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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] Assassin's Creed Valhalla missing from Ubisoft Connect library after purchase | POST HERE

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    @rutex15 Same I blew away 400 euros

  • leow193
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    Even if you officially declared the order issue was finally resolved, I bought the game, got the order appearing on my profile but still can't see the game appear on my library. I disconnected then went back and it now looks like on the store page as if I didn't buy it, even though my bank registered the order of payment.
    No confirmation mail yet, but I still have the game appearing in my order history

  • LS-Nefarit
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    Been almost 30 hours since I bought the game. Money was taken right away, still no game in my library. No response to Twitter DM's and support chat just told me they would "forward it to another team".

  • subpeidk
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    I pre-ordered the game before it got released I added the game to my cart and clicked check out and then put in my credit card info then clicked pay, It said ops please try again I tried again 4 more times the same thing happend I checked my bank account and found out that I got charged for the game 5 times 400 euros blew away I checked my purchase history it was empty nothing and the gamed didn't even come to my libary I opened a case from 24 hours ago and still nothing happend nobody replied to me and the game still not shown in my libary, Please if someone is reading this please help me and help the people thank you.

  • subpeidk
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    • this is my case number I have waited more than 24 hours 13133903

  • Sammarok
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    @speedius678 Sorry for the late respond, for me it took a bit more than 9 hours after purchase, I am in The Netherlands, bought it at 4:00PM (pre order) and game became available around 01:00 AM, paid with Paypal.

  • Sprinty26
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    Exactly same problem 5 times try again 5 times charged , no game , no history purchase 300 euro gone from my credit card. I hope they will return the money.

  • karlek98
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    Purchased the game yesterday, still no sign of it in my library. Please do something

  • sjlkajsdlufo
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    Here is how asinine this situation is.

    I saw the Ubisoft Twitter tweet that the "no game in library" situation had been resolved.

    I went ahead and purchased the game via Paypal, then dowloaded Ubisoft Connect to be able to play the game.

    The game was not in my library either.

    I reached out to the Ubisoft Twitter support team and they literally told me that there was nothing they could do---the payment didn't go through via Paypal.

    So I logged into my Paypal account and it turns out the payment DID go through. I then called Paypal and they told me that Ubisoft has not accepted it.

    So this is an error with Ubisoft holding my money hostage and not giving me the game that I paid for.

    I then responded to the Ubisoft Twitter customer support and they told me there was nothing they could do and I just need to wait 7 days to let this situation resolve.

    What kind of [censored] [censored] customer service is this? Does Ubisoft have a literal team of [censored] monkeys running the show over there? I pay for a digital game and you hold my [censored] money hostage and not give me what I paid for????

    It's through my 15+ year old Paypal account and attached to my bank account which has more than enough money in it.

    I filed a compliant with Paypal and they told me Ubisoft has 10 days to respond---so now I can't do [censored] thanks to the incompetence of Ubisoft.

    Ubisoft Support Ticket: 13174373

    What an absolute [censored] [censored] show. Is this the kind of service you can come to expect from Ubisoft--a billion dollar company whose coders can't [censored] get Paypal to work right on their website? LOL

  • romanpasquier
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    This post is deleted!
  • ElGatoRick
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    I bought it 1 month ago and waiting for the day and nothing happens.

  • N0wh3re
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    @sjlkajsdlufo This morning I said the same thing "Are this morrons a group of [censored]? How hard can it be to do a online purchase, everywere else you pay and you get your product that same second... How can this particular purchase take so much time! It's suposed to recieve money and give you a download link!" Here in argentina we buy throught "Boacompra" Wich is a portuguese version of paypal and is doing the same thing, the money goes throught but is Ubisoft who is holding the money

  • s0h41b07
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    @ubi-baron I would like a refund as well. Pre ordered the game on 7/10/20 but still nothing and can't get any help or support through facebook, twitter or website.

  • sjlkajsdlufo
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    Ubisoft devs should be on the phone with Paypal to sort out why their system is not accepting my valid Paypal payment.

    I have a 15+ year old Paypal business account in great standing and more than enough funds to cover this purchase.

    All I got from Ubisoft tech support on Twitter was "you'll have to wait 7 days to see if the payment goes through."

    If anyone has Ubisoft stock....advise to dump it. This [censored]-poor customer service is a sure sign a company isn't being run properly.

  • Williampinu
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    @UbiKoality Please check case: 13170995
    Thank you in advance

  • Gladeel
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    @xx4rcherxx Hi, had the same issue (and many people got it too: (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2032382-Purchased-games-from-ubisoft-not-showing-in-library/page25)). In my case, the game appeared 12h after the payment.

  • Slacker1010
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    Order Number 1014536839
    26 hours since the money went out my account

  • dbgager
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    I read somewhere yesterday that the store is taking along time to fill orders. Hopefully you will get it soon.

  • SupremeeGreen
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    I pre-ordered the ultimate edition almost 6 months ago.. and I never saw it in my Uplay library so I immediately made a support ticket asking why the game hasn’t appeared when it had for all my friends and all I got told was “it will be within your Uplay library on release” so I thought “Aight cool I’ll just wait...” it comes to the preload date and I still don’t see it so I sent another support ticket, I still have yet to hear back and I still have yet to see the game appear within my Library.

    I have now waited an additional 24hrs after the official release of AC Valhalla and i still have yet to recieve my Pre-order of the Assassins Creed Valhalla Ultimate Edition, as you could imagine i am not very happy about this but i do understand that there's limitations due to whats happening in the world right now.

    i appreciate any time spent reading this and i thank you for any help that can be provided for me, if any more information is needed just let me know and i will provide what i can.

  • DirkJr50
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    Throw me in the same boat. Paid for the game, not in my library nor did I receive a confirmation with the Activation Code. I have no idea what to do now!

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