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  • olliefinn10
    4 posts

    Beyond a joke now - been waiting since the 20th of Jan for this patch myself and for others it dates back to November.

    I don’t even play the game anymore, I come back to see if it’s updated. But nothing!

    When will this be solved?

  • snoddas1099
    10 posts


    Same here been waiting end of November... Starting over isn't an option

  • gymtan
    6 posts

    @gymtan UPDATE: Still broken almost 3 months later, I wish I was surprised but i'm not, there is no way you have actually dedicated manpower to solving this issue, stop releasing "sorry we are working on it posts" and actually work on it.

  • Marodir
    45 posts

    @gymtan Supposedly they already have a solution worked out (presumably testing to make sure it works?), but just haven't released it yet... This ought to be hot-fixed as soon as they have something working, or just reset the mission for everyone not finished with it by now, rather than waiting to release lots of fixed to various problems....

  • Remy.K
    13 posts

    @gymtan Agreed. Here you see the actual service of Ubisoft; as long as you've bought their product, they don't care anymore. It's just mind blowing how bad this is handled. For THREE MONTHS, players have not been able to progress any further. And all we get is absolutely useless posts "we're sorry, working on it!". No, you're not. If it took my team three months to fix a game breaking bug, we'd be fired.

  • Zuganug
    12 posts

    @marodir Agree 100%. No excuse for not providing a workaround for a game-finishing blocking bug, and everytime I see another response saying 'thanks for the input, no timeframe for a release' I get angrier. Yet another weekend has gone by I finish the stupid game. At this point, the enjoyment I did get out of it has become far outweighed by my frustration with this. I skipped the last AC game and this one might be my last if it's any indication of the quality going into this series.

    @lordtachungusyt Yep, same here

    @ubi-woofer Almost another week has gone by and not even a hint of a release date for a workaround. Obviously, I won't be buying any DLC, and at this point, have filed a review on Amazon and do not plan on purchasing further AC games unless something drastic changes. I understand games have bugs, but it's the horrible response and customer service on fixing them that I can't abide. I hope these threads make it to the Ubisoft development and marketing teams, and that the company understands not only how upset they make customers, but how much follow on revenue you are losing by treating us this way.

  • Zuganug
    12 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Zuganug
    12 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • marut132000
    1 posts

    Same here on PS5, as I remembered I have save the game before or after knock the door not sure. then close the game and reopen some days later this bug happened. hope that would help you guys to reproduce the issue and fix this bug in upcoming patch.


  • Marodir
    45 posts

    Just realized some people might find this thread and haven't finished everything in Norway, but don't know how to get there to finish things there while waiting for a fix for this:
    You can't access the 'Atlas' in England to go to Norway or Vinland, but if you sail to Vinland from the dooks at 'home', 'Fast Travel' works in Vinland and you can also access the Atlas to fast travel to Norway. Fast travel also works there, just not in England.
    Just thought I'd put it out there, in case someone hadn't found this work-around for going to Norway to finish things up there.😅😊

  • DatCBandicoot
    1 posts

    3 months and still nothing.
    I was actually able to shoot a video and edit about how broke it is was trying to raise awareness of this awful situation.

    Xbox said no to my refund request. Don’t blame them I’ve done over 100 hours and 40 of that is side stuff at this point coz I can’t do anything else.

  • eltnameerf
    5 posts

    @Ubi-Woofer any news on a fix yet? Would be nice to complete Valhalla before the next AC game is released 😉

  • Marodir
    45 posts

    @ubi-borealis Any update on when all the fixed issues on the list will be rolled out as either hotfixes or anotherajor update? It's not a lot of fun to keep playing when this is the only thing left, preventing us from finding and killing the last Order member, completing the storyline, etc...


    Apparently there'll officially be a title update with the new content. Hopefully they release both at the same time, or the title update early, so we can finish before the new content arrives. Was announced yesterday, this screenshot is from the comments of that twitter post.

  • sillyphilly92
    1 posts

    I cannot continue the storyline past the druids cottage. I've had this issue for 2 weeks and ubisoft had done literally nothing except send me an automatically generated message. I've also killed hundreds of cute dogs and gotten zero dog teeth, they make terrible sounds when they die.

  • Marodir
    45 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Marodir
    45 posts

    Finally getting a fix for this! Should be fixed in the update rolling out tomorrow! Check the updates page for details!

  • SounderSpace710
    14 posts
    • @marodir I pray this is a real fix. I understand bugs happen, but 4 months for the solution to be a load save to bypass the mission....

    • "Players loading a save created after knocking in Clues and Riddles, will now be able to complete the objective." 

  • Marodir
    45 posts

    @sounderspace710 Yeah, me too... I've been waiting for this since December myself, and it suuuucks that it has taken so long...😥 But it seems that it'll be fixed now. My guess? It was a problem with the save file that saved the 'knocking' as completing the whole thing to get the door open, so when we loaded in afterwards, we couldn't get inside to talk to him, but the game thought we had gotten the door open. Should be a 'restart and we'll edit your save file' kind of fix, hopefully it works for everyone.

  • rand0mnis1
    7 posts

    will the update fix not being able to interact with the door itself?

  • MFCristian92
    9 posts

    @marodir still nothing official...

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