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    5.5 hours later, no game or reply from ubi on my ticket. 10/10

  • jarucha2010
    10 posts

    I just hope that we'll get our games before 00:00

  • dozefoot
    1 posts

    I bought the Ultimate Edition but it's not showing up for me either. I received an order confirmation and money has been taken so I don't think there are any issues there. Would've liked to pre-load the whole thing before midnight so I hit the ground running. No such luck obviously.

  • ecekaan
    8 posts

    I hope we'll get our games.

  • Painshadow
    18 posts

    What's even more terrible is that you can't even call Ubisoft to speak to a human being for customer support! I understand there's a pandemic but, common. There's plenty of companies that can provide adequate support and alleviate the congestion on the Ubisoft side. Let's show some respect and dignity for the customers, Ubisoft! They made you who you are and deserve better. Fix it!

  • ValorOfPerseus
    4 posts

    Going on 6 hours here. I get why Ubisoft doesn't want to put their stuff on Steam anymore but they should at least make sure that their own damn store works

  • hugRmunR_
    7 posts

    Downloading now 😃

    It popped up after a few hours

  • Painshadow
    18 posts

    All I want for Christmas is a better Ubisoft.


  • Sweaty_Simon
    8 posts

    Almost 6H after purchase...still nothing, no email no game.I am from the Netherlands paid with Ideal. Purchase is received because its in my order history, but not in the library. No option for refund as well and still NO reply from customer support. So far for "pre-ordering".

  • TheCubee
    7 posts

    @painshadow I actually own most ubisoft AAA games, I just don't feel like I deserve to have priority over people that have been waiting longer than me just because I have previously owned their games. We all paid full price, and we are all getting screwed. If anything it should be done on a first come first serve basis.

    26 posts

    @sweaty_simon Same and iám from the netherlands too

  • Doto-LOL
    5 posts

    Your game is displayed in the Uplay library .... no its not .... nice pre download ..... awsome pre order..... i was kinda happy for cyberpunk 2077 delay becase of time to play Valhalla .... it will take hours to download the game with my internet.. great day off work for this .... thx ... . its 2020 and you still cant delive digital product .......... how much is this company worht ??? ...hmmmm

  • xXgrimhildXx
    8 posts

    Absolutely ridiculous. They won't let us order from Steam, they make Epic wait an extra day (not that I would order from Epic anyway), and then Ubi's own system doesn't work? How hard is it to add a game to someone's game library? Doesn't take a super computer. They should be transparent about what is going wrong.

    This is the last time I take a chance on this store if this is not resolved. Never seen anything like this from a major company. I thought "well I am super annoyed this isn't on Steam and normally I just wouldn't get it because they are thumbing their nose at customers but I will take a chance because this looks like a cool game." Lesson learned.

  • ileb0i
    12 posts

    Just ticked off my 4 hour mark.
    No game.

    26 posts

    @doto-lol With the speed we getting the game where we payed for We are in december 10th then cyberpunk comes out.

  • windverweht
    19 posts

    Same here. germany. Guess we're only europeans after all...

  • Painshadow
    18 posts

    Common man fix your [censored]


  • Gerihebovija2
    9 posts

    imagine buying a digital copy and blaming covid for its delivery?. i thought this was an error and requested a refund and tried to re-pre-order. so 100 quid out and still nothing in the library. whats worse is that they disabled live chat so u cant even get that peace of mind youll get a refund/ you will get your game. Shameful service from a company of this size

  • drgibbsongreen
    21 posts

    @hugrmunr_ Congrats think of us poor deprived gamers when you are having fun lol.

  • xXgrimhildXx
    8 posts

    @painshadow Most accurate meme I have seen in a long time.

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