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    @torfinr I'm at 400 now (should have got there ages ago but had to reload a 3 day old save due to a bug). 400 is the skills cap. After that you get mastery points. I'm on mastery 10.

    I've read somewhere that the mastery cap is 30 for each branch, for a maximum total of 3x30=90

    Do you still get xp as fast now? Without quests, it's slower no? If not, it would mean that most of us will reach the mastery cap soon too, ... and what next? I guess nothing 😕

    As for a patch or a future DLC "saving" Valhalla.
    But the core of the game is rotten and is difficult to correct without changing the whole game. Just as an example: they promised us combats with "more weight" ... so far I see combat with "less weight". Eivor is a kungfu super hero jumping like a bunny on steroid on his enemies and swinging his axe with bionic speed.
    Valhalla has gorgeous graphics, that's for sure. A few bugs, sure also. But the main problems are in the structure of the game.

  • lazgk50
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    Ok so i am a darksouls veteran and AC lover i played all the games with exception of Brotherhood. When they moved to a more RPG style in Origins i was really looking forward for it and i really enjoyed it. I have more than 300 hours in Odyssey at least 1 full playthrough doing the whole map and everything. I played Unity after Odyssey and before Valhalla so i can make the comparison between old games and newer easier. The person who made the post is correct in many points about the game. For example stealth is something i got my self complaining about it too. In Odyssey you had to make a stealth build to one-shot enemies, in Valhalla you don't need that anymore i am power 347 i think, on hardest difficults and i can do stealth fine. The problem is in AI one time you can clear a whole city without anyone get a grip of you and sometimes you alert 1 guard and he alerts the whole city and archers shoot at you from miles away. Combat my only complain is that if you want to impliment a stamina system do it right no simple add a stamina bar. I had to fight bosses especially those 3 witches that i had to literally perfect dodge and parry the whole fight else i was out of stamina with 3 dodges and then i was dead.So if you want a stamina system make your fights and enemies attacks around a stamina system and not let the enemy spam attacks and you have 3 dodges else you get slow and eventually die.Healing i dont mind so much since as a dark souls player i learned to be ok even with 0 flusks. What i really liked and hated the same time is loot, i love how important gear feels now, you have to sweat to get the armor you want and upgrade it. The puzzles are way better than odyssey and all previous tiltes where were only mark points on a map that you had to clear out. But for the love of god when you make a game that huge getting every small chest with supplies behind a locked door or a mini puzzle or find 3 keys is getting frustrating.Parkour and movement ok Unity wins by miles best parkour in the series odyssey/valhalla parkour is not existing, this is simple zelda climbing without stamina use and weather effects no parkour in those games still fine for my taste.I loved the side content with mysteries and world events that felt dynamic and engaging since i had to think to solve them eve and not following a marker on my compass to do some fetching quest.Anyway the game is good and i enjoy it since i have 132hours and 70% of the game complete. But they really need to decide in what route they want their games to go from now on, either go a full RPG system which i prefer with stealth mechanics or stick to the old games formula which is more of a main mission with good story and some collectables on the map. That hybrid system is not working from my point of view. Final verdict the game is good at least i like it but those points i a made and some points the person who started the thread made are spot on and need improvement.

  • Lafrendgio
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    You have some legit points here man. It has a lot of issues. But 3 things:

    • Odyssey as good as a lot of people think it is, is not an Assassin's Creed game. It should've been the real Gods and Monsters/Immortal Fenyx Rising from the start and not something that got ripped-off later by their own team because they were doing RPG experiments on an Assassin's Creed game. A stealth action-adventure franchise. The AC name it carries should've been a small text to a bigger title as it feels more like a spin-off that's set in the AC universe.

    • Alot of what you said is very subjective and opinion/preference based. Despite the extremely wonky parkour path prediction, I personally love Eivor's movement animations on a controller. And believe it or not, there are people who still prefer to walk and take in the sights in these games. I love the weighty momentum Eivor puts when starting his/her walk. It's not too weighty or too delayed like Geralt or Arthur. But it's also not weightless like Odyssey. It kinda reminds me of For Honor.

