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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Assassin's Creed Valhalla missing from Ubisoft Connect library after purchase | POST HERE

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    I bought this game yesterday morning - some 30 hours ago now. Although it is shown in my order history and I have paid for it it still hasn't appeared as a download link anywhere, I have no email with a download link, and it hasn't appeared in my UPlay connect app. I have sent a support ticket in but received no response. What a joke of a service.

    Edit: Having read some of the previous comments now, I'm going to raise it as a fraud incident with my credit card company.

  • DressySnake4
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    @pinkiesbrain any luck? its been almost two weeks so far for me. they charged me for the game, and have yet to deliver the product, and wont respond to my refund request. ive never been so mistreated by a game company before. its actual robbery.

  • DressySnake4
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    @ubi-spud is there a way to expedite a refund? i bought the 120 dollar version of the game two weeks ago and im not interested in playing back and forth anymore with you guys. i just want my money back and to never have to deal with your company again(i know its not your fault, i dont know whos fault this is but its incredibly infuriating). i opened a refund ticket with paypal yesterday morning and have not gotten a response. i shouldnt need to wait another two weeks to get refunded for something your company could not deliver on. ticket number 13344494.

  • Ludwig314
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    I purchased Assassin's Creed Valhalla on Saturday 28 Nov 2020 and the game is still not reflecting in my games on Ubisoft Connect. The purchase reflects under My Orders and even states that the game is displayed in the Uplay library which it does not.

    I created a ticket on Sunday, have updated that ticket twice since and have received no help or feedback at all. I have tried to live chat support as well, but it is constantly unavailable.

    Does anyone please have answers or contacts that may be able to assist me please? At the moment, it seems that Ubisoft is completely disinterested in assisting... They have my payment and no inclination to ensure that the product I have paid for is delivered.

    I even originally requested a refund which was denied...

    What is going on at Ubisoft???

  • hamsterarrse
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    @dressysnake4 FYI, today is Paypal's deadline for Ubisoft to respond in my own dispute case, but so far nothing. It seems that people just have to trust in their credit card/ Paypal refund system.

  • CapiUK
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    Still waiting on my game 😞

  • LizzieGrl42
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    I bought my game almost a month ago and it still hasn't shown up in the Ubisoft Connect thing. I did the support ticket and they replied back about a week later saying, "Generally, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours due to some delays with delivering digital content. I see that it has been over this amount of time, so if you could confirm for me whether you have received the game or not, that would help us with our investigation!" Which I replied back to saying, "Nope still not there." And didn't hear back until today when apparently "It's been resolved" but guess what??? Still not in the stupid library. This is why I buy from Steam.

  • spartan3x191
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    @lizziegrl42 I’m in the same boat. Every time I try to get in contact with support they just say “ we apologize for the delay. We’re currently experiencing high volume.” I don’t get why this issue isn’t taking priority.

  • fosters_lager
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    13518515 - Case Number "Game not appearing in Library"

    I have purchased this over 2 days ago. I have contacted support 3 times and no help or response. I purchased the game for $70 AUD, using 20 percent discount ( from 100 gold coins in account) and it charged my card. On the Uplay store the transaction went through as well as on my card account, but it has still not appeared on the u play launcher. This is incredibly poor service. I cannot even refund as u play will not let me. Obviously Id prefer to have a functioning game. What does someone need to do to talk to Ubisoft support in AU/NZ?!?

  • Ubi-Baron
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    @fosters_lager Unfortunately we're not able to assist with issues such as this over the Forums.

    Due to a high number of contacts our responses are currently delayed, but the team will be in touch with you as soon as they have an update for you.

  • fosters_lager
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    @ubi-baron Ok thanks you. I will wait. I wanted to point out it has been 4 days at this point.


  • TheDonDeal
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    Update guys! Issue resolved for me.

    Quick recap: paid for AC: Valhalla, didn't get the game but lost €50 of my Paysafecard. Started a ticket on Ubisoft Support.

    They took their time replying, but after a few weeks they sent me this message today:

    Hello TheDonDeal,

    You have recently tried to place an order on our Ubisft Store, but unfortunately due to some technical issues this order could not be processed.
    As you have used Paysafe card as a payment option, which is a none refundable payment method, we have created an voucher code, for the equivalent amount, that you can use on our Ubisoft Store.
    The code can only be used on our Web Store and is not valid for Ubisoft+ subscriptions.

  • vomitgod
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    How is this still an issue? I purchased the game almost 36 hours ago, and it is still not in my library. Logged a ticket around that time, I then replied to my ticket after 12 hours or so asking [censored] was going on. No replies. Even messaged their twitter support account. No reply, no game in my library. This amounts to theft.

  • MajorEncore
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    this is still an issue
    28/12 2020
    bought the game late on the 27th and it wont show up in my library..

  • EntityyPlays
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    @kmarkopl im having this issue right now i bought my game 4 hours ago i thought i just had to wait but nothing. no email confirmation either but i got charged and it shows in my order page in ubisoft connect app. did you manage to fix your issue?

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 5770

    Sorry for the late response, due to the high volume of contacts it has taken longer than usual to respond. 

    As this is an old thread I have locked it. If you experience issues with any future orders please contact support on one of the following support channels as we are unable to assist you with account/order related issues via the forums:

    Support Ticket
    Live Chat

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    Wondering if anybody was able to get their refund or game... should’ve went with epic

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    @d08kiemaster update* I got the game... took around 12 hours but it came. Got the confirmation email first, then went to my games folder and it was there... thanks Ubisoft, I guess 😕

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 6075

    Hello all!

    Please note that we are unable to deal with store cases, such as checking order statuses, within the forums. This is for the protection of your own personal data

    If you have any queries or concerns about your order, such as the game missing from your Ubisoft Connect Library after purchase, we would recommend opening a support ticket so a member of the support team can investigate this further. You can reach our support teams by doing the following:

    When opening a ticket, please ensure you include the following information about your order, as this will help our team in the investigation:

    • Your Ubisoft username/linked email
    • Your order number
    • The date/time of purchase

    For your own security, please don't share this information publicly within the forums.

    If you purchased your game from another retailer (such as Epic, PlayStation or Microsoft), you will need to contact them for more help with your order.

    Thanks all! 😊

  • PandaDreng
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    2021.. And this [censored] is still happening.. what a [censored] crap service.

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