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    Hello Je2zaa, mollyie86 and bryanvinyl! I appreciate you all adding to this thread about not being able to progress in "Honor's Hubris" and apologize for the annoyance caused by this bug. I can confirm that this issue is currently being investigated by our dedicated teams and that we are hoping to implement a fix in a future update. However, I'm afraid that's all the information we have at the moment. I sincerely appreciate your continued patience and understanding while we continue to work on getting this resolved for everyone in the meantime.

  • Q.50k
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    @stryker0311 same thing here from 2/12 and I did a post about it and no answer, we just need to know how long it will take.

  • DuBsZ0ne
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    The bug is appaear because Ljufvina die (it happened in front of me, I thought it was a bug, I began to see a lot of them, I didn't react and I continued the mission.) before the mission "Honor's Hubris" where you are at Jorvik. here it's a video that I took on PS5:

    I try on my PC but the problem is link to the save so I'm stuck and I can't finish the game.

  • DuBsZ0ne
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    This post is deleted!
  • Diocsid
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    I met the same problem described, 90 hours of gameplay without the ability to complete the main quest line, I am very angry
    early saves, where the character is not alive
    there is no desire to go through first and be afraid that someone will die either

  • Biggeldy
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    Even if they release the patch tomorrow there's no way I'd be able to finish the game before Thursday.
    Big F's all round.

  • chikicho333
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    I ran into this problem a few days ago.

    And I am amazed that this is a problem that has been
    reported since three weeks ago.

    There is a saying that Ubi's game should not be bought immediately
    after release...

    So, I bought it two weeks after launch... but it;s useless..
    Did I have to wait half a year?

  • Cmo250
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    @Ubi-Woofer who do we go to for refunds? This is unacceptable at this point. I want to speak to someone about this and have not been replied to under and avenue I have tried. Please respond.

  • RabidNinjaPanda
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    This is a game breaking bug and it's annoying. I am not starting over after putting 120+hrs into this game NO WAY. It is unacceptable to release games with such game breaking issues. This must be fixed because none of the people who bought this can finish the game.

    @badwolfpdx 120hrs put into heaping pile and no way will I start over

  • RabidNinjaPanda
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    This post is deleted!
  • ptitdavid78
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    @bryanvinyl the thing is that I looked at the patch 1.05 notes and there is no mention of this particular quest issue being addressed in this patch. I am on about 120 hours and if I had known, I would have chosen to pledge to a different area pending this being fixed. At least I would have been able to progress a little. No response from Ubisoft either, which is even more frustrating.

  • sandythehippy
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    @ptitdavid78 where did you find patch notes for 1.05?

  • DerPropapanda
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    @stryker0311 Same here. 100 hours in and I can't complete the quest because apparently that B***** died back in Suthsexe where I didn't revive her in time or something. Now she spawns everywhere dead. I don't get how it can be so difficult to just make her not able to die. Just tell us when we can keep on playing Ubi!

  • Freddy_Ka
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    This game breaking bug has been reported for weeks now and is still not hotfixed.
    Give us access to the console or something so we can revive her ourselves.

  • Figurellllo
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    1 month since I can't play the game because of this bug. Congrats Ubisoft, the worst of all!

  • kazak1191
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    are you really kidding people? is it really that hard to fix this bug?

    Ljufwina is dead due to which there is no cut-scene with her. Further passage of the game is not possible.
  • HydraDeath88
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    @wesker_hcf so much potential and an otherwise beautiful looking game, but this will be a final straw for most people, unfortunately I'll probably be in the same boat. They obviously don't care about future profits.

  • Figurellllo
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    @mollyie86 I'm waiting this patch for a loooong time. Better you find another thing to play, cause Ubisoft does not care about usplayers...

  • ThePantryMaster
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    I'm paying for Ubisoft+, could I at least get a free month? As I've not been able to finish this game during my subscription period.

  • Petteflet88
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    @figurellllo nope. They care about our money though.

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