    • And good lord. I don't get why you're complaining about the mapping when you can literally map the entire controller to your liking... like, yes! finally we can! So remap the sprint button to R2 if it bothers your left thumb so much.

  • PotatoePet
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    @lazgk50 I do hope they stick to the way they started going with Valhalla tbh. There are already so many generic RPGs out there. We don't need AC to become one too. AC had unique selling points which they can use and enhance to stay true and unique. I personally disliked Odyssey that much that I wont buy any AC from Quebec any longer. If they announce the next AC and its from the Quebec studio I won't be buying it 🙂 (Original AC fan)

    I can find a generic RPG everywhere. I don't need to see my beloved game franchise becoming one. And not even a particular good one tbh.

  • AnimusLover
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    @torfinr Oh, I still have plenty of quests to do lol. I haven't completed the story yet but I'm near I think. Only just completed Asgard/Jotenheim (awful quest line) with 30 mastery points in bear and 17 in wolf. XP still comes fast but you only get one mastery point per threshold. After you max out everything not sure what comes next. I guess I'll have to keep on playing...

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    After you max out everything not sure what comes next.

    I'm afraid that the only thing you can do is waiting for the DLC or waiting for them to lift the hard cap...

  • AnimusLover
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    @lafrendgio 1) Never said Odyssey was an Assassin's Creed game but it was at least fun and polished. Valhalla isn't an AC game either but that's not what this thread is about. I am talking purely about the core mechanics
    which Odyssey gets right due to playing to its strengths. Valhalla has very bad mechanics and they are compounded by how they are utilised.

    2) I have no issue with walking or the weight when walking. It's the running and jumping and the fact that jog and run are visually and mechanically indistinguishable from one another that irritate me. There is a fundamental difference between this and that of Geralt and Arthur. Geralt and Arthur aren't parkour experts and the world is designed with that in mind. You get by with Arthur and Geralt mostly by horse and what little climbing there is works for their movement.

    3) I remember going back to legacy controls for Origins and it had issues. I rarely change the control scheme for games because usually what has been chosen as default is there for a reason. 

  • AnimusLover
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    @paviu7 It made sense for The Witcher 3 to have fall damage (even though the damage was excessive) because the way that world is made you are not expected to climb everything, you can simply use your horse or run on flat land. Valhalla is all rocks and mountains and yet has a parkour system. It's not fun to get around and fall damage just makes it worse. Thankfully this game is so buggy that spamming heavy attack upon landing negates fall damage so problem solved lol

    I don't give a crap about fan metacritic scores. The Last of Us Part 2 proves that fans will vote on products they haven't even played. The reviewer metacritic for Odyssey is higher than Valhalla across the board.

  • Lafrendgio
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    1) I should've mentioned that Valhalla is also not an AC game. Like Odyssey, they're forcing mechanics that don't fit with a stealth-adventure franchise(It's literally in the name Assassin's)so what they get is a half-[censored] result and a torn fanbase cause they tried to please both. Instead of making a new IP for the RPG fans. Which they did way too late and is just a rip-off of another mess.

    2) I can't really sympathize with this one cause it's pretty distinguishable for me. More so than the last 2 games. Bayek just felt slow with the stick and Kassandra/Alexios looked more like a fast jog than a full on sprint. They also ascend inhumanly fast. Eivor looks like they lean more into it once the sprint is activated while the jog is pretty slow with their bodies straighter(i love it). I agree that Eivor's parkour is slower but it really doesn't bother me.

    3) Origins lets you change the over all control scheme. Valhalla let's you change every single button. Not every reason is right cause if that was the case we wouldn't be complaining. I change my mapping quite a lot when I'm not comfortable with it and the game allows me to do so. It's just you don't like the thumb sprint here and I do. Since Horizon: Zero Dawn and Watch Dogs 2. Like I said, this is what happens when they try to please both in a franchise that is clearly for a different demographic.

  • guiwhiz
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    @sofajockey Are you being sarcastic? Asking honestly because I have literally played every single AC game (yes even those crappy 'international' games that look completely retro) and so far this is the worst game mechanics I've run into. Won't even get into the bugs that are simply beyond legion (this really feels like some of the open and closed Beta playing I've done for a variety of game developers).

