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  • thml7
    5 posts

    Same here, can't get my "Rations" to level 6.

  • Yuri-22
    22 posts

    this material stops spawning if you already fully upgraded your Rations / Quiver, as far as i search over the internet. so that s why we can t do the Mystery in Eurviscire.

  • Cuchulain123
    10 posts

    @xil Check the high level areas, they spawn in those chests that drop iron and leather, the high level area ones will give you 1 fabric per chest. But be sure to get atleast five more than what you need to fully upgrade your rations and quiver otherwise you'll be locked out of that shrine like i was.

  • xtracker85
    46 posts

    I think the game only gives you a set amount of fabric to fully max out your upgrades and then it cuts you off completely. I was well aware of this bug early on, so I decided to hold off from fully upgrading my quiver and rations and accumulate as much fabric as I could. Guess what? That didn't work. I needed precisely 33 fabrics to finish upgrading to max and when I finally got 33 fabrics, no more has dropped ever since then, even at high level zones. So now, I got to choose between maxing out my upgrades or doing the shrine for map completion. This was clearly an oversight.

  • Tasha-Soriah
    164 posts

    @Ubisoft (too many to tag it seems)

    Please sort this bug out as well as the 5000 (i havent counted lol) other bugs that seems to be ailing the game. Its been out long enough for at least 1 more patch to have been released.

    This game has been released broken and unfinished to QC/completionist standard.

  • mahwaha1
    1 posts

    The game stops giving you fabric after you've looted enough to completely upgrade both your quiver and rations. However, there's also an altar in Eurviscire that requires 5 fabric to complete. This means it is literally impossible to 100% complete this game. If you fully upgrade your quiver and rations, you will never be able to complete the altar. Or, if you do the altar early for some reason, it will be impossible for you to complete your upgrades on the quiver/rations. Please fix this soon. Maybe by changing the item that is required for the altar to something that there isn't a finite amount of.

  • Nightwallkr
    1 posts

    Do you all think this will be patched? I'm 73 hours in and I want to platinum the game but don't want to start all over.😭

  • XiL.
    7 posts

    @cuchulain123 Awesome. thanks!

  • deathtek14
    3 posts

    Same issue

  • Ry_mann88
    11 posts

    There's a thread on reddit regarding this:

    People are speculating that if you upgrade something to max (quiver or rations it seems like), fabric will stop spawning completely. Arrow are in abundance in the game, so don't bother upgrading your material, and avoid maxing out rations. Fabric should keep spawning then until a patch resolves the issue.
    Also note that fabric only spawns out of certain chests as well. There IS a finite number, but enough to max everything out in the game as well as the alter that requires it.

  • Ry_mann88
    11 posts

    Fabric spawns are bugged.
    First; only certain minor wealth chests will drop fabric.
    Second; do not finish the upgrades for quiver and rations. Leave the last upgrade available.
    While fabric is limited, there should be enough to do everything. It's a bug, plain and simple.

  • Capt_7120
    10 posts

    Same problem !

  • dakotastrellner
    1 posts

    Same problem on the ps4 pro, 104 hours put in so far, fully upgraded quiver and rations 80+ hours ago, not about to go back that far to get the platinum trophy for it

  • Hitsugaiya
    1 posts

    Same PB
    Upgrade arrow and Heal so i have my fabric at 0 and no loot after.

  • AaronTaha
    1 posts

    @ry_mann88 same problem

  • Jared.BA
    1 posts

    Like many others, I haven't received any fabric from chests around the world. After completing the upgrades for both my quiver and rations pouch, fabric has seemingly disappeared from chests. This issue is stopping me from completing one of the alter mysteries that requires five fabric. I did not see this issue on the mega thread, so I wanted to spread more light on the topic.

  • Siertxo
    1 posts

    @jeje_71 Same problem here, I upgraded the pouches to max level and I'm not receiving fabric anymore from the chests

  • mrc1965
    2 posts

    I am in the mid-upgrade of the quiver and ration and I can't find any more fabric...

  • NetQvist
    37 posts

    @ry_mann88 Yeah sadly it's a bit problematic since I upgraded rations to max 30 hours ago and I've been sitting at 7 fabric since then.... =(

  • scott___dxj
    2 posts

    I fully upgraded my quiver and rations halfway throught the game, and all the chests in higher power areas no longer drops fabric. But apparently I found an offering altar needs 5 fabric later in the game. Need some help...

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