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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Assassin's Creed Valhalla missing from Ubisoft Connect library after purchase | POST HERE

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    Hi all,

    This is due to a current issue that is being looked into, which you can see mentioned in the Sticky thread here

    We apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this is causing in the meantime.

    Still i dont have my money, and i dont have game.

  • LemonHaze84
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    @kinggoop im having almost the same problem, i purchased via website ubsoft store, got billed and nothing has change in the website. its like i never purchased anything.

  • TLunkan
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    Same here. Did see that they know about this problem and they say they have fixed it but it can take up to 24 Hours until the digital version of the game gets delivered. Sad for not being able to preload

  • KingGoop
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    Game launches are not new for these guys.... sad. Well... I do have some good news. Only over 20 minutes of messing around... but it finally showed up in my library and I'm downloading now. Fricken sad. First i had it on epic store and was like, Wow, I can't get it until 10am? I woke up early specifically to play a little bit before work. So I got it on Connect, refunded Epic and then boom, sorry but you still can't play.

  • Lorin111
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    Game does not appear in my library. After longer than 24 H.
    Chat is not working at all, Ubisoft Connect ticket is not possible to raise since there is Mandatory field Game that is empty for Ubisoft Connect.
    What can I do to finaly see the game in my library?


  • CZSensei
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    @lorin111 Same here

  • Cyborg_Panther
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    I purchased the game through Ubisoft store which advanced me to the Epic Store.
    I got the ultimate editions, it's now 2 pm and it still says Available soon on the game tile.

    I noticed the topic on delayed digital deliveries, but this is starting to get stupid

  • B_Unreal
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    Im having the same problem. They have no issue immediately taking $127.00 from me, but Ill be damned if I cant play the game now that its available.

  • w2dpatty
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    My game is still missing,i am very mad since i got a promo code and yet im still not able to play, even though via mail i was told that i can

  • Yokikake
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    They got 48h to add it
    After it, if u are not having game, u need to buy it once more. They are going to resend money after 7 days
    That's what chat support tell me.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 798

    @devastator0327 This is likely due to the issues mentioned in our Sticky Thread here.

    If you still haven't received the game, the team will be in contact with you as soon as they have an update.

  • rutex15
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    They got 48h to add it
    After it, if u are not having game, u need to buy it once more. They are going to resend money after 7 days
    That's what chat support tell me.

    Amazing. They stole my money and i have to wait 7 days XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 798

    Hey guys,

    This will have been due to the issues with the Ubisoft Store that were reported in the sticky thread here.

    This should be resolved and orders should be coming through again now.

  • arrowebi
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    I bought the Assassins Creed Valhalla Ultimate version back in July, but it never shows on my games library. I thought that is normal, as it will be showing during the release date. Today, not shown.FYI, it shown under "My Order" proved that I bought the games.

    Fine, saw your post saying fixing the dfelivery issue. But, later, after reading your post saying the digital delivery is fixed, I go and check my games library, still not showing up. Is that at least show the pre-install option?

    - CK

  • Lillie_x
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    I ordered the ultimate edition of the game 2 days ago and still no game or update on my case. They say they're working on my case but I'm in the dark right now!

  • subpeidk
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    @rutex15 Atleast you got a reply chat support didn't answer, 400 euros gor deducted from my bank account and I didn't even get the game until now.

  • adweyland
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    Over 24 hours later game still doesn't appear in library.

  • PheonixTechG
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    I ordered the game through the Ubisoft Connect store via PayPal.
    The order did show at first in my orders page, but is no longer showing.
    The game hasn't appeared in my account either.
    I have the receipt from PayPal and my bank has been charged.
    What can I do to fix this issue.

  • Nivellena
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    @pheonixtechg Same thing happened to me just now. Also paid with PayPal(the regular version, not ubisoft connect). And it's all despite that pinned topic "[RESOLVED] 09/11/2020 - Delayed delivery for digital content purchased via Ubisoft Store" says it's already should be working.

  • jdoomkl
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    Made order as well.
    Order is showing at the moment.
    No charge yet.
    No game showing in my account

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