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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Assassin's Creed Valhalla missing from Ubisoft Connect library after purchase | POST HERE

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    Can confirm this had just happened to me. Was told on a live chat to wait 24 hours and come back if the issue was still occurring. I had requested if the purchase can at least be verified or confirmed so i can at least have a peace of mind. The agent had told me they were unable to do that. C'mon. I made the decision to avoid the EG launcher and still ended up in limbo with my purchase.

  • Phalandir
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    Be brave... make the revolution!

    Nobody cares about Our problems.
    Ubisoft take money from Us and show... you know what.

  • samendio
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    @exocraze Checked my order history in connect and it is there. I also got a confirmation email. Now I am contemplating whether I should request a refund and purchase it in the Epic Store. But last time I used the Epic store for Control and Ancestors. All of my save history got deleted 10 hours into both games... So... idk

  • drgibbsongreen
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    Hi. I am adding to an earlier post I made. I have got my receipt number and screen shot confirming purchase and the date which was 5 days ago. I used 100 coins from my wallet and they have been taken but no game to show for it. I am left wondering if the ones that have ben affected and will not be able to play on the day of release the games that we purchased in advance will be receiving some kind of apology, Maybe in the way of a free season pass for the people who have the base game or free content for the game. I do hope for a speedy reply and fix.

  • lumnottin
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    In case anyone is interested, this is was the support chat told me earlier today:

    Ubi-Nice: Please be advised that there is currently a slight delay with the processing of digital orders due to the massive amount of orders being placed and our system not being able to keep up. For the time being, please wait for the game to automatically appear after the order is processed.
    Ubi-Nice: The order is on the account and being processed. There is just a slight delay with the system pushing the license to your account.

  • coxstermc
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    yeah talk about being digitally gaslighted lol

  • Exocraze
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    @lumnottin How did you even get through to chat haha

  • Painshadow
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    Just bought the Ultimate Edition on the Ubisoft Store. Same problem. The game doesn't appear in my list! This is ridiculous. I've purchased pretty much all the Assassin's creed games multiple times each for all consoles and PC, like many players have. You think customers like us would be taken care of first. Please get it fixed Ubisoft! Thank you

  • DT1_Hussar
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    After 4'5h still nothing. Got email confirmation, everything is fine in my order section, payment, bank etc., you name it... Everything is fine aside from that the digital product isn't there heh, what a waste...and there is somekind of a mess with Club Units. Got myself 2x -20% Watch_Dogs: Legion + AC: Valhalla, so thats 209 CU - 200 CU = 9 CU and + 100 CU gain for purchases. Never recived CU's for WD and AC, and now when i relog it sometimes shows me that i got 9 CU, and sometimes 19 CU...thats ridiculus and i'm done with this for today, not worth the nerves...

  • lumnottin
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    @exocraze sheer stubborn persistence 🙂

  • FullMetal_93
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    almost 6 hours for now

  • TheCubee
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    No one should have to wait, don't be one of those entitled douches that think they should get special treatment by 'being taken care of first'

  • Jimmy2495
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    My game only shows up when I'm online (because of Ubisoft+). It doesn't show up if I'm offline (I bought the Standard Edition). I bought it 30+ hours ago 😞

  • drgibbsongreen
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    also I have fully uninstalled Uplay and reinstalled and still nothing, it is not in my hidden games before asked.

  • Painshadow
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    When customers purchase digital editions of a game online on the Ubisoft Store, they should be given the game code IMMEDIATELY. This is ridiculous.

  • ValorOfPerseus
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    @lumnottin "Slight" delay. lmao

  • ZealotQ.
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    4 hours in, still no valhalla in library. Congratulations Ubisoft, you've managed to design a game distribution software that is unable to deliver games. Not going to lie, its very impressive to screw up this bad. Safe to say you've lost my buisiness for good.

  • windverweht
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    No one can tell me they are experiencing that much more traffic than expected so digital key delivery is getting delayed for hours even days [censored].

  • Painshadow
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    @thecubee Don't get upset because there's other people who support and invest in a company more than you do. Other companies give perks for them and so should Ubisoft.

    Example: Pre-ordering a Playstation V or XBox Series X or RTX 3080 video card from a store but cannot do to scalpers buying up all the inventory. At said store you've spent thousands of dollars in the past year. You should get first access to the pre-orders. It's only fair, right?

  • Painshadow
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    Anyone having any issues with the Epic Game store version? Please respond. Does the game appear in your list? Can you pre-load it?

    I have an odd feeling that the Epic Store has exclusivity and that's why we have to wait, smh 😶

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