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    I’m having the same problem. Fabric no longer dropping and I have not even fully upgraded my quiver yet? Just my rations? I’m on Lv.403. Can’t even buy them at the store after update 1.04? I’m on settlement lv.6 I also can’t do that last alter due to no more fabric dropping? I’m on the PS4 version

  • StevenB82
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    The fabric bug, where you can't buy or find fabric anymore after finishing the quiver is still in the game

  • Chancelaura
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    I am 3 pieces of fabric short for completing the shrine mystery and the resource is not dropping for me any longer. The patch stated that traders would sell it if the settlement was upgraded to level 6 this is not the case. I have sunk 175 hours into this game to now be denied the platinum due to fabric. Why put a limit on this resource and no other? Why have multiple armour sets that can be upgraded as well as rations, the quiver and a mystery and not put enough of the resource in the game! I am a player that likes to play the game at their leisure, I do not research or look at trophy guides while initially playing as I don't want to read spoilers and so was not aware of this issue before I upgraded my gear (a perfectly reasonable thing to do). I do however want the platinum trophy and if I have to revert back to a previous save where I do have enough fabric I will have lost 45 hours of collectable gathering. Ubisoft this is not on! Will you be looking at this again?

  • Bushwickedly
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    They clearly have other priorities like reaping hay in mid air, broken yule tide festivals that remove arrows from quivers and getting microtransactions and drawing out player retention drop by drop to get people to justify said microtransactions as they rationalize "Well, $250 over a 3 month span is OK by me as I'm still playing...", not things like Ceolbert still dying, missing Big Flatfish, Big Mackerel, and Big Eels, or people unable to interact with the 3 Sisters, main quests you can't finish or start, etc..

  • Galileo_97
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    It stopped spawning for me too. And I didn't upgraded the rations pouch or the quiver even once! I just reached the magical limit (82 fabrics) and it's over.

  • TheSmio
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    @galileo_97 And do you have enough fabric to complete all the upgrades and finish the altar quest which demands 5 additional fabric? If you do, then you don't have an issue because that's how it is supposed to work. Unfortunately, for many people fabric stops spawning even BEFORE you hit the total limit you should have, which in my case means that I still need to finish upgrading my quiver and I also need to finish the altar quest, but I'm stuck at 0 fabric and I can never find it in chests even though I have been looting Hamtunscire and other high level areas a lot.

  • xL3giOnx
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    Ubisoft, any update on this? I saw a list of upcoming fixes in the next patch and this issue wasn't listed, which has me worried.

  • saile1004
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    @msiloveme2 have you heard anything about this being worked on? I need 3 fabric to finish my rations pouch and they've disappeared completely from the game.

  • DenhomChiken
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    @xl3gionx Same here. Won't be playing or spending on any Ubisoft products until this is fixed. Not going to play the game for 130 hours, have one thing left to do for platinum and not get it. This is a slap to consumer's faces and a disregard for our time. Remove the arbitrary 82 max and let level 6 settlements sell unlimited fabric. The game is over by then pretty much. If that is problematic since they may raise the caps in the expansions well too bad, wasn't our mistake. Have been waiting since the end of November for a fix that appears to not be coming anytime soon if at all. I get having to figure out other bugs and glitches for quests but this issue can easily be resolved.

  • ubixRaze
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    Yeah very strange how it’s not even mentioned in the known issues. Just ran into this issue and not too happy to see it’s been a problem well over a month now.

  • bickle
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    Very disappointed to not see this mentioned in the notes for the upcoming patch.

    If I this is proving too difficult to fix, how about exploring just removing the logic behind limiting the drops and limiting it's sale at the vendors. It isn’t like this would be a game breaking thing if it wasn’t a limited quantity item.

  • ubixRaze
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    I agree, looking through the notes from a previous patch, they already increased the limit before, they should just increase it a good amount again to avoid all this trouble.

  • endapdl
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    Anyone else have a problem where fabric stops spawning when you complete your gear. This means you can't do a mystery and complete the map.

  • SombreFoot800
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    I'm at level 400 but I'm still 11 fabrics short for full Rations upgrade, I have looted every chest in England and found no more fabric.

  • AlexSinnerman7
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    Issue still present at this point, no fabric from looting or available at traders. Please fix this quickly, I haven’t seen it on the known issues like the pig of prophecy mystery, how is it possible after hundreds of messages from impacted users?

  • JankyCaboose
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    Had the quiver bug issue, and now fabric is also not available to be bought at the trader in my Level 6 Settlement. I thought a previous patch made this possible?

  • DenhomChiken
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    Whelp the fix for this isn't in the next patch. Glad to see some quests will be fixed for those who had issues with them, but really frustrating this isn't fixed yet. Just let a level 6 settlement sell unlimited fabric for 500 currency each or something. I mean I need Dobby's Altar for the platinum, have 4 fabric, and still need to level my max quiver slots three more times. Can't do any of that with 4 fabric. How can that happen to a character that is at least 30+ into mastery points and has beaten the main story 50 hours ago and is now at 130 hours total? Many have put 100+ hours into the game and this is the last issue they are having.

  • Maxybon33
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    @ubi-raziel Thank you for your note. In case I could send you a short video with the issue, if this could help you. Honestly, I do not want to throw away ~50 hours of game due to this glitch.

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    Also sad to see this issue has still not been fixed in latest patch.

    I still only have 1 fabric, cannot obtain more, only have half my quiver full due to the Yuletide glitch (was hoping the end of the festival would reverse that...but no luck), and have a level 6 settlement with no option to purchase it and no chest I loot has fabric anymore (just tried three more this morning after the patch).

    Yet Dobbys Altar is all I need to get platinum.

    Beyond frustrated at this point. So sad...I was so happy with this game prior to this issue... but this is enough to put me off of ubisoft.

    I decided against Fenyx literally because of this issue and how long it has gone unaddressed.

    I was actually apprehensive when I learned you are now making a Star Wars game. At this stage I am planning to just not even risk the disappointment or a game breaking bug that would ruin my experience like it has here.

    3 patches since this bug has been made known....and yet it remains....

    Sorry, I just spent so much time on this game, and everytime I think about this game my OCD goes into overdrive because of this damn bug....

  • Sparky702
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    • PS4
    • fully upgraded rations pouch
    • Carrying 2 Fabric
    • Cannot complete the Altar nor the final upgrade to the quiver.
    • Fully upgraded rations after update 1.1.0

    I've reached the max level of 400 and have completed everything aside from the altar; the smaller chests that I loot currently contain either supplies or more iron and leather; haven't had any drop fabric for a while.

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