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  • W4rrior81
    4 posts

    Funny i can't seem to find any at all.. im looking everywhere.. can't upgrade anything.. must be a bug then

  • timothy8132000
    4 posts

    @jeje_71 no i didn’t complete the altar, i maxed my quiver out and i’m one upgrade off of the rations and can’t get fabric. i stopped getting fabric about half way through the game

  • pacostacos87
    1 posts

    Has anyone found a way to get more fabric after completing their quiver and ration bag? I need 5 for the offering, but none drop once upgrades are complete. Don’t want to miss out on a platinum because of it.

  • jandraelune
    117 posts

    @pacostacos87 I have gotten one in total in over 60hrs play time and have not upgraded either item. I could try hunting just animals for awhile and see if one of them drops it, but I have found none as an open world loot item laying around.

  • Sciss0rman
    46 posts

    @pacostacos87 I can't even progress my upgrades.
    I got like 8 in total in ~70hrs so far.

    Maybe, we should just shear some sheep and make some ourselves. 😄

  • MLGBlackbeard
    5 posts

    @pacostacos87 Yeah, same thing happened for a lot of people, including myself. I think one of the staff members already forwarded this to the developers already, I think it was @Ubi-Woofer .

  • scott___dxj
    2 posts

    @w4rrior81 I believe the chance to find them in low level regions is very low, but in high level regions, say 150+, almost every small chest (not the big ones contain armor pieces or ingot) drops 1. Just progress more you will find them.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    Can basically confirm this. I am now in the last level 340 area with my looting spree (Looting every chest, even the small ones).

    Not a single fabric. Probably gonna use cheats to give me the 5 fabric 🙂

  • moffel19
    2 posts

    Please do somthing about the fabric thats not spawning anymore

  • FameTree
    6 posts

    @ubi-mark any updates to this issue?

  • Jshields5812
    1 posts

    Im the same with the fabric, please ubisoft, the rest of the bugs are playable this needs to be the first one you fix

  • Reguah
    1 posts

    @anaster2016 Same problem here after maxing out the quiver and rations, can't do the altar that require 5 fabric now.

  • BuzzardBee
    9 posts

    Same boat. High leveled now (373) and trying to finish up the game. Fully upgraded both quiver and rations pouch before learning of this "bug". I really wish Ubisoft would use some sense when it comes to these things. What's the point in limiting the number of fabric when we continue to loot iron ore and leather till we vomit, especially when there's an altar that requires an offering of 5 fabric so late in the game.\

    And to the other folks here who keep advising not to fully upgrade your pouches -- that's completely counter-intuitive. All of have already upgraded them as they are very beneficial to have fully upgraded, especially for later in the game. And I have searched all chests in Jorvik and NONE of them had any fabric whatsoever so it does indeed stop spawning once you have upgraded the two pouches.

    Mega fail, Ubisoft. Seriously, how you nearly always manage to foul things up with your games is astounding. No PC achievements on launch. Bugs like this one. Missable collectibles which are part of quests. Graphics glitch which prevents some cinematic cutscenes from playing out thus preventing progression of some quests unless graphics is turned down to low, then to high with restarts in between. Is it still amateur hour there in Montreal??

    Will complete the game however I can but no, I won't be playing it all over again just to unlock the achievements whenever the hell they are released for the PC. Good game but not worth slogging through again. Maybe in a couple of years.

    [Removed by Ubi-Woofer 19/04/2021] Thanks in advance.

  • NingaNinga420
    1 posts

    Yeah I’m in the same boat. I really hope they get this fixed as I have literally every other wealth, artifact and mystery completed. There are some bugs and glitches, but it’s an al around great game! It’s like assassin creed meets the Witcher 3! I’m a huge fan, great story and the mysteries are all radically different! I’m glad they realized how repetitive their old games were. This is a very refreshing change! I look forward to their patches to see them make it even better. Especially that damn fabric...

  • ArahorPlays
    6 posts


    Note the team too that It has to be added to the merchants. Some of us have taken all the chests in the game, even the small ones. Which would make the game impossible to 100% unless It's being added as a material to buy at merchants.

    Making it unlockable at the merchants at the same time you unlock Nickel Ingots at the merchants, that would make most sense and be a faster fix then troubleshooting the actual problem with it being unable to be obtainable for the altar. Not saying that problem itself should not be fixed, it should, but this should add a faster way to get fabric into the game for people to obtain to avoid locking people out of 100% this game.

  • Kmh2511
    1 posts

    I don't think I've found any fabric since the start of my play through and I'm 50 hours in. I've seen others say they get this problem after fully upgrading their arrows and pouch but I've only upgraded both of mine about 2 times and am still not finding any.

  • IChewyl
    4 posts

    I'm level 400, And to 100% the game. I need fabric, There is no chests on the map because i looted them and none of them dropped fabric.
    Can you fix this bug already so we can 100% this game??

  • ShippoFoxDemon
    1 posts

    So... When we gonna get that 5 missing fabric so we can platinum this broken mess of a game?

  • KRoSSiS94
    1 posts

    @itshuzu same here ...

  • pjc1506
    14 posts

    Same for me nothing since full upgrading quiver/rations

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