with the armor sets and weapons in the game. There is not nearly enough of them. And why they left out one handed sword is a puzzle. One of the most important weapons of the time period. My main issue with armor set is the looks of them. Most of them looks amazing and very viking in the early game, but as soon and you upgrade them, they just look worse and worse. And when you reach mythical they all look horrible. For me to have an immersive game experiance I am stuck with the huntsman set in superior quality.

    we also need more hairstyles and beardstyle.
    I don’t usually write something on these forums, but I see so much hate on this game and it’s not all justified. It has some great potencial. And it is in my opinion a step in the right direction. Eivor is what he is, but the rest can be fixed within a few patches.

    331 posts
    power level 317

    How close are you of having unlocked all the skills, or is already done: what happens after? You continue to gain xp but cant use it, right?

    331 posts


    Most French Canadians despise the English, and i mean anyone English, it sucks but i noticed when Ubisoft Quebec is in control there is a major downgrade in everything and a major amount of random [censored] thrown into the history that has no place

    What are you talking about???
    And what has it to do with AC Valhalla?
    Didnt you just say that each time the French Canadian make an AC game it's crappy? And Origins? which is the best RPG AC so far basically, at least for me (and pretty accurate historically also)
    And remember that Ubisoft is French.
    Francophobia is a disease. Heal yourself.

    Now that being said, Valhalla has no replayability and is very buggy. But it barely has nothing to do with the fact that its made by French Canadians...

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @frosthound030 But this was also present in Odyssey. Parkour in Odyssey was hell. It's basically the same (but maybe a tidbit slower) in Valhalla. They really need to fix Parkour. It's one of the core mechanics of the game and it is basically broken since Origins/Odyssey. Maybe it feels even worse in Valhalla because they added a lot more parkour opportunities so you are reminded constantly how bad the parkour works.

  • AnimusLover
    Original poster 76 posts

    @souldrinkerlp I disagree. I actually think most of the puzzles are superfluous and used to mask the fact that at the end of the day these are your generic collectibles. Most of Odyssey's "collectibles" were optional, not something you had to do for platinum or to level up.
    I noted the stupid A.I in Odyssey too. That's why I said Quebec masked it by requiring you to specialise in an assassin build to one shot them. It became about power rather than skill. That said, the A.I in Odyssey were at least consistent and not absolutely broken like Valhalla.

  • AnimusLover
    Original poster 76 posts

    @tonygunslinger Don't start. Everyone knows how detection is supposed to work in these games and how it changes based on actions of the player. It's not new and the game even explains something similar about "stress" level. The A.I. in Valhalla is broken. I would suggest actually playing the game firat before commenting.

  • AnimusLover
    Original poster 76 posts

    @torfinr I'm at 400 now (should have got there ages ago but had to reload a 3 day old save due to a bug). 400 is the skills cap. After that you get mastery points. I'm on mastery 10.

  • paviu7
    16 posts

    @animuslover Hold your horses. Former fans came back day 1. Fans from Origins bought it day 1. People who wanted to smash as viking bought it day 1. General reception is wholesome. Devs getting lots of love. Metacritic scores of Valhalla beat Odyssey (e.g. PC version 7.6 vs 6). Funny how the tables have turned.

    Fall damage - it is not high. Your complaint is kinda overreacting. At least Eivor doesn't feel like demigod or MMO doll. Fall damage from higher spots take away around a half of health. Unless you try to jump off Norway mountains like 100 meters down. You expect 0 damage from those? Don't make the game such absurdly MMO-ish that there would not be fall damage at all. Still you can quickly climb down by holding sprint + crouch. It doesn't take forever. Witcher 3, the game of the decade had fall damage in open world. Come on.

    Stealth mechanics such as crowds or drunkards - they are poorly implemented and not very efficient. The problem is not that they exist in RPG but how they were implemented. The range of drunkards should be larger and they should completely remove suspicion from guards unless we come 2 meters away from them. Guards just too quickly suspect us even if we are next to drunkards. Also Synin should spot permanently infiltration opportunities because sometimes I don't meet drunkards or crowds at all. So in general stealth in bushes is so much quicker that even as a fan of those mechanics I rarely use them but I do try them.

    Odyssey combat - its combat was a complete disaster. 0 depth and 0 punishment for spamming any action. Parry could be spammed over and over. There was no delay. Even on 3rd difficulty a 5 year old would complete the game by just standing and pressing parry and parry again. Enemies had little to no variation. Ocassionaly someone did AOE so you had to run away from circle. Valhalla combat is more engaging and enemies differ to the degree that I actually have to adjust to their style rather than only press light attack for the win.

