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  • A_Sweet_Lemon
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • A_Sweet_Lemon
    2 posts

    I am just the mystery away from getting the 100% achievement, my settlement is level 6

  • KleinaStyla
    7 posts

    @ubi-woofer Hello Support Staff,

    here is my Video:

    • Platform: PS4 Pro
    • AC Valhalla Ultimate Version German, Patch 1.04, Playtime 150 hours
    • Altar is not done and quiver fully upgraded. 1 Upgrade left for Ration Pounch.
    • 19 Fabric
    • cannot complete ration pouch and Altar need 7 more fabric
    • in my Video you see also the Bug about "Sonnenmal", I can buy it twice from shop owner
    • Edit: Settlement is 6, you can see that I can buy "Sonnenmal" and skillpoints "Erkenntnis der Zeit"

  • Sr710h
    1 posts

    The last Patch completely vanished fabrics out of my game. I still need 3 more upgrades to have my quiver maxed out. I'm running around for 3-4 hours now and looting every chest in high level areas and I can't find any fabric. This is a gamebreaking bug, that has to be fixed as quick as possible.

  • Tomse0008
    2 posts

    For anyone who have upgraded more than once, consider yourselves lucky. atm I'm level power level 191, I've had 2 pieces of fabric, which I used to upgrade my quiver.

  • cartoon3.12
    1 posts

    Fabric don't drop after update 1.0.4
    up settlement lv 6 no sell

  • forcefrank
    91 posts

    @cartoon3-12 It didn't fall even before then. I've got about 90 hours in level 5 settlement and all I've ever gotten is two (2) pieces.

  • Banka_Facet
    4 posts


    • Platform: PC
    • quiver and rations pouch fully upgraded
    • 0 fabric
    • I can't complete altar

    Here is my video:

  • RednecK.-
    19 posts

    I can't get the last upgrade for my quiver because there isn't enough fabric, I know we supposedly can now buy it at the shops but there is none being sold for me (my settlement is level 6, btw).
    Is this a known issue or is it only me?

  • Lypitiern300
    11 posts

    @redneck yeah post update 1.04 they were supposed to have added fabric to shops once you hit settlement lvl6 and upped the fabric cap or whatever but I still haven't picked up a single piece since I got enough to fully upgrade my quiver/rations which means I'm stuck on 7 fabric because I did the offering alter first so I'm 5 shy from my last quiver upgrade, so yeah it's still bugged

  • LinusNexus
    4 posts

    Platform: PC
    Quiver and Rations fully upgraded
    0 Fabric
    No Fabric spawns whatsoever and cannot be bought at the settlement or other traders around the map. Settlement level is 6.

    So I can confirm this issue is not fully fixed.

  • RednecK.-
    19 posts

    @lypitiern300 Then I really hope they know of this and don't think that it was fixed with the last update...

  • nabest27
    1 posts

    I am level 400 in game and I cant seem to find anymore fabrics including in higher level areas and i think my game must be bugged because my quiver is not even maxed out and yet i cant find any. Also for the latest patch(1.04) my trader doesnt have fabrics to sell but my settlements is maxed.

  • Johnson9191
    18 posts


    I also cannot seem to find any fabric, why is it so rare? Is it a bug? Doesn't seem to be much point in making it so rare. I've played 50 hours and have only found 1 fabric even though I must have looted hundreds chests...

  • JCar4327
    704 posts

    @johnson9191 I have started a new play through, my first I completed the game, and have only found enough fabric to upgrade my rations once. In my first play through I had already upgraded both my quiver and rations to max by this time. I'm at 74 hours on my second play through and have not found fabric for the last 40- 50 hours.

  • G1aiv3r
    2 posts

    I started getting fabric from small yellow treasure chests in level 160+ areas, almost every chest.

  • willow101017
    2 posts

    As soon as I reached settlement level 6, fabric disappeared from my game. It's not available in shops or chests. Still one upgrade short on my quiver, and have not done the altar yet. [xbox one]

  • ThoughtTwenty
    70 posts

    @zangato1988 I found quite a few fabrics in Sciropescire. That was after playing through any awful lot of seeing none at all. Most of those were in small loot boxes.

  • Quor321
    232 posts

    @vanraposu Not a bug, plenty of fabric to be had. I'm well over power level 200 and I find it in almost ever chest I open. It's just a higher level mat, get more powerful, do higher level zones, be patient.

  • JCar4327
    704 posts

    @thoughttwenty Yeah, I'm working on a second playthrough with the male character and this was my experience as well. My first playthrough there was never a stoppage of the fabric, but it seems they may have made a change to prevent people from leveling the quiver and rations to quickly. I may be wrong, but that certainly is how it seems.

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