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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] Assassin's Creed Valhalla missing from Ubisoft Connect library after purchase | POST HERE

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    I thought the game releast now but i can't install it (even the game is not visable).
    Is that because of the delay or do i have to refund it and rebuy it?
    I have the mail as proof.i bought it.
    I am so confused
    Kind Regards

  • Doto-LOL
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    alot companies have problems with servers on release day of their multiplayer titles when they releasing new game 🙂 oh wait... this is singleplayer game.... and its not in my library after 7 hours ... huh well small indie company right... oh wait.... this company making games from 1986 .... nvm..... not sure whats going on maybe some covid mutation infected ubisoft servers.....

  • Gerihebovija2
    9 posts

    So now officially pre ordering can be considered worse than getting it on the day.... lets hope people get their copies before the epic games launch cause then it will litereally remove all reason to have gotten it straight from Ubisoft. deffo not buying anything from uplay ever again though

  • Senninha-75
    8 posts

    This is why i have a love-hate relationship with Ubisoft. I generally like their games but their support sucks, last week i waited 8 freaking days to get a reply for a simple refund for Watch Dogs Legion. It is 00:14 and still no game in my library. I got suckered again going the official route of buying a product instead of a 3rd party website that gives keys instantly...

  • windverweht
    19 posts

    this is a [censored] show

  • Qeamer
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    They know the problem, creating more tickets won't help. Espescially in covid times.

  • Janer64
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    Waiting SEVEN hours here now and in this day and age pre ordering digital should not be a problem, Steam are probably laughing to themselves!

    It really is bad that they promise this and promise that and other sales generic crap and it's a major [censored] up with AWFUL customer support.

    It's 11.20pm GMT here in Ireland and while I won't get to play it tonight I still would like it to drop in so I can d/l it overnight while I sleep!!!

    They were so happy to take our money and still taking it of other unsuspecting mugs I bet!!

  • Gerihebovija2
    9 posts

    What gets me though is I doubt this incident will get ANY coverage. it will all just be blanket termed as ' launch difficulties' , nevermind the fact some people have waited over 35 hours for a game they bought and it still hasnt shown up in their library

  • SoulBrotherNr3
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  • Sammarok
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    Ubisoft: Assassin creed Valhalla out now! Buy now!
    Me: Check library, not there, could not even pre-load.
    Me: Check bank account, money taken 8 hours ago, game bought 8 hours ago.
    Ubisoft: Plays "enjoy the silence" song.
    Me: 😑

  • Kamber11
    1 posts

    Finally appeared in my library - only took 9 hours

  • Lorin111
    2 posts

    @thee00 Same

  • Rahuf
    1 posts

    should have bought at epic games, now i cannot preload.

  • windverweht
    19 posts

    it's there for me too. 9 freaking hours. angry tickets help i guess

  • Loiiza
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    It's really funny, people spend 60-120€ on a product they did not receive. What a company. I'm very sad because i was so hyped for Valhall. Now i just think about refunding and never support ubisoft again. 👎

  • zheega
    24 posts

    The game is now RELEASED in my time zone. I preordered to preload, but now the game isn't even available AFTER release date.

  • ileb0i
    12 posts

    @zheega Same here. What a pathetic company.

  • hakahuk
    3 posts

    Another great day for Ubi , it is a shame , your games are actualy not bad at all .... It is the first one I buy Day one, I guess I won t make that mistake again 😛

    If the game is not there tomorrow when I wake up , I guess I will ask for a refund and go play something else untill it gets better ...

  • zheega
    24 posts

    I often preorder games to preload, the last time I've seen something like this was the release of Diablo 3 EIGHT YEARS AGO

  • NinomaeTakonis
    12 posts

    I'm really enjoying the "ASSASSIN'S CREED VALHALLA IS AVAILABLE NOW" banner across the top of my client.

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