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    @thevidicus I completely agree. I'm 156 hours into gameplay (lots of side content done) and am now at a standstill. There are other games. Letting a game breaking bug stand so long and no confirmed date of fix...waiting and waiting...it is practically begging us to leave and play other games.

    Hard to encourage us to buy their Helix stuff or get excited about future DLC if we were forced to leave the game unresolved and dissatisfied. I'm beginning to regret buying the Ultimate edition and investing so much of my time. It is not enough to say they now know of it and have a fix...then leave us hanging without a time frame. If they can't get a fix in after weeks of issue and prior to another major title launch without so much as a time frame to put people at ease, people may leave and not look back when something else presents itself.

  • Ubi-Borealis
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    Hey all!

    I apologies for the delayed update. This issue has been marked as resolved following the deployment of TU 1.1.0. If Ljufvina is still unavailable for you to proceed with Honor's Hubris, please could you update this thread that shows a video of this happening in-game? We can then pass this onto the development team for further investigation. Thanks! 😊

    @RainbeauRanger - Does this issue still persist for you, or have you been able to progress through Honor's Hubris now?

    Official Response
  • MattFizak
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    Been stuck with the same bug for a few days now, done everything else I can/want to do in the game while waiting for a fix.

    Unfortunately the game is riddled with bugs, most of which I can understand - no reasonable amount of play testing can find every spot where you're able to clip and get stuck inside a rock in such a large open world game for example. But main story quests and even side quests should be tested and working properly before release.

    It's clear Ubisoft released the game before it was ready to coincide with new console launches rather than thoroughly play testing the game from start to finish. Too many people experiencing the same bugs to be able to claim their testers didn't experience any issues, unless there were only a few and were all extremely lucky.

    In regards to people asking for compensation, good luck. I personally am not interested in playing any DLC after reading about all the issues here, Helix credits are useless and I've not played any other Ubisoft game (apart from AC) since For Honor wouldn't allow me to connect and don't intend to play any others now. I just want to finish the game I paid for and move on

    @Ubi-Woofer communication on this issue (and many others) isn't good enough. Asking us for save files/screenshots/videos isn't acceptable. We paid for the game, we are not beta testers. I know you're not responsible for fixing the problem, but keep us updated.
    Have the Devs found the issue? Are they able to fix it? Exactly when will it be fixed? Why has it taken so long? Why was the game released with so many game breaking bugs?

    Openness and honesty is what I want from Ubisoft

  • Deminolog
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    @sirbaard I've got the same problem 😞

  • TheVidicus
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    At this point I do not want free DLC, I do not want a season pass. I just want it fixed in a timely fashion (which has passed at this point), or a refund for a defective product. I do not think a refund is too much to ask for. They should offer a refund, it is the right thing to do. I can not beat the game due to their incompetence, and I have no interest in the game anymore. It has been too long now.

  • CrimsicComet
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    I don't see this getting fixes before cyberpunk release but who knows. I just hope the dlc stuff won't have any bugs

  • Cavethug21
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    @aks_l0n3w0lf So when you go to a restaurant and order food, and you don't get what you ordered, you don't say anything? When you buy a new car and it shows up painted the wrong color, you don't say anything? I'm sorry but this "it's just a bug, why are you complaining" is such a pathetic cop out. It's nothing but another fan boy jumping to defend a company that they somehow think they should be loyal to.

    I bought the most expensive digital edition I could, and I was rewarded for it, but getting a game with a game breaking bug, which hasn't been fixed in weeks. Not days, WEEKS now. Which means I haven't been able to play in WEEKS. There's no timeframe for the fix, there's no compensation offered, NOTHING. The only thing that's stopping me from demanding a refund from Sony is that it's just too much of a hassle. It's a lot easier to simply not buy anymore games from Ubisoft.

    As customers we need to stop accepting this. Remember back in the day when there was no such thing as patching bugs? Games had to come out that didn't have game breaking issues, they had to fix them before the game was released. They somehow managed to make it happen back then, what's changed between then and now? They've discovered that they can screw over the customers by shipping out a game that has numerous bugs, and just patch it as they go.

  • Cavethug21
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    The one good thing about this is that Cyberpunk comes out on the 10th, so I'll have a game I can actually play, since I doubt I'll be able to play this game anytime soon. It seems like they're so determined to fix this that they haven't done anything about it for weeks.

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    I too am having this issue and have 80 hours played, Ubisoft please fix this soon.

  • Centdebile
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    This post is deleted!
  • illMac99
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    Currently staring at a broken game because the quest giver is lying dead on the ground. Why can't I just get my money back?

  • eLKeyeMe
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  • Awesomer99
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    @ubi-woofer You know what game comes out next week. A hotfix to this game so people can beat it is probably in your best interest. This feels like AC: Liberation all over again. Your patch team needs to fight back against leadership and marketing on this one. Your game is still in the holiday purchase cycle. Don't know if I can recommend a game to people if there is a bug that prevents you from even beating the game.

    TLDR: Hotfix this game breaking bug ASAP. Don't wait to clump it in with skins and shop gear.

  • mollyie86
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    Morning, I have come to the same issue. Hopefully a patch be out soon 🙂

  • TheVidicus
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    Welcome to week FOUR of no patch for this broken, unbeatable game that we all paid full price for. Welcome to Ubisoft where no update it given except to wait for the fix. I am disgusted with Ubisoft at this point. Ubisoft Moderators, coder, developer, or customer service rep....Check my ticket and approve my refund request so I can move on from this failure of a product. I do not want your products anymore. I can not play them, so give me my money back.

  • ptitdavid78
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    Honor's Hubris game breaking issue...

    LUJFINA is dead on the ground and since she is the one that triggers the assault, I can't go any further! Unbelievable that it's not fixed as loads of reports all over the place!

  • SixDeadZero
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    Another user here reporting same issue.

    Lufvina is dead. Cannot progress with game. Yet somehow I have to consider myself lucky because other people here have been waiting FOUR weeks on the same issue!!!

    This is a priority, game breaking bug. Thanks to @ubi-woofer for being in contact with this thread and it’s not your fault, but... FOUR WEEKS. This is poor service even for Ubisoft.

    I would like a notification when this is fixed so that I can continue to play this game. Because right now, literally nobody can progress past this point. GET IT DONE!!!!

  • CrimsicComet
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    @cavethug21 its gonna suck if cyberpunk has a bunch of bugs

  • ThePantryMaster
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    Any news? Clock is ticking...

  • Stryker0311
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    Is Ubisoft planning on fixing the bug in the quest line? This is rather frustrating after spending 40 hours of tooling around just for a glitch to screw me out of finishing.

  • TheVidicus
    33 posts

    @crimsiccomet CDproject Red has a much better reputation than Ubisoft.

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