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    @zioborchia Just read the new update notes for tomorrow and doesn’t even mention this quest on the list. Absolute shambles

  • oukf
    5 posts

    waiting for 1.1.1 for a month more?)

  • SupremeCymbrani
    12 posts

    No mention of a fix in the latest update ??

    I would prefer to complete the game over a festival

    getting annoying now

  • crumblina
    2 posts

    After speaking to the druid once and then putting on my cloak i no longer have the option of speaking to him again and to continue the mission.

  • Daveth11
    1 posts

    Update: Tried the quest on PC post Yule feast update. He dances like a moron still, won’t speak to me and that prevents any progress through Hamtunscire and the end game as well. Really Ubisoft? I’m power 400 mastery 70 and absolutely gutted the map for every light you’ve given us. I think in future I will wait until your games are on sale for £15 than preorder for £99. Especially when it has been addressed on this forum and we were informed of a fix, let’s hope it comes with Wrath of the Druids DLC at least. Merry Christmas, time off will be spent playing Cyberpunk, not Valhalla, unfortunately.

  • snoddas1099
    10 posts

    Yes, bug is still there. Still can't talk to the guy after setting fire on the five objects....

  • SoulmasterxX
    37 posts

    It remains buggy without being able to complete the mission even with patch 1.1.0.

    Ubisoft son of a ......

  • SoulmasterxX
    37 posts


    you promised us a solution in this update, there was no solution, you liar

  • Frizeru1994
    14 posts

    I want my money back. How can i get a refound? This is not normal, this is a froud. This is not respect for the fans! Liars!

  • gymtan
    6 posts

    @gymtan UPDATE: 1.1.0 this is STILL BROKEN what a complete joke

  • Frizeru1994
    14 posts

    C'mon ubisoft, we need answers, where is the support?

  • Yorkt90
    7 posts

    [censored] ubisoft!?!?!? Yall are making empty promises. Yall "say" you'll "fix" this issue but never did and never will. Its been over a month (for me at least) and yall didn't do anything but "fix" issues that, I'm pretty sure, nobody really has a problem with. Yall really sound like politicians. "Yeah we'll fix it". "We'll make sure that our customers are happy with a game that works" but turn around and do the complete opposite.

  • TylerEmma2015
    76 posts


    have they still not fixed this mission🙄 tbh I just loaded up game nothing seems to changed apart from we still can’t do it

  • Sibu78
    1 posts

    I have the same problem too. cant go on. even the 1.1.0 patch didnt fix it

  • guest-0u3ALuuF
    3 posts

    @soulmasterxx Am stuck here too been waiting for a very long time...went across finished all other pledges all zealots killed...but still stuck here what a joke

  • SoulmasterxX
    37 posts

    I want it too, but unfortunately I already have 100 hours of gameplay at microsoft no longer refunds the money.

    sorry too much for buying this game

  • gypiros
    3 posts

    The patch did not resolve the issue. This is redicolous I’m 125 hours in and cannot finish the story line. I have been patiently waiting and giving you a chance to make things right. I demand a refund now

    6 posts

    Clues and riddles still bugged. Quick to through out new stuff but can take the time to fix in game bugs.

  • Protogen934
    1 posts

    I tried this mission this morning after hearing about the patch and it is still bugged. Please get this fixed so we can continue finishing the story and game.

  • ynazarkin
    9 posts

    Clues and Riddles quest bug is not solved by recent update, still can’t interact with Druid‘s door...

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