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  • Wesker_HCF
    11 posts

    @Developer team:
    Solutions are:
    1 Make the dead npc immortal.
    2 Pass/Skip the dialogue to another npc or completely skip it and start the fight already letting the previous dialogue trigger the big fight not this one.
    3 reintroduce the replay/restart mission button where you use it to replay a mission in case its broken to fix any trouble occurred due to a damn wolf eating a key npc or a fall through the ground in a particular point of the map... Lol.

    So many easy ways to fix this. I'm sure you guys will fix it asap. I'm SURE of it.
    In the meantime I can tell you that fallout 4 runs sooo well on Xbox series X 😍. (since I can't play my damn Valhalla...).

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1911 posts
    Best Answer

    Hey all!

    I apologies for the delayed update. This issue has been marked as resolved following the deployment of TU 1.1.0. If Ljufvina is still unavailable for you to proceed with Honor's Hubris, please could you update this thread that shows a video of this happening in-game? We can then pass this onto the development team for further investigation. Thanks! 😊

    @RainbeauRanger - Does this issue still persist for you, or have you been able to progress through Honor's Hubris now?

    Official Response
  • jahmadia
    6 posts

    @Ubi-Woofer what's the update, whats going on? We shouldn't have to wait this long for this. Waiting to play an unfinished game shouldn't be part of the experience. Tell the developers or whoever that we expect the season pass for free and nothing less because of what they're making us go through.

  • TheVidicus
    33 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • DaveEllie
    2 posts

    I can't go on with the story, I have to finish the last alliance on the map = Eurviscire, the current mission is "Honor's Hubris" I have to reach the Stengwege camp and then later talk to Ljufvina, but she is lying on the ground dead and she doesn't keep me going, in previous missions I talked to her husband and she was standing there, after the discussion she fell dead. I don't know what to do, do I have to finish all the alliances to continue?

  • Tsarchasm5
    9 posts
    @tsarchasm5 This should be TOP priority for fixing.

    Couldn’t agree more mate

  • markdorsch
    19 posts

    Yea a reply would be appreciated give us a rough eta... is it possible to do a mini patch to quickly fix this and a few other easy issues?

  • CrimsicComet
    40 posts

    Got another response on my ticket of Ubisoft basically saying we can't really do anything but wait till the developers fix it.

  • Cmo250
    5 posts

    I have also had the exact same problem and am also unable to get to the "official" forum to even send the video they have asked for. I am very disappointed by this gaming experience as I have also logged about 85 hours into the game already and can't imagine restarting it. In Canada this game costs $79.99 and you can't even finish it?

  • Guilty1
    4 posts

    Still broken

  • Luxorianin
    21 posts

    We need hot fix allowing to complete the game
    Ubisoft: *puts new cosmetics items to Helix Shop*

  • Gaetano_Leone
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • CrimsicComet
    40 posts

    They also just told me they can't give a time table with another bot answer instead of an actual person.

  • DevilsDeadpool
    1 posts

    Eorwic : Iam know in the quest Arc to Find the Traitor for Halfdan the problem is when i go to Fight against the Pikten i cant talk to Ludvina because she ist Dead.

  • Dal-Ren
    1 posts

    Just leaving a reply so I can start playing again when we get an update on it. =/

  • Sadilge420
    2 posts

    @stroker155 I uninstalled and reinstalled Valhalla. I'm still having the same problem. Ubisoft me to fix this immediately. I have 106 hours of gameplay and I'm not starting over.

  • Sadilge420
    2 posts

    @reviukas you guys are lucky I can't get back that far I have a 106 hours of gameplay and I lost my save from that time.. Any news on Ubisoft releasing a patch for this?

  • markdorsch
    19 posts

    No, the official news is their ignoring us completely now. They already took our money.

  • RainbeauRanger
    24 posts

    They’ve stopped replying on here and if you mention it to them on their social media they immediately stop replying. It’s [censored]

  • timsharpe84
    1 posts

    The woman im supposed to talk to is dead when I get there so I cant complete the mission.
    This is the last one on the map I literally can do anything else when will u fix this problem?

  • Aks_l0n3w0lf
    7 posts

    Hey ubisoft here is a idea, make some key missions with known bugs or glitches replayable, which will negate the glitch/bug and you wouldnt have to make changes to NPCs, i mean you can make a death screen revert to last save....

    just a thought, and probably quicker to do then mod a character....

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