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    @tar-naugrim it didnt fail you got paypal approval, its just ubisoft buying some time and putting doubts in your head
    their stores/launchers and apps are not synched with eachotehr

    waiting for an hour already myself

  • Jimmy2495
    7 posts

    I have the game in my library, but it's the Ubisoft+ version. Should I get another icon for the Standard Edition I purchased? If so, I've been waiting for more than 24 hours and it hasn't showed up at all.

  • Alex_tomkins
    12 posts

    1hr left of pre-load and I saw that UK gets to play at 23.01gmt

  • Plaxious
    3 posts

    not only that the game is not in the library
    I had 278 Ubicredits , then it reduced to 178 ( because I used 100 for the discount) and suddenly it dropped to 78!!
    so they charged me twice on that and didnt add the extra 48 for the purchase..... FFS

  • Alex_tomkins
    12 posts

    the points thing sucks cos I should have had enough to get legion and valhalla 20% of but conveniently its not migrated yet. Also I had 72 then bought legion which is +50 so I could try and get collectors. The 50 never got applied, not has the valhalla 50 today either as it goes and then the collectors vanished from store to boot but hey, saved me a ton so their loss.

  • Phalandir
    13 posts

    Activation: After purchase, your game will be activated automatically in Ubisoft Connect. The download time will depend on your Internet connection

    Yes.. Ubi... You Sucks 🙂

  • ileb0i
    12 posts

    2.5 hours in, no game in library.

  • FullMetal_93
    16 posts

    5 hours already

  • RainbowAshii
    21 posts

    More than 5 hours here. My money was taken and I didn't even get any confirmation about the purchase from Ubi store. This is the last time I'm using this joke of a store.

  • Sammarok
    161 posts

    I am so confuse, is the game out or not? I see people playing it, and I read there was an open beta? When was this announced? I don't remember. Also I bought the game (pre order) and is not in my library, so I cannot pre-load, that apparently pre-load is up? since when? When can I pre-load? At what time does the game release in The Netherlands? This is a ******* mess, I don't understand what is going on.

  • NukeGr
    1 posts

    it's poor service really. Not a nice launch day feeling I pay for pre-order and still no respawn from them if we buy the item

  • lumnottin
    18 posts

    @sammarok The game is out in Australia/new zeeland and if you use a VPN you can play. Or could, if the game was actually added to your library. Which seems to be an issue they're being awfully quiet about.

  • ecekaan
    8 posts

    I don't think after 5-6 hours we should expect it to resolve. "Wait 24 hours" mostly means "lets see if its about the bank/uplay transaction".

  • Sammarok
    161 posts

    @lumnottin Thanks for clearing that up. Cheers.😊

  • Respiration.PeS
    6 posts

    Coming up on 5 hours, even got the email receipt and its in my orders, payment went through. Contacted ubi support at 10:30 they replied asking for receipt. Haven't heard from them since. Same [censored] every game with them. Even happened with there pride and joy R6S

  • Doto-LOL
    5 posts

    Same here bought the game got email - game is not in my library.......... nice pre-download i guess.........

  • jarucha2010
    10 posts

    Almost 4 hours and game is not visible in my library. In the order details - "your game is displayed in the Uplay library".

  • lumnottin
    18 posts

    Well I'll be damned. 5 and half hours, and it just showed up. Keep the faith, people!

  • Doz1986
    2 posts

    Still hasn't shown in my library I ordered and confirmed payment at 1pm. Wish I got it on steam now.

  • oropher333
    11 posts

    Same issue here, got confirmation email, but no game in library.

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