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  • wolfssteel
    10 posts

    I'm looting and raiding my way through the 250's again and no fabric. Can we get a fix an increased drop rate or something. When I hit the 190's it was a semi regular drop. Now after finishing the main quest I'm not getting any at all. Please help

  • TheDarkCj
    1 posts

    Yees the same probelm, no fix yet, i have over 140hrs, and dont find anyone fabric, please fix it Ubi!!

  • ThorbasnT
    2 posts

    I can not get any fabric anywhere in the world. I have upgraded my quiver to full and missing one upgrade for rations + Dobby's Altar. The bug was supposed to be fixed with previous update when merchants should be able to sell fabric after your settlement reaches lvl 6. Well my settlement is lvl 6 and merchant does not sell any fabric. This should be moved again to known issues and looked into.

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    Hello! I'm sorry to read you're facing this issue.

    I have found an internal investigation is still ongoing to resolve this issue. It has been difficult to reproduce as it doesn't appear to affect all players, but we're doing everything we can.

    Once we have more information or any questions, we'll come back to you.

    Thank you!

    Official Response
  • DenhomChiken
    17 posts

    What the heck is going on Ubisoft? How can this still be an issue when there are so many easy fixes. I get a quest or something giving you a hard time but just sell fabric at the settlement lvl 6 in an unlimited quantity. By level 6 the player is easily far enough to warrant having max rations and quivers. Why screw us over who have 130 hours into the game? I do not see this in the issues being addressed next patch. You guys sure can roll out paid content on a bi weekly basis you can’t [censored] fix this for your players. This is beyond frustrating at this point. Either remove the altar, change what it requires, or sell unlimited rations at settlement level 6. I just gave you 3 solutions right here, man I love this game and the company but this really tests loyalty here... What next Ubi open world game would I possibly buy again after going through these frustrations that can be fixed so

  • Olishanta
    4 posts

    I've completed the entire game and my settlement is level 6. There's supposed to be fabric sold at a level 6 settlement and there isn't. I've opened several chests in the highest level areas and still no fabric. This was supposed to be fixed in patch 1.0.4, but it wasn't.

  • stallattack
    33 posts

    @olishanta Nop, it's not dropping once you upgrade quiver,rations to max. The patch didn't solve it, I'm level 400 with 90 mastery level, finished all quests including mysteries,artifacts..etc. The lev6. settlement trader doesn't sell it. so I can't make offering to the alter.

  • ADarklore
    88 posts

    @thoughttwenty I'm sitting at level 70 right now, and ventured into level 130 areas last night going to all the 'wealth' locations looting chests, and have been finding fabric at almost every location. Going back to level 90 locations and NO fabric... so it's not just HIGH level areas that Fabric is found... it appears that it starts appearing in level 130 areas.

  • oli1988
    3 posts

    Hey Ubisoft! This issue hasn't been fixed! Thank you!

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 148 posts
    Original Post by Ubi-Woofer:
    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for all of these updates regarding your issues with looting fabric in-game. In patch 1.0.4, we did make two changes to fabric provisions, which should have resolved the issue with the supply of fabric and also enabled you to complete "Offering Altar" (Dobby's Altar):

    - Increased fabric limit to 82.
    - Added fabric to traders once the settlement has reached Level 6.
    I am glad that for many of you this issue is resolved as expected, however I do see some of you mentioning that the issue persists. I am very sorry to hear this, and will do everything I can to get this looked into again if it persists. From those of you still impacted, I'd therefore like to collect the following in the following format please:

    - Confirmation of the platform you play on; if on a console, which exact model (e.g. PS4 Pro, Xbox Series S, Xbox One X)
    - Confirmation as to whether you have fully upgraded your quiver and rations pouch, per the thread title
    - Confirmation of the quantity of fabric you are carrying
    - Confirmation of the issue you are having, ie. cannot complete the altar, or cannot fully upgrade a pouch
    - A video showing that you are unable to acquire additional fabric through the vendor if your settlement is level 6

    Thank you in advance to those who get back to me with the information above; it is much appreciated. 🙂

    Hey there folks!

    Thanks for your reports so far, these issues are still under active investigation. If you haven't already done so please provide the requested info above which we will pass on for you.

    Official Response
  • oli1988
    3 posts


    1. PS5 version
    2. Quiver fully upgraded, Rations pouch missing one upgrade
    3. Carrying 11 Fabric at the moment
    4. I could complete the altar but not fully upgrade my rations pouch... Fabric is not for sell at my settlement lvl 6 and is not dropping anywhere in the game.
    5. Video:

    Thank you!

  • larrykop1967
    65 posts

    Yet strangely, the patch did fix the issue for me, i left the quiver to upgrade and chose to use 5 for the offering at the altar and like others i wasn't getting any more fabric in chest's, then after the patch i did get 5 more to complete the quiver upgrade, how does the patch work for some and not for others?.

  • TheCosmicBob
    73 posts

    I have gotten a grand total of 1 piece of fabric, from that weird dude pretending to be a ghost. I can't do much with 1 peice.

  • blackwolf661
    1 posts

    So I maxed out my quiver and my rations pouch and did the offering altar for the fabric. I have beaten the game and collected everything except for the smaller chests which I’m currently working on. I went to Vinland to complete that, and once I got to England, all of a sudden my quiver is at level 4 and I can no longer find any fabric. I just don’t understand why my quiver would all of a sudden drop levels after being fully upgraded. Also, I have three extra skill points after level 400 cause the new ones popped up right after the new update, but now they won’t at all.

  • Nivisec
    6 posts

    I also have the problem where my quiver downgraded by two after visiting Vinland, which I did to try fixing the other bug of having only the base arrow limit.

    Ive opened most chests, so there’s no way to get more fabric (as if it would still show up anyways).

    There’s never been any fabric for sale in my settlement either, including before the 1.1.0 patch.

  • Tarungo
    2 posts
    • Added fabric to traders once the settlement has reached Level 6.

    PS4 Pro
    Settlement Level 6
    Fabric in inventory: 3
    I cannot obtain any fabric in small chests and the traders in my villiage didn't sell any fabric!

  • Soggey
    1 posts


    1. PS5
    2. Rations fully upgraded, quivers missing last upgrade
    3. Carrying 1 piece of fabric
    4. Need 4 pieces to finish the last mystery and I can't find any. Unable to buy after getting a level 6 settlement.


  • Fly_bywire
    2 posts

    After new update my arrow quiver bugged (maxed), I did the Vinland reset to get it open again. Now I have quiver at level 5. I can live with that, BUT, there is also offering that needs 5 fabric. Now I got no way to gain fabric to upgrade my quiver back, or do the offering, so I am UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE GAME. I'v read that there is supposed to be fabric for sale in settlement at level 6, i can confirm, there is not, atleast on my game. Just add the fabric for sale and I can work around this. Also im drunk always when I reload save? So 3 bugs, I can live with anything but this one that does not allow me to complete game.

  • moriatii
    30 posts

    There is a drop somewhere that provides 5 more fabric, I'm not sure where but I have the complete rations/quiver and made the offering, this is my forth time running through the game and I have never had an issue with it. follow the story and somewhere it will drop.

  • ClubStew
    13 posts

    @ubi-baron how are we supposed to record something that's not happening? It's already chance you find fabric in chests. If we're not finding any more, can you clarify how we're supposed to record or screenshot not finding more?

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