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  • deathtek14
    3 posts

    Same issue

  • Ry_mann88
    11 posts

    There's a thread on reddit regarding this:

    People are speculating that if you upgrade something to max (quiver or rations it seems like), fabric will stop spawning completely. Arrow are in abundance in the game, so don't bother upgrading your material, and avoid maxing out rations. Fabric should keep spawning then until a patch resolves the issue.
    Also note that fabric only spawns out of certain chests as well. There IS a finite number, but enough to max everything out in the game as well as the alter that requires it.

  • Ry_mann88
    11 posts

    Fabric spawns are bugged.
    First; only certain minor wealth chests will drop fabric.
    Second; do not finish the upgrades for quiver and rations. Leave the last upgrade available.
    While fabric is limited, there should be enough to do everything. It's a bug, plain and simple.

  • Capt_7120
    10 posts

    Same problem !

  • dakotastrellner
    1 posts

    Same problem on the ps4 pro, 104 hours put in so far, fully upgraded quiver and rations 80+ hours ago, not about to go back that far to get the platinum trophy for it

  • Hitsugaiya
    1 posts

    Same PB
    Upgrade arrow and Heal so i have my fabric at 0 and no loot after.

  • AaronTaha
    1 posts

    @ry_mann88 same problem

  • Jared.BA
    1 posts

    Like many others, I haven't received any fabric from chests around the world. After completing the upgrades for both my quiver and rations pouch, fabric has seemingly disappeared from chests. This issue is stopping me from completing one of the alter mysteries that requires five fabric. I did not see this issue on the mega thread, so I wanted to spread more light on the topic.

  • Siertxo
    1 posts

    @jeje_71 Same problem here, I upgraded the pouches to max level and I'm not receiving fabric anymore from the chests

  • mrc1965
    2 posts

    I am in the mid-upgrade of the quiver and ration and I can't find any more fabric...

  • NetQvist
    37 posts

    @ry_mann88 Yeah sadly it's a bit problematic since I upgraded rations to max 30 hours ago and I've been sitting at 7 fabric since then.... =(

  • scott___dxj
    2 posts

    I fully upgraded my quiver and rations halfway throught the game, and all the chests in higher power areas no longer drops fabric. But apparently I found an offering altar needs 5 fabric later in the game. Need some help...

  • Uniquities
    11 posts

    @anaster2016 man I thought I was losing my mind, i’ve been looking for the fabric for that altar for two days and finally decided to come check the forums. I don’t see how they didn’t catch this.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    314 posts
    The game stops giving you fabric after you've looted enough to completely upgrade both your quiver and rations. However, there's also an altar in Eurviscire that requires 5 fabric to complete. This means it is literally impossible to 100% complete this game.

    Oh man really? That just SUCKS. There is no way for players to know about this and plan ahead.

    Ubisoft if you see this please fix this.

  • phoenixash2001
    10 posts

    This is a later game region.

    Since the story line pushes you in the exact opposite direction first, and the alliance map doesn't make the region available until after most other regions (it hasn't done so for me yet), it is more than likely you'll have fully upgraded quiver and pouch when you do finally get to the altar to discover you require linnen...

    The game doesn't tell you it will stop giving you linnen after fully upgrading the quiver and pouch. You only find that out after you have done so and no longer get it. And since this is, to my knowledge, the only resource the game stops handing can't reasonably be expected to know that.

    It is also unclear if you even keep getting linnen if you don't fully upgrade. I can't be sure but I remember not getting any more linnen before I fully upgraded but had enough resources to do so. I found that odd (but not odd enough to make the connection) so I looked and discovered I already had enough....and upgraded.

    Even if you don't pick up all the chests in a region you will have collected all the linnen you will need by the time it becomes logical to go there since nothing in the story directs you there sooner.

    And since the region is marked as a high power level area it is dissuading you to go there before you reached a comfortable power level range...which you finding chests/events...which give you linnen. So take that as a comment on the chosen levelling/progression system.

    Ironically...if you are a completionist and clear regions in will absolutely have locked yourself out of this altar and this platinum long, long before that.

    And this isn't an issue you can resolve by loading an earlier save game either. By the time most people even get to the altar...reloading a save means losing several irl days of playing progress.

    This seems rather easy problem to fix...just change the required offering at the altar.

    But that still potentially leaves those people who already did offer linnen with a potential shortage of linnen to upgrade their gear. Maybe that can be solved by adding linnen to the traders in that region?

    Either needs to be fixed as it will definitely lock you out of the platinum trophy and no matter how you view is a serious oversight.

  • Kyton06
    1 posts
    Hi guys. I am not getting any fabric from chests. It started when I had enough to fully upgrade my quiver and rations, and I now need it for the offering altar in Eurvicscire.

    I also have this issue. After fully upgrading I cannot collect more fabric for the shrine.

  • AndreKomo
    1 posts

    @a2theslam We are all sitting in the same boat.

    It's a bug... maybe? Sooner or later every player run into this. U don't get platin anymore if u max. out your quiver & rations because of this bug.

  • MLGBlackbeard
    5 posts

    This has been probably posted a few times, but Fabric will not appear from chests anymore after maxing out my pouch and arrow quiver. This prevents me from completing the Altar in Eurviscire, which requires me to have x5 Fabric.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    314 posts

    @phoenixash2001 you took the words right out of my mouth - that altar is in a high-power area and I have been clearing the entire map from the lower-power areas first, so by this point, yeah, I fully upgraded my equipment and can no longer get fabric for the altar, exactly like you said.

    I too agree that this is a design oversight - the dev. apparently forgot fabric is still needed for a side activity.

    Since this is semi game-breaking I am pretty positive it will be fixed, but we have to make enough noise to get Ubisoft to take action, fast.

    Adding fabric to be purchasable from shops is a possible fix I agree.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    314 posts

    @mlgblackbeard yeah I only learnt of this today when reading other posts here. Everyone seeing this please keep Ubisoft informed about this so that they can fix it quickly. This is a serious design oversight.

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