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  • Nivisec
    6 posts

    I also have the problem where my quiver downgraded by two after visiting Vinland, which I did to try fixing the other bug of having only the base arrow limit.

    Ive opened most chests, so there’s no way to get more fabric (as if it would still show up anyways).

    There’s never been any fabric for sale in my settlement either, including before the 1.1.0 patch.

  • Tarungo
    2 posts
    • Added fabric to traders once the settlement has reached Level 6.

    PS4 Pro
    Settlement Level 6
    Fabric in inventory: 3
    I cannot obtain any fabric in small chests and the traders in my villiage didn't sell any fabric!

  • Soggey
    1 posts


    1. PS5
    2. Rations fully upgraded, quivers missing last upgrade
    3. Carrying 1 piece of fabric
    4. Need 4 pieces to finish the last mystery and I can't find any. Unable to buy after getting a level 6 settlement.
    5. https://imgur.com/a/JqCo6o9


  • Fly_bywire
    5 posts

    After new update my arrow quiver bugged (maxed), I did the Vinland reset to get it open again. Now I have quiver at level 5. I can live with that, BUT, there is also offering that needs 5 fabric. Now I got no way to gain fabric to upgrade my quiver back, or do the offering, so I am UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE GAME. I'v read that there is supposed to be fabric for sale in settlement at level 6, i can confirm, there is not, atleast on my game. Just add the fabric for sale and I can work around this. Also im drunk always when I reload save? So 3 bugs, I can live with anything but this one that does not allow me to complete game.

  • moriatii
    36 posts

    There is a drop somewhere that provides 5 more fabric, I'm not sure where but I have the complete rations/quiver and made the offering, this is my forth time running through the game and I have never had an issue with it. follow the story and somewhere it will drop.

  • ClubStew
    13 posts

    @ubi-baron how are we supposed to record something that's not happening? It's already chance you find fabric in chests. If we're not finding any more, can you clarify how we're supposed to record or screenshot not finding more?

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 459 posts

    Excellent. Thanks for your reports so far folks, please keep them coming

    Official Response
  • ADarklore
    150 posts

    So far I've maxed out my medicine pouch by just exploring level 130 areas and collecting all the 'wealth' from the locations which many of them granted 1 fabric each. I wonder if people who are missing fabric have explored all the wealth locations? Some are very well hidden.

  • Kiro_Games
    2 posts
    1. PS4 version
    2. Quiver fully upgraded, altar complete, rations pouch missing one upgrade
    3. Carrying 16 Fabric at the moment
    4. I cannot complete the rations pouch upgrade

  • feclmunday
    1 posts

    i have fully upgaded quiver and pouch.
    I have 3 fabric in inventory.
    I am missing 2 for the offering.
    I can’t buy it from traders despite settlement being lvl 6

  • Tarungo
    2 posts

    Sorry the re-post. But I attached video:

    • "Added fabric to traders once the settlement has reached Level 6."

    PS4 Pro
    Settlement Level 6
    Fabric in inventory: 3
    I cannot obtain any fabric in small chests and the traders in my villiage didn't sell any fabric!

  • vyrus-_-97
    1 posts

    Stesso problema, faretra e razioni al massimo, 4 tessuti nell'inventario, me ne manca 1 per completare l'altare, i mercanti non lo vendono e non provo neanche ad aprire i mini-forzieri per paura di non averne a disposizione quando si risolverà il bug, NON E' STATO RISOLTO NULLA, inseritelo veramente sul mercato.. mi manca solo questo per il PLATINO, sto su PS4 .. risolvi Ubi

  • DenhomChiken
    17 posts

    Ps4 Pro
    level 6 settlement
    max rations
    level 4 quiver
    4 fabrics in inventory
    no fabric found in about 50 hours of gameplay, at 130 hours now.

    Figured I’d use a YouTube video to find locations. Every chest this person looted in the linked video did not provide any fabric for me. Only ore, leather, and some runes. I knew after that I wouldn’t be touching the game again until it’s fixed.

  • ADarklore
    150 posts

    I was finding fabric at almost every wealth location starting in level 130 areas. I noticed last night, after fully upgrading pouch and quiver, that it only continued dropping until I had five more pieces of Fabric in my inventory, and then it stopped dropping.

    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
    4 posts

    I'm not getting fabric at all after I maxed upgraded my quiver my ration still has 2 upgrades needed once I max upgraded my quiver fabric has not spawned for me i play on Series X and I'm on the most recent update I have settlement level 6 and the trader does not sell any fabric

  • bickle
    2 posts

    1. Xbox Series X
    2. Quiver fully upgraded, Rations missing last upgrade
    3. Carrying 16 piece of fabric
    4. I have not visited the altar yet, as I want to complete the Ration upgrades first but I am unable to loot fabric and it doesn’t appear at the merchant, despite having settlement level
    5. https://imgur.com/a/i9iScLU 

    3 posts

    Created an account in this forum just to add my complaint to this growing list.

    120+ hrs in....going for platinum, encountered not only the arrow quiver bug from this stupid Yuletide "expansion" but now I have 1 fabric, a level 6 settlement, cannot buy fabric (not available in my merchants store) and now i have every zone complete 100% except for that damn offering mystery.

    PLEASE GET THIS FIXED. I have only bought a handful of Ubisoft games ever, and was very excited about this game, and it was actually made me consider buying Immortals Fenix Rising and maybe keep an eye out for future stuff...

    But after the bugs I've encountered with this game, the stress I've experienced just praying I didn't come across a game breaking bug, and then now this....Im thinking not...

    Now I've seen from the forums I've searched, discovered that this seems to be your M.O. ....I am going to think twice about purchasing your products in the future if this is how your treating your community.

    We are all but pleading you to fix the bugs, yet you release other crap first....which in turn seems to produce even MORE bugs....unbelievable...

    I am stunned this is seemingly acceptable by executive leadership.

    I was so amped about the season pass halfway through my playthrough that it was going to be my first 'season pass' purchase aside from COD that I've ever made...now....not so sure I'm going to buy it...or at least will wait a year until you make it actually playable...

    Please do something before you lose more customers besides the ones like me that are now blacklisting your products until they are out for 6 months and discounted/patched to a degree which puts the value is actually at an acceptable level for playing...

  • WalshyB95
    4 posts

    @ubi-orion great idea for the dev team. Don't have 100% trophies if your game is a buggy mess.

  • Gregmh48
    1 posts

    I've been collecting fabric in the world and am 40% done with exploration but even though I open chests that show fabric +1, my inventory does not increment and has been fixed at quantity 2 for about 30 hours.

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