  • PotatoePet
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    @animuslover I beg to differ point 1.

    I love Valhalla for actually being an Assassins Creed game again. I am so far able to play most of the story in stealth and as an assassin. (Not killing many guards etc. only killing the ones necessary and keeping my blade from the innocent, operating from the shadows)

    There is even the option to steal important items you have to get instead of killing the person carrying these items. Not necessary to make that trouble if the person isn't the thing you are after.

    I love Valhalla so much for actually being bold enough to bring back such things. And all of that with a game about vikings. Of course you can play as a berserker. But I see this as the accessibility features for people who can't play otherwise. (Probably the same people who want to make Ubisoft allow us to slaughter innocent villages again)

  • SplayzerEvil
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    @animuslover Sir/Lady, if this was on reddit you would surely have my gold!
    Im not even gonna bother to comment on the issues you described, bacause my thoughts are exactly the same as yours.
    Just will say that this is the only game I even played in which my thumbs are sore after a session, I usually play around 6-8h per day and no other game gives me pain on my thumbs like this one.
    This is the Ghost Recon Breakpoint (another Ubisoft flop?! you dont say...) of the AC franchise.
    I enjoy the story and set ups, but gameplay is in an all-time low in Valhalla.
    A total dissapointment it is...

  • forcefrank
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    @animuslover Excellent review of the game. I've only got 40 hours in and I think I'm nearing level 100.

    I share your frustration about the aspects of the game you mentioned, especially about the map, the skills (which don't work half the time for me) and the raven mechanics.

    I say this far too often wrt AAA games, but it's as if there was NO testing done prior to release. I've also said this, the "games as a service" formula is an epic fail on all counts.

    Devs will hate this but it is a lazy way to dev and release a game. Take the extra time you need to fully put together and play test the damn game BEFORE release, is that really too hard?! I realize its all about the $$$ but you're losing your player base when you do this. Why can't you understand its seriously frustrating to wait for a game release to find out its really not ready to be released yet. I long for the days of the game cartridge I guess, where games had to be 100 percent completely finished prior to stocking store shelves. The age of the internet ruined gaming in a lot of aspects.

    I also pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 and I was glad to see it was being delayed to ensure a smooth release. I also fully expect the game to be released and I'll be saying once again, "it's just too early". Sad.

  • DreadGrrl
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    The City of Montreal is in the Province of Quebec (as is Quebec City). Most non-québécois Canadians refer to everything within the Province of Quebec as “Quebec,” so it would be pretty normal for a Canadian to say that Valhalla was made by “Quebec.” Montreal is Quebec. Quebec is Quebec. Non-québécois Canadians generally don’t differentiate when it comes to whatever lies within Quebec’s provincial boundaries: it’s all the same to us. The people who live in Montreal are “ Québécois” as are the people who live in Quebec City.

  • PotatoePet
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    @dreadgrrl We are talking about "Ubisoft Quebec" vs "Ubisoft Montreal". These are 2 different studios.

  • AnimusLover
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    @dreadgrrl Uuuhhhhh SoulDrinkerLP beat me to it but just to recap: the two studios are called Ubisoft Quebec and Ubisoft Montreal. Ubisoft Quebec made Odyssey. Ubisoft Montreal made Valhalla. That's literally how the two studios refer to themselves...

  • SofaJockey
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    @guiwhiz Why on earth would I be sarcastic?

    I find Valhalla one of the best ones. I'd be very pleased if the gameplay mechanics continue in a similar format in future games. (bugs aside which will be resolved)

    My top 5 AC games would be (in no particular order):

    AC II
    Black Flag

  • DreadGrrl
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    @animuslover That is correct. But the original post was referring to the culture, which is the same. The specific studio is irrelevant.

    Edit: I should add that the whole thing would probably be difficult for someone who wasn’t Canadian to wrap his/her head around. I knew exactly what the post meant.

  • DreadGrrl
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    @souldrinkerlp The specific studio is irrelevant to the culture, which is what that post was about.

  • PotatoePet
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    @dreadgrrl OP was too long and too whiney about Valhalla being soooo bad 🙂 I have a totally different opinion. I love Valhalla very much. Especially now that I have completed it. A true AC game again 🙂

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