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  • ApocDX69
    10 posts

    Who ever was in charge of vibration/haptic feedback, needs to get a good kick in the balls. They made everything dull and nonexistent! What the hell is wrong with you? Do you live the life of a nun?!

    It was completely fine before 1.04.
    No feedback when pulling on the bow,
    No vibration when fishing,
    and more I am sure is messed up with controller feedback.

    Please address this

  • Ditronus
    1 posts

    On ps5, there is no haptic feedback on light attack impacts or on finishers (those stylish execute finishers). This must be a bug or a very big oversight. Why only have haptic feedback on heavy charge attacks? I also find it odd there's no trigger resistance on drawing your bow since that's such a prominent playstyle. Great game, but these haptic bugs take away from the impactful feeling of combat. Games like Demon Souls and Astro show how to take advantage of the ps5 controller. Hopefully this issue can be looked into, fixed/or expanded upon.

  • Dancing_Dragon
    5 posts

    @tsto1 I too have no vibration anymore. Before the patch I could solve it by closing the game, starting astro bot game and then going back to AC now I only have feedback when I swing my weapon. No feedback in drinking game which makes it really hard for me, no feedback when using bow...

  • Dancing_Dragon
    5 posts

    @apocdx69 also no feedback when doing the drinking game which makes it really difficult. I only get some feedback when swinging my weapon around

  • Dave_Ye
    1 posts

    I have free upgraded ps5 version but don’t seem to be getting any haptic feedback with the dualsense. I went to controller settings and have the vibration turned out on etc. Is there something I’m missing something or does this game not have haptic feedback features? I just finished another ubisoft title Watch dogs legion on free ps5 upgrade and was getting haptic feedback for that no problem. Does AC Valhalla even have this feature or will it be added at a later date? Thanks

  • lifeisbeautiful
    2 posts

    At first I thought the lack of feedback was a bug... when I noticed the native vibration and haptics:

    • Subtle vibration during slides
    • Most present during bow draw
    • Inconsistent vibrations during some weapon sequences

    I would like to comment on the noticeable and jarring lack of haptics, even in some of the most basic situations:

    • Variation in the haptics secondary to bow type. The same feedback on all bows is exceedingly disappointing as it seems lazy or an easy oversight.
    • Feedback in relation to the environment. Currently there are none! Examples include no feedback or vibrations during swimming, while standing below waterfalls, during walking/running/riding over multiple types of terrain (snow v. anything else), or during parkour (other than damaging falls). The level of detail capable in the vibration of the controller is astounding, and currently not utilized at all.
    • There is currently no vibrations or haptics programmed for the longboat at all.
    • No haptics for Raven's-Eye view, which could have been a lot of fun.
    • No feedback for Orlog, which is disappointing as well. The game is recreated so lovingly, that vibrations in the controller to differentiate bone dice from wood talismans and leather tokens is possible, and would have been a wonderful and emotional experience.

    Listen, I love this game and series. I've been in since AC. But what has kept me here is the incredible commitment to the experience of the period trying to be recreated.
    The Dualsense controller, with 4K support, 3D sound, and the SSD, were what made this console next gen. I believe that ignoring such a significant hardware contribution to the immersive environment and experience of the game is a mistake and can be significantly improved upon. The world that you have created is begging to be physically experienced through this controller.

    Please Ubisoft. Patch us in.

    For an example of how disappointing the lack of this next-gen feature truly feels, join me:
    Sunrise... Rygjafylke. Just South West of Hildesvini's Crag. I am half way up, climbing the sheer face of a notably powerful waterfall that is at least 150ft in height. I can not tell how wide it spans. It's magnificent. The sunlight is blindingly 4K. The waterfall is deafening, surrounding me in 3D delight. My hands are dead, mechanically pressing buttons and moving toggles, reminiscing fondly of their time with Kassandra a whole generation ago.

    You must understand how immersion-breaking this is. It's a tragedy Ubi </3. Eivor would not allow for us to settle for lesser.

    PS: This topic was posted once before but was hard ignored. In addition, I'm not really discussing a bug here, more lack of functionality.

  • jFate_
    7 posts

    i have no idea if this sound is meant to be intended, but in the last update, the 1.1.1, the haptic feedback on the triggers got like a "broken" sound, like if the R2 is just broken when you aim (zoom pressing L2) with any bow, in the update before 1.1.1, it was just while using the predator bow (sniper), was kind off annoying but okayish, right now is awful, feels like the dualsense is just broken, in December the game was fine, triggers were getting hard while aiming and it felt good, now feels like the dualsense is gonna break, and its the game's fault, with any other game it does not do it, at least doesn't sound like is gonna break the triggers;
    Anyone knows if it's meant to be like that or is just a bug?
    Ty for ya time!

  • niander
    2 posts

    The PS5 version of the game have minimal if not none haptic feedback (or vibration/rumble) in the controller (PS5 DualSense). I can feel some trigger pressure adapting when using a bow but it does not correspond to what is happening in the game. In general, the whole implementation of the PS5 DualSense features is lacking in the PS5 version of this game.

    I would like to know when we would be getting a fix on this, if any. At least, I would like to experience bigger and more expressive vibrations on the controller.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1472 posts

    @niander To my knowledge there are no known issues with the PS5's Dual Sense haptic feedback in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. There was an issue in a previous update where the haptic feedback had been disabled, however this was resolved with another update. Please ensure you have the latest update for the game installed.

    If you have then I would also recommend checking the settings on your PS5 to see what your settings your controller currently has. To do this go to settings > accessories > controllers and from there you can select the vibration intensity and trigger effect intensity. I am unsure from the top of my head if there is also an option within the game for the haptic feedback, please check the in game settings to make sure.

    Official Response
  • niander
    2 posts

    @Ubi-Keo Thanks for your reply. From what you said I believe this post should be a suggestion or feature request, rather than a bug report. You are right. Since the update haptic feedback got enabled. However, as I said, it doesn't seem to be intensive enough. I check all configurations and it is in the max settings. But, what annoys me the most are the adaptive triggers. When using a bow in the game, I can only experience any resistance on the triggers at the very end; and, when I do, the character is still middle way pulling the bow string.

    Not sure if this is the best place to make this complaint/recommendation. If it is not let me know.


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