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  • SOLVED [RESOLVED] Assassin's Creed Valhalla missing from Ubisoft Connect library after purchase | POST HERE

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  • KmarkoPL
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    The game just popup in my library after 11h
    Downloading now

  • meanhx
    11 posts

    Buys game -> Pays for game -> Money is transfered -> Gets confirmation e-mail -> No game in library -> No order history at all on website -> Checks Ubisoft Connect order history -> All orders including the latest shows up in Connect -> Goes to forums -> Sees thread -> Waits for 4+ hours -> Game is released -> Still not in library -> Gives up for the day while wondering if he should ever buy from Ubisoft again.

  • Kolkata_87
    2 posts

    i bought the game 30 minute before midnight ahahaahahhahahahhahaha what a colossal dry hump.....

  • procfi
    1 posts

    Same here. Got code with Samsung SSD, no game in library...

  • The_PhoenixRG
    2 posts

    Pre-ordered Valhalla, they took my money, I got the order confirmation email, but it's not in my library. I went onto Ubisoft's website, and I see there are 4 alerts at the top of the page. There are NONE in the Ubisoft Connect app. Ridiculous that I had to find out about this issue AFTER I bought the game..

  • DephDK
    4 posts

    Past release, and I still dont have the game either. Miserable.

  • SlendeeTV
    2 posts

    @kradking I make money to have fun with it, I am not saying I am rich but I am great at putting funds away for things like this.. My problem is why can I not play it when it has been purchased on the correct launcher for earlier release.

  • D3xterDk
    1 posts

    They are idiots at ubisoft. Blameing covid19 on the delay of digital copies. Stealing morons

  • DonCisco-DK
    2 posts

    Planned to play and stream this all night long. Even planned to preload to have the game rdy as soon as clock ticked in. But nahhh. I'll have to wait till tomorrow 😕

    Unreliable is the best word i can find to describe the ubisoft service.

  • X7-Viper
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    I think that ubisoft adds the game to the accounts manually because this is how the "new ecosystem" works.

  • zimali3
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    SAME here bought the game for like 4 hours ago and still doesnt show in the game list, and the money are gone from my bank acount was so hyped to play but gues not thanks ubisoft...

  • EscapersVI
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    hi all, i ordered the game 8 hrs ago, got the confirmation email and all but i didnt get it in my library as well so i went to sleep and when i woke up, i saw the game in my library. So i believe they'll appear soon for you guys too

  • ZombiUnic0rn
    3 posts

    They'll probably show the numbers a few weeks from now; "look how amazing we did when we're not selling through Steam" (nvm that our customers can't play the game. THE MONEY!)

  • RealBanini
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    [censored] man, did you buy it before they fixed the bug with price?

  • PrismKoala
    1 posts

    So has anyone that ordered today gotten to download yet or do we still have no idea what the time line is looking like. I know they say after 24hrs but then how long will we have to wait till they actually look in to it from there?

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    im still waiting for mine to show in my libary, anyone having this issue still? 10 minutes before the release.....

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    Hey there! I know you guys are probably backed up on orders, but i pre-ordered the game and it said my purchase failed but it did take the money of my bank account, I also didnt recieve an email that i've bought the game. I do not mind waiting but what matters to me is that i didn't recieve an e-mail as proof that i did actually buy the game.

  • NinomaeTakonis
    12 posts

    @antonyburton97 Literally everyone besides like..4 people. The issue is not fixed. Past release for me and I can't even download.

  • Parnham92
    7 posts

    I never got a confirmation email but I've had money come out of my account twice. I get the feeling I'm waiting for something that isn't going to show due to no confirmation email

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