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  • ItsHuzu
    3 posts

    @ubi-baron on the topic of not finding fabric in chests, I haven't been able to get any at all after upgrading both the quiver and ration pouch to max level. Intended? because its stopping me from completing an offering Mystery in Eurvicscire that requires 5x Fabric

  • csahendriks
    19 posts

    There's a bug with fabric no longer dropping after you upgrade rations/arrows far enough. I had max rations, but was 1 upgrade short of max arrows. The final arrow upgrade needs 12 fabric, and I have had exactly that amount for a while. I started noticing that I wasn't getting any more fabric even though I was clearing higher-level areas (Jorvik and the region around it, and basically other regions where upgrade materials were silver-tier/nickel or gold-tier/tungsten). I then cleared an altar that required 5 fabric, so now I only have 7 fabric left. Well, turns out I'm *still* not getting any more fabric, so now I can't do the final arrow upgrade anymore. Definitely a bug/glitch going on here.

  • TaYeuleCaliss1
    10 posts

    Ever since maxing out my quiver and ration upgrades, it seems that I can’t get anymore fabrics from chests. Dobby’s Altar need 5.

    So I’d like to know if there’s a possible way to get more fabrics after maxing out quiver and ration upgrade (going back to a save before maxing it out isn’t an option since I’ve played 60+ hours since then)

  • ChikinSensei_FR
    1 posts

    Once your quiver and rations are max level, it seems like fabrics stop dropping from chests. Which is an issue since you need 5 more fabrics for the donation in Eurvicscire (Dobby's Altar).

  • GhostAgent14
    100 posts

    I am also having a tough time finding fabric. I'm currently power level 103 and have done all the raids within my power level. So far I have only managed to upgrade my health and quiver three levels. I'm looting everything in sight. Has anyone found any secret fabric locations?

  • naero2
    11 posts

    @ghostagent14 its random drop from chests/ boxes. Gets more common in higher level areas.

  • KJCamp910
    1 posts

    Please allow for the purchase of Fabric in shops. It’s not fun opening every chest just to hopefully get some fabric. We can buy Titanium so it seems logical to be able to buy fabric too.

  • SinfulDanTheMan
    59 posts

    @kjcamp910 CONCUR

  • Matush_SVK
    10 posts

    Is this going to be fixed anytime soon?

  • csahendriks
    19 posts

    Unlikely, as this issue hasn't been acknowledged by any Ubi rep nor included in the forum bug megathread. Note to self: never pre-order any Ubi game from now on.

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1541 posts

    Hello Vikings,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I reported it to the development team for further review. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.

    Official Response
  • FuseEuw
    3 posts

    Hey, after i nearly completed upgrading my quiver and my rations, i finally only need 12 more fabric for the last upgrade.
    After i got 10 out of 12 from lootchests, i dont get any more fabric. I opened nearly 50 lootchest all around the world and dont get the last 2 remaining fabric for my last quiver upgrade.

  • Noah_Kendrew
    2 posts

    One of the gift altars, the one near Jorvik i think requires you to use linen as a gift; once you've fully upgraded your quiver and rations you no longer receive it from chests. Meaning that its impossible to finish this shrine if it's sound after those upgrades.

  • Yuri-22
    22 posts

    same here, after i did the vinland mission and got all my items out, now i can`t find any fabric in chests and i got 0.

  • FuseEuw
    3 posts

    I need 2 more fabric for fully upgrading my quiver and rations, but i dont drop it anymore and i opened nearly 50 more chests

  • TaYeuleCaliss1
    10 posts

    Hi, did you complete Dobby’s Altar location in Eurvicscire that needed 5 fabrics by any chance. I’ve got a similar issue my gear is maxed out but it seems like I can’t get more fabrics for the completion of the altar. I think there’s a limited amount of fabrics that you can get and it doesn’t include the one needed for the altar.

  • Sol3UK
    10 posts

    @fuseeuw They are out there, I've got both quiver and rations fully upraded

  • FuseEuw
    3 posts
    How many Lootchests u opened for the fabrics?

  • Sol3UK
    10 posts

    @fuseeuw Not a clue, but there are quite a few left for me to open

  • Luckybuddy420
    1 posts

    I had fully upgraded my quiver and rations pouch after doing so I had stopped opening smaller chests until I saw the offering stone that needs 5 fabric so I started looting smaller chests again after a couple hours of frustration I realized other then the iron and leather I'm only getting supplies which I no longer need because my settlement is fully upgraded and runes. I have beaten the game and only need to do a couple more things. Im playing it on ps5 but it's the ps4 version

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