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    Yes same problem for me too + 4 hours and counting - shockingly bad service on Release day !! Will not purchase from UConnect again

  • Xaveid
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    do we need to reopen the launcher once in a while or can we just stare at our library forever?

  • Painshadow
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  • Czeslawa12
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    @xaveid i reopen

  • jonatanhros
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    They just released my game. uplay + restart every half hour. You have to be patient.

  • eraho15
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    Has anyone had their game arrive but did not have an entry for it in the Ubi connect app?

    Paid 4 hrs ago, have an order confirmation email and paypal receipt but cannot see the game in Ubi Connect app. Just trying to work out if this is consistent with other people who have eventually got it.

  • Rhyterpallash
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    I got it after about 7 hours. Good luck everyone in getting the game, it's unfortunate this is happening. Something I did was kind of leave few comments in my my support case with some complaints basically full of absolute vitriol I don't know if that made a difference but might as well try it just [censored] on Ubi a little bit they deserve it for this maybe it will make them take note of your case faster

  • IP_KeY
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    @realbanini same boat mate, that's a bit disgusting, like i will never buy something by ubisoft again, fk joke.

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    For everyone here on the forum. I just got the game in my libary. Keep your uplay open in the background it will appear at some point. Note: be sure you've got a email from ubisoft with you payment succesfull and it is on your uplay connect launcher under order if you see that then you be sure get the game. For the person that wait 35 hours allready Good luck i feel bad now that i've got the game. I hope you get yours too.

  • Intunericus
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    poison their well guys, do it, for Odhin

  • MericSever
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    The joy of waiting for things XD


  • drgibbsongreen
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    @kradking im in the UK so they still have 80 min to deliver on there promise pmsl.

  • PetePetersonX
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    I don't know about this one dear Ubi... you might get a lot of hate and flaming. It's 2020 and even key seller websites do a better job than this nowadays... gotta step your game up guys.
    For a tripple A title release this will at least make for a lot of negative articles in the web... but hey - every article written about this issue is still some kind of advertisement hm?
    Stay healthy you all, which everyone all the best and good luck! Sometimes we just need to be a bit more patient. Have a great day (or night)

  • Painshadow
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  • Painshadow
    18 posts


    Could the problems be from former employees sabotage? smh 😱

  • ADReMX
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    sorry for my weak English.
    I bought the game around 17, well I thought I could play the premiere itself, to 24 I could download, unfortunately, as it turns out will not succeed, too bad ... 
    I am unfortunately worried that I do not have a confirmation Ubisoft, I have only paypal, the game shows me in purchased but only on the site not in the application, I'm afraid that my transaction did not reach Ubi and the only way out will wait for a refund and purchase again ... 
    And it will take an extra few days probably, although still hope only 7h of 24h... I wrote to supportu unfortunately to write for 24h ... 
    Too bad 

  • Gerihebovija2
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    i'm now within 4 hours dudes, lets see if this 4 and half hour wait time thingy is legit.....

  • sendjes
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    Don't count on it, I've waited 8 hours, some people waited even longer. But as the announcement says "Wait up to 24 hours".

  • Respiration.PeS
    6 posts

    at 8.5 hours now, no game yet

  • ileb0i
    12 posts

    It's not.

    Best regards, 7 hours in.

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