  • DuskDragon56496
    367 posts

    completely agree with op.This game is far from finished,there is literally nothing special in this game whatsoever,you play for xp that's it.and once again Ubisoft goes the extra mile to defeat the purpose in playing.You get an awesome sword and an awesome the end of the game when it's of little to no use at all.Or you could be where I'm at in a game breaking glitch that I'm stuck in and can go no further.It's an ok game and I'm being very generous with thiat.To top it all with all the success they had implementing new game + what don't they put in Valhalla you guessed it.It's quite obvious that this game is far from complete ,maybe they had to rush it to release something because of the delays of watch dog and cyberpunk and the new game systems but whatever the reason this game is not triple A quality,not by a dam site.You get a long tedious story with very few rewards and a lot of glitches! Both Origins and Odyssey are worlds better than this sorry excuse for a game...I don't know maybe future patches and better content will save it in some way, but at this point it's definitely just "ok"

  • WendysBrioche
    11 posts

    @animuslover I thought I was going to get triggered but you actually do have some valid points.

    I'm not a tactical gameplay guy, I'm in for the fun. The combat is fun to me, looks nice, visually thrilling, feels jumpy and engaging, I find it fun where Odyssey and Origins were a nightmare to me (visually). This is all on the visual side rather than the mechanics, I like how a game looks, plays and feels. I don't care much for the gameplay in terms of a tactical strategic kind of thing cause I'm not that kind of person, I want a visual and adrenaline inducing thrill, Valhalla gives that to me, actually does that better for me than literally any AC game since the first game, so I'm personally pleased.

    I can however, imagine a game that still satisfies what I like but also addresses all the tactical issues you've pointed out, does both of those things so I'm not really disagreeing with you.

    I just find the game fun, so I'm just counting my blessings with that rather than asking for anything more specific cause I don't want to be too in your face to Ubisoft beyond what I've already done, I try to moderate that so I'm not so spoiled, disagreeable and angry. If it makes me happy, I'm good and I'll leave it at that, I don't want to press my luck and ask for too much. Especially when I'm already good and happy with what they've given on my end.

    331 posts
    @torfinr I'm at 400 now (should have got there ages ago but had to reload a 3 day old save due to a bug). 400 is the skills cap. After that you get mastery points. I'm on mastery 10.

    I've read somewhere that the mastery cap is 30 for each branch, for a maximum total of 3x30=90

    Do you still get xp as fast now? Without quests, it's slower no? If not, it would mean that most of us will reach the mastery cap soon too, ... and what next? I guess nothing 😕

    As for a patch or a future DLC "saving" Valhalla.
    But the core of the game is rotten and is difficult to correct without changing the whole game. Just as an example: they promised us combats with "more weight" ... so far I see combat with "less weight". Eivor is a kungfu super hero jumping like a bunny on steroid on his enemies and swinging his axe with bionic speed.
    Valhalla has gorgeous graphics, that's for sure. A few bugs, sure also. But the main problems are in the structure of the game.

  • lazgk50
    5 posts

    Ok so i am a darksouls veteran and AC lover i played all the games with exception of Brotherhood. When they moved to a more RPG style in Origins i was really looking forward for it and i really enjoyed it. I have more than 300 hours in Odyssey at least 1 full playthrough doing the whole map and everything. I played Unity after Odyssey and before Valhalla so i can make the comparison between old games and newer easier. The person who made the post is correct in many points about the game. For example stealth is something i got my self complaining about it too. In Odyssey you had to make a stealth build to one-shot enemies, in Valhalla you don't need that anymore i am power 347 i think, on hardest difficults and i can do stealth fine. The problem is in AI one time you can clear a whole city without anyone get a grip of you and sometimes you alert 1 guard and he alerts the whole city and archers shoot at you from miles away. Combat my only complain is that if you want to impliment a stamina system do it right no simple add a stamina bar. I had to fight bosses especially those 3 witches that i had to literally perfect dodge and parry the whole fight else i was out of stamina with 3 dodges and then i was dead.So if you want a stamina system make your fights and enemies attacks around a stamina system and not let the enemy spam attacks and you have 3 dodges else you get slow and eventually die.Healing i dont mind so much since as a dark souls player i learned to be ok even with 0 flusks. What i really liked and hated the same time is loot, i love how important gear feels now, you have to sweat to get the armor you want and upgrade it. The puzzles are way better than odyssey and all previous tiltes where were only mark points on a map that you had to clear out. But for the love of god when you make a game that huge getting every small chest with supplies behind a locked door or a mini puzzle or find 3 keys is getting frustrating.Parkour and movement ok Unity wins by miles best parkour in the series odyssey/valhalla parkour is not existing, this is simple zelda climbing without stamina use and weather effects no parkour in those games still fine for my taste.I loved the side content with mysteries and world events that felt dynamic and engaging since i had to think to solve them eve and not following a marker on my compass to do some fetching quest.Anyway the game is good and i enjoy it since i have 132hours and 70% of the game complete. But they really need to decide in what route they want their games to go from now on, either go a full RPG system which i prefer with stealth mechanics or stick to the old games formula which is more of a main mission with good story and some collectables on the map. That hybrid system is not working from my point of view. Final verdict the game is good at least i like it but those points i a made and some points the person who started the thread made are spot on and need improvement.

