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  • Ponemortem
    1 posts

    Hi, though I should chime in as well, playing on PC.
    After placing the vases, the event begins and 2-3 waves of enemies arrive, I can see the rest standing outside of my range.
    And I can't run outside the sphere to lure them in because the damage I suffer on the outside kills my character.

    So, I used the map to exit Asgard, when I then take the potion and arrive back at Heimdals tower, I am instantly killed again by the same green lightning bolt from the quest.
    I.e. I am unable to both finish the quest defensive measure and return to Asgard at all.


    John E.

  • andibasket3
    8 posts

    In mission “defensive measures”, in Asgard, when you have to bring 3 jars to the builder before he create the green shield, once I brought them nothing happens, builder doesn’t speak and mission doesn’t progress.
    Like in this video

    Please help me solve this bug, i can’t finish the game.

  • MissM16
    163 posts


    I'm not up to this yet but I watched your video and he tells you to get on top of a rock to watch him build it.

    Is there a rock/pillar nearby with a marker? You have to climb on top of it.

  • andibasket3
    8 posts

    I have to climb the rock once the builder tells me to do it but the mission doesn’t progress even if i broght the jars, and the mission symbol remain near the builder and not on the top of the rock

  • andibasket3
    8 posts

    I have the same issue and I play on ps4

  • Matou971
    2 posts


    I’m playing on Xbox one and I have also an issue with this mission.

    The issue is not related to the jar but the step right after.

    You need to eliminate the enemies, the shield turns red.

    At this moment everything is stuck, meaning that I can’t go out of the shield as it gives damage, and enemies are not even coming into the circle, and no information is displayed under the quest name (top left).

    Now as soon as I go to Asgard I’m dying due to being out of the shield.....

    I’m level 400+ and I just need to finish Asgard to be done with the game.

    Please keep us updated, it is really frustrating!

  • bell012
    1 posts

    I am on xbox. I also kind of disregarded the Asgard missions and I am now at 400 power, and don't access to that save game any longer. But the issue I have is that once I take the jars nothing happens. The cut scene happened like everything played out right, until I have to set the jars down. Then nothing happens.

  • Itwasluck11
    5 posts

    @matou971 @Ubi-Baron @Ubi-Karl @Ubi-Alien @Ubi-Frog @Ubi-Keo @Ubi-Iner @Ubi-Ginge

    This mission has been bugged for over 3 weeks now. What are you all doing to fix this? Can we please get a patch so we can finish the game. The game has been outstanding besides for this glitch and your all's response to fix it. I'm not going to pretend to know coding, but Ubisoft is a 3 Billion dollar corporation and you're telling me you can't fix a bug that's been in the game for almost a month now. Please get your [censored] together Ubisoft.

    1 posts

    @standoffjosh I am also having the same problem on my Xbox one console. I have tried contacting Ubisoft with no avail. I've even tried saving then reloading the mission but nothing ever happens. If anyone figures out a solution please post it in the comments please.

  • standoffjosh
    69 posts

    @sassykassy361 it’s on the mega thread list of issues being investigated by Ubisoft so fingers crossed it gets fixed on an upcoming patch

  • standoffjosh
    69 posts

    @bell012 I posted a video earlier on this thread as theirs loads who are playing on Xbox consoles with this issue mate, myself included. Fingers crossed the next patch fixes it

  • WolandJunker
    16 posts

    @ubi-woofer I'm playing on PS4. I'm checking every few days but Asgard is still stuck. Even the mission marker has disappeared. Now I just have the altar offering blue icon and the observation points. All of this is frankly upsetting.

  • guest-tB4J7KyJ
    1 posts

    @standoffjosh I too have this same issue. Hope they fix it.

  • akillez81
    6 posts

    @ubi-baron Is it just me, I think once you break a bottle its a wrap then it bugs out it seems. At one point I had no more bottles to give him cause i broke them all then I left asgard came back and there was more bottles(yesssss I was excited) then I carefully placed them by the dude annnnnnd crickets 🏏 🙄 mission is not working.

  • akillez81
    6 posts

    I'm also on Xbox One.

  • Shield_4nvil
    4 posts

    Trying to go back to Asgard to complete the Defensive Measures quest and keep dying to green s***. Can't even reach the quest location without dying. Honestly my excitement about this game has been met with utter disappointment in almost every aspect. It is an attractive idea for a story and is a beautiful effort; however, this current issue with returning to Asgard is a cherry on top of the disappointment sundae I have experienced with this game. Fix this s*** please. Saddening to see this kind of a performance from such a successful brand.

  • luciidaa
    1 posts

    @feintx this is the exact same issue I am having but on PS4. I have left Asgard and come back a few times and still the same and can’t progress at all in this mission. So i’ve just gone and done other quests outside of Asgard but don’t have a separate save so I can’t go back without restarting the whole game.

  • standoffjosh
    69 posts

    @luciidaa is your issue with placing the jars and nothing happening? If so I think one of the ubi staff are askingPS4 users to submit a support case with your saved game included. We can’t submit our saved game on Xbox One consoles

  • guest-jDAjsYWX
    1 posts

    Ok there’s a bug in “defensive measures” in Asgard where I have to bring the jars to the builder and I do that but I never progress. So many times I tried it isn’t working please help

    3 posts

    @luciidaa same hear on xbox one!!

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