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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Assassin's Creed Valhalla missing from Ubisoft Connect library after purchase | POST HERE

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    @m1ndtr1ck2020 you will need to download the dll.

  • shiroe_404
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    This is ridiculous UBI that the payment problem is still not fixed with the launch of one of your major games in 2020. Moreover, the payment gets deducted from your account with every try even if the it shoes that transaction is failed

  • Mellendin
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    @bolognatugboatt i have the same problem, but i received AMD PROMOTION CODE and enter it, but the game never appeared in my games inventory. i dont know why.

  • M1nDTr1cK2020
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    @subpeidk i did and nothing happened "said the application has failed to start propperly (0x00000.) or sth like that .... ?!

  • Epicocalypse
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    purchased my copy before launch. its been over 24 hours and ive still gotten nothing. what a joke!

  • AOD_CleavRhyme
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    Waited 8 hours before deciding to go to bed and hope for the best in the morning. Woke up 6 hours later and it was in my library. When that happened I don't know, but now I have to dedicate the entire day to download it rather than this night.

  • Frebu1
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    @epicocalypse I bought on November 6 and still nothing. they took the money and I didn't even get the confirmation email.

  • DT1_Hussar
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    Well, don't know how long i waited, but after 8h from purchase i went sleep. 6h later woke up, and the game is finally in my library. The missing Club Units case is still unresolved, but at least the game is there...Good luck to You all.

  • Kaffertjie
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    18 hours wait now and no game for me yet. I have the email confirmation and everything.

  • ileb0i
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    I had some sleep and got the game somewhere between 9 and 13 hours.

  • Kaffertjie
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    Just refreshed and got my game - 18 hour wait for me. So I guess some transactions can take at least 18 hours. Hope you guys still waiting have some happy news soon.

    Just something I noticed - kept checking from Ubisoft connect app on my phone that didn't show the game, but it was visible on the app on my PC. So if you check your phone, maybe try your PC.

  • drgibbsongreen
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    Ok so it it 07:25 am on the 10th November, I have been waiting 5 days and still no assassin's creed Valhalla in my game library. I don't know what it point in pre-ordering is if you are only going to get [censored] for doing so. I know this is an issue but people are getting it sorted within 24hrs as for me it is day number 5, [censored] day 5. I am not able to play on day 1 release so I WILL be getting some [censored] free content or upgrade considering I have been using Ubisoft for well over 10 years you think they would have at least messaged or let me know what is going on. I feel like a homeless kid looking through a sweat shop window at all the other kids enjoying filling there mouths. Please ubisoft can I have the game I have payed for or is the company taking the ex wife approach and saying no your money is mine your content is mine it's all mine and you can't have it. [censored] ubisoft , pre order and pre install ............ Possibility of [censored] going wrong.. very high, likelihood of a response.. none, customer satisfaction...soon to be what customers.

  • Kandel46
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    @kandel46 game has now appeared in connect, 2hr dl for me then hopefully I will be playing soon.

  • Sweaty_Simon
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    got mine 14H after i bought it. 4H AFTER launch.. i received the email at 2.10AM and the game 4.12AM

  • TheLajbr
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    I´ve used a promo code, but same issue.. game doesn´t appear in my library..... I just want to play the game.... why it is so hard and complicated....

  • subpeidk
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    @m1ndtr1ck2020 No said ops failed please try again.

  • Yokikake
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    I bought the game on 9/11 on the ubisoft store
    Still not added to the library ...

  • Yokikake
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    I am waiting 17 hours

  • SlowStreaker
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    I am a patient person, but this...

    It is your in house game in your in house store that is not being delivered.

    This is digital delivery, what is this, there is a "shipping" period for buying something at your online store? It is not 1999.

    Same thing happened with Uplay +, so I guess I have my self to blame for buying your game from your own store.

  • markmans
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    I Pre-Ordered the game months ago en still the game doesn't show up in my library (PC, U-PLAY), a 20% discount voucher won't make up this incredible big FAIL. I even bought the collector's edition and this is what you get as loyal customer.

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