  • Lafrendgio
    30 posts

    You have some legit points here man. It has a lot of issues. But 3 things:

    • Odyssey as good as a lot of people think it is, is not an Assassin's Creed game. It should've been the real Gods and Monsters/Immortal Fenyx Rising from the start and not something that got ripped-off later by their own team because they were doing RPG experiments on an Assassin's Creed game. A stealth action-adventure franchise. The AC name it carries should've been a small text to a bigger title as it feels more like a spin-off that's set in the AC universe.

    • Alot of what you said is very subjective and opinion/preference based. Despite the extremely wonky parkour path prediction, I personally love Eivor's movement animations on a controller. And believe it or not, there are people who still prefer to walk and take in the sights in these games. I love the weighty momentum Eivor puts when starting his/her walk. It's not too weighty or too delayed like Geralt or Arthur. But it's also not weightless like Odyssey. It kinda reminds me of For Honor.

    • And good lord. I don't get why you're complaining about the mapping when you can literally map the entire controller to your liking... like, yes! finally we can! So remap the sprint button to R2 if it bothers your left thumb so much.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @lazgk50 I do hope they stick to the way they started going with Valhalla tbh. There are already so many generic RPGs out there. We don't need AC to become one too. AC had unique selling points which they can use and enhance to stay true and unique. I personally disliked Odyssey that much that I wont buy any AC from Quebec any longer. If they announce the next AC and its from the Quebec studio I won't be buying it 🙂 (Original AC fan)

    I can find a generic RPG everywhere. I don't need to see my beloved game franchise becoming one. And not even a particular good one tbh.

  • AnimusLover
    Original poster 76 posts

    @torfinr Oh, I still have plenty of quests to do lol. I haven't completed the story yet but I'm near I think. Only just completed Asgard/Jotenheim (awful quest line) with 30 mastery points in bear and 17 in wolf. XP still comes fast but you only get one mastery point per threshold. After you max out everything not sure what comes next. I guess I'll have to keep on playing...

    331 posts
    After you max out everything not sure what comes next.

    I'm afraid that the only thing you can do is waiting for the DLC or waiting for them to lift the hard cap...

  • AnimusLover
    Original poster 76 posts

    @lafrendgio 1) Never said Odyssey was an Assassin's Creed game but it was at least fun and polished. Valhalla isn't an AC game either but that's not what this thread is about. I am talking purely about the core mechanics
    which Odyssey gets right due to playing to its strengths. Valhalla has very bad mechanics and they are compounded by how they are utilised.

    2) I have no issue with walking or the weight when walking. It's the running and jumping and the fact that jog and run are visually and mechanically indistinguishable from one another that irritate me. There is a fundamental difference between this and that of Geralt and Arthur. Geralt and Arthur aren't parkour experts and the world is designed with that in mind. You get by with Arthur and Geralt mostly by horse and what little climbing there is works for their movement.

    3) I remember going back to legacy controls for Origins and it had issues. I rarely change the control scheme for games because usually what has been chosen as default is there for a reason. 

  • AnimusLover
    Original poster 76 posts

    @paviu7 It made sense for The Witcher 3 to have fall damage (even though the damage was excessive) because the way that world is made you are not expected to climb everything, you can simply use your horse or run on flat land. Valhalla is all rocks and mountains and yet has a parkour system. It's not fun to get around and fall damage just makes it worse. Thankfully this game is so buggy that spamming heavy attack upon landing negates fall damage so problem solved lol

    I don't give a crap about fan metacritic scores. The Last of Us Part 2 proves that fans will vote on products they haven't even played. The reviewer metacritic for Odyssey is higher than Valhalla across the board.

  • Lafrendgio
    30 posts

    1) I should've mentioned that Valhalla is also not an AC game. Like Odyssey, they're forcing mechanics that don't fit with a stealth-adventure franchise(It's literally in the name Assassin's)so what they get is a half-[censored] result and a torn fanbase cause they tried to please both. Instead of making a new IP for the RPG fans. Which they did way too late and is just a rip-off of another mess.

    2) I can't really sympathize with this one cause it's pretty distinguishable for me. More so than the last 2 games. Bayek just felt slow with the stick and Kassandra/Alexios looked more like a fast jog than a full on sprint. They also ascend inhumanly fast. Eivor looks like they lean more into it once the sprint is activated while the jog is pretty slow with their bodies straighter(i love it). I agree that Eivor's parkour is slower but it really doesn't bother me.

    3) Origins lets you change the over all control scheme. Valhalla let's you change every single button. Not every reason is right cause if that was the case we wouldn't be complaining. I change my mapping quite a lot when I'm not comfortable with it and the game allows me to do so. It's just you don't like the thumb sprint here and I do. Since Horizon: Zero Dawn and Watch Dogs 2. Like I said, this is what happens when they try to please both in a franchise that is clearly for a different demographic.

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