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    @animuslover i have to say that for me AC odyssey was the worst in the franchise, i like valhalla because it feel better (storywise) also the map is better then odyssey, odyssey maps looks repetitive, but yeah, the gameplay parts is the part where it feels worst then odyssey, in valhalla the movements feels weird, especially while climbing, doesnt feel smoother, some times while doing "parkour" the character just get stuck and doesnt move at all, ruining the immersion for me, also i dont know why they removed the arrow crafting mechanic, that was good, in gameplay ac odyssey did better, also in customization ,they already have transmog and didnt put it here... i have played 75 hours and i feel bored now, the quests feels repetitive, killing zealots doesnt feel rewarding, also they should have included that mercenary stuff that odyssey has it was good....

  • distrust74
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    I agree with pretty much everything on your lengthy essay, about both the game and how it came to it.
    Sure, tastes differ, but I have a hard time imagining anyone could really like the actual gameplay on Valhalla.
    I think most of those who like the game are the vocal group you mentioned, who will prefer it simply for things like having a standard issue hidden blade.

    No clue though how you got through 100 hours with that opinion, I gave up after 4.

  • distrust74
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    @adarklore "Very sad how they would rather twist historical accuracy in favor of current day political agendas!"
    Or maybe they simply twist it to meet current day gaming demands?
    It`s games, not history lessons. It`s supposed to be fun to current day players, and many of them enjoy playing female characters.

  • Karloz1995
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    @karloz1995 VERY well said.
    Hard times for 30+yo heterosexual white males.

  • SofaJockey
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    This post is deleted!
  • Arivati
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    @karloz1995 I'm a woman in mid forties and I've always been playing computer games. I've played the Witcher and AC Origins - both male characters. However, I have switched to female while playing AC Odyssey and Valhalla. In the older games, i.e. Skyrim, you could choose race, gender, appearance and so on. No one is forcing you to play female and no one is forcing me to play male character.
    Although, I agree that most players are males and the most games are designed to have male character, males are not the only humans on this planet and not everything is about political agenda. In this instance it's about being given a CHOICE.

  • LurcherLady
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    @animuslover After giving it more of a chance (pre-ordered and now 130 hours in) I have to agree with most of what you say.

    I was really looking forward to this instalment - 1) because it's set in the UK where I live and 2) in the Viking era. However, I'm finding sometimes I'll really enjoy it, things just seem to work fluidly and then other days, it seems really sluggish and definitely not enjoyable.

    Odyssey and Origins were both very good and little needed to change really. It's sad that so much of the game has been marred by odd mechanics and game breaking glitches. I realise that they like to change things up to keep people's interest but developer's seem to have a tendency to compromise stuff that works and replace it with broken or glitched mechanics that just become frustrating.

    I'll play it until the end now but not sure I can summon the motivation to replay it, even with a new game plus that will no doubt be added at some point.

  • Petrnev12
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    While I agree with some points, the emotional background of what you wrote make it less constructive, also when you say "wreck all of the core mechanics" it instantly isnt true. I started Odyssey today after several months and it seems just better to handle the character, the game feels more fluid and the flow of combat and storytelling feels also better in Odyssey. Not to mention expanded skill tree where you can make choices whereas in AC Valhalla, you just get everything.. where is the spcialization in it? - it encourages no replay.

  • Karloz1995
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    @arivati i never say i have a problem with having gender choices.. i though that was very clear in my previous comment, the problem is when they make a gender "choice" and then making one of the 2 genders canon (official) in this matter you are not being given a choice... especially when u are using male eivor and someone talks to you like if male eivor was a she... thats not a choice, but anyways is not like my opinions matter here anyways, [REMOVED].. enjoy the game btw im in my mid twentys just in case someone thinks im some old dude with middle age crisis, [REMOVED]

  • Karloz1995
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    @sofajockey imagine, expressing an opinion and being called insecured because of that.... sad world we live today

  • unworthy4
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    @frosthound030 I hate the tattoo design chases but it got so much easier when I figured out I only needed to find where it ends up and go there immediately after it goes away and meet it.. I don't actually have to chase it.

  • rorobfo
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    @animuslover tl;dr BUT (😁)

    • Falling damage is not that bad. Get the feather skill. When there are no hay stacks then usually there are some mushrooms.
    • Horses work fine imho. Upgrades are meaningful. Press the shift key to accelerate (and use stamina) or use streets when you want to be fast.
    • You don't need to use shields. i am very happy with 2 daggers. Helps with adrenaline as well.
    • Parcour: There are opportunities in cities. which is nice. And there are caves where parcouring is necessary. Not my thing but works.
    • Agree on boss fights. Hate scripted AE anyways. Or having to farm for & use special armor / equipment just for 1 boss. Well, they are not that many. Not more bothering than the intermediate Abstergo story line. Just go 'easy' on bosses with Kopis Dagger & Briton shield and switch back to very hard shortly after they are dead.
    • Stealth and mob behavior: Fleeing wild life & the aggro deer are very good in ACV. All other AI is hopefully going to be improved by a game update.
  • RayMcGirk100
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    @animuslover AC Valhalla is a horse designed by committee. It's not just this game, Ubisoft as a whole company designs their games by pandering to the loudest voice, even if it's a small number of players who are unsatisfied. Funny enough, AC Vahalla has the greatest sales of an AC game, and I'm sure it's because they're riding on the success of Odyssey.

  • RayMcGirk100
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    @animuslover A lot of the problems with this game are the result of putting too much stock in feedback from random players. It's a theme that's consistent with many of their games. I also want to point out that the structure of these forums is horrible.

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