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  • ThePantryMaster
    8 posts

    Just encountered this bug, what a bummer. Feel bad for all of you guys who have been waiting weeks.

    I also have another issue where I can't call a feast, the screen goes black and loads for ages, then all the NPC's are in a big group outside of the hall and the game locks up

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3571 posts
    Best Answer

    Hey all!

    I apologies for the delayed update. This issue has been marked as resolved following the deployment of TU 1.1.0. If Ljufvina is still unavailable for you to proceed with Honor's Hubris, please could you update this thread that shows a video of this happening in-game? We can then pass this onto the development team for further investigation. Thanks! 😊

    @RainbeauRanger - Does this issue still persist for you, or have you been able to progress through Honor's Hubris now?

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1009 posts

    @Aks_l0n3w0lf I believe the link you provided was just to your channel and was in a standalone comment, so it was flagged for spam / self promotion. If you have a specific link to a clip on your channel, I'd be happy to take a look 🙂

    @ThePantryMaster There's a thread concerning issues with holding a feast here - see if it is relevant to you and post there if so. If not, create your own thread and we'll reply to it as soon as we're able. Thanks 🙂

    Official Response
  • markdorsch
    19 posts

    So you have it fixed but won't release the fix till you have more store content to add with it or what? Why not put out a 1.041 version with the fix if its already done?

  • Aks_l0n3w0lf
    7 posts

    @ubi-woofer video link of me traveling the world with Ljufvina in my boat at the edge of the world 1:18:00


  • KONG0205
    1 posts

    I also cannot proceed because of the same bug on PS4

  • XSniper2000X
    6 posts

    @markdorsch I just watch a video from JorRaptor (idk if you've heard of him or not) but he talked about the new patch and he mention honors hubris getting fix but he said the patch is coming out next week... idk if its true but I sure hope so

  • BLguard22
    2 posts

    Same. When is it going to be fixed.

  • Je2zaa
    1 posts

    In the mission honor's Hubris once i reach the war camp the quest does not progress as the female NPC is laying on the ground dead, she is also dead in an earlier mission when i have a brawl with hyorr at the inn, but for the cutscene she comes back to life, but then drops again afterwards, i cannot progress further.


  • TheVidicus
    33 posts

    @xsniper2000x Know what else is coming out next week? Cyberpunk. And Valhalla was just something to keep me occupied until then. So if the patch comes out midweek, I may never finish Valhalla. Maybe later once I am bored of Cyberpunk, and Fenyx Rising, and Far Cry 6, Vampire The Masquerade 2, STALKER 2.... to name a few. But by that time I will not remember the story and have to start over any ways.

  • Tsarchasm5
    9 posts

    I’m on play through 2 (one male one female). Both play throughs a have bugged in Honor’s Hubris. She calls Eivor over upon entering the camp outside Magnis Castle then drops dead when she sees Eivor.

  • mckniggle
    1 posts

    I started the Eurvicscrie story ark and got as far as the Honor Hubris mission. Once I get to the camp just before the magnis fortress the interaction that is suppose to happen cant because the character is already dead on the ground. I have tried everything to fix but no luck. I have completed the other story arks but can't continue as this is my last one to complete.

    What can I do to try and fix this?

  • LeRam_81
    18 posts

    I don't really care about a refund at this point but I believe we deserve the season pass for free. We waited patiently for the Nov 10th release and now begin forced to wait again for who knows how long to play the second half of the game is inexcusable. Please pass this along to whoever has the authority to take care of this.

  • CrimsicComet
    41 posts

    @xsniper2000x how would he know he doesn't work for ubisoft

  • Britinbxl85
    5 posts

    @aks_l0n3w0lf Weekend at Lfufvina’s...

  • RainbeauRanger
    24 posts

    @ubi-woofer never again will I mention shirts made for animals...

  • A13thStorm
    2 posts

    Neither i can do.
    At least I've set her on fire, to take a relief.
    I think I would like my money back. I put in about 160 hours playing. Every two hours or so, just error pop out, and need to load the game. This is extremely nice for AAA game company. Plus on the very beginning of the game had an issue, and had to start all over again. I am tiered of this trash. Money back, or as someone mentioned, free season pass.
    Cheers beautiful people

  • Cavethug21
    9 posts

    This is a continued problem with Ubisoft. Constantly putting out games with horrible flaws and game breaking bugs. This is the last ubisoft game I buy. I'm sick of giving my money to companies that care so much about their customers that they screw them over and over again.

    There are ways to prevent games from being released with game breaking bugs, things that ubisoft, and most large developers DO NOT DO, such as testing. closed, internal testing DOES NOT WEED OUT THE PROBLEMS, this is abundantly clear.

    I'm beyond [censored] off and tired of this garbage.

    Name one... ONE industry where this kind of behavior is acceptable? You can't. I'm a Chef, the equivalent of this would be sending out raw, inedible food. You could eat all the sides, but the main course would be untouchable. Raw chicken parm, the breading looks nice, everything looks delicious, but the minute you cut into it, it's raw, and completely ruined. Or a car maker that builds a car, ships it with a full tank of gas, everything works fine until you go to fill the tank up again and find that there's no where to put more gas in. The only industry where it's completely acceptable to put out a broken product, that's loaded with bugs, is the video game industry. This is the prime example of that.

  • TheVidicus
    33 posts

    @cavethug21 I agree that the gaming industry gets away with things no other industry would. Consumer laws are not applied to digital media as they should be. One day there will be a massive class action lawsuit that will cripple a gaming developer, and until that day comes, these developers will continue to take advantage of the gray legal areas of their industry. This is why I like to support companies that partake in good consumer practices.... companies like CD Project Red or Grinding Gear Games. Minimal or no micro transactions in the case of a purchased game, free DLC, fully working products, and clear communication with their consumers. On the flip side, this the first Ubisoft game I have not been able to finish, and I own tons of games from them.

  • Dolemite555
    1 posts

    I work for a software company, so I understand how hard development can be, and I also understand that software can contain bugs even after going through a proper QA cycle.

    That being said, since starting this game, 2 weeks after release I have run into some bugs which tell me that there was NOT a proper QA cycle performed.

    My adventure with bugs

    1. Keys I acquired to open chests do not go away after opening them. Unfortunately this prevents me from obtaining new keys to new chests and doors.
    2. The long house in Buckingham is inaccessible since my NPCs will not help me break the door down. I had to wonder across the map to find a poet who followed me back to Buckingham to knock the door down. Thanks to the person who found this.
    3. Frequent crashes (not my hardware)
    4. This bug with dead Lfufvina.
    5. Mission with the fulke paladin. She got stuck in a trading card and could not walk to the cliff. I completed various other missions and still found her in the cart. Eventually after killing a member of an order she magically popped out of the cart.

    In some cases you can reload prior saves, but that did not solve 2 and 4. 2 seems to be a glitch, but fortunately there is a workaround requiring you to find a poet and walk with her all the way back to Buckingham to knock the door down for you. She provides the NPC needed for that. 4 Lfufvina, we need a fix for pretty bad. I get that even a fix or patch must go through QA. However, since the game obviously went through a lax QA cycle, cannot we not move this patch through the same cycle?

    Another option would be the memory address of this NCP? There has to be some address somewhere that controls if this NPC is alive or dead. In some cases it is that simple. If we had the address information and value of dead or alive, then we could use a memory editor and change the value to get past this point. We would not need a fix or patch.

    We be beta testers.

  • Centdebile
    9 posts

    I have same problem last night cannot finish honor hubris quest because she lying dead (ljufvina) mean as today it is not fixed yet

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