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  • PolpettadiTofu
    3 posts

    Same problem here! anyone got news?

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3571 posts
    Best Answer

    Hey all!

    I apologies for the delayed update. This issue has been marked as resolved following the deployment of TU 1.1.0. If Ljufvina is still unavailable for you to proceed with Honor's Hubris, please could you update this thread that shows a video of this happening in-game? We can then pass this onto the development team for further investigation. Thanks! 😊

    @RainbeauRanger - Does this issue still persist for you, or have you been able to progress through Honor's Hubris now?

    Official Response
  • Zlysher
    1 posts

    While doing the quest Honor's Hubris I have to talk with Ljufvina to start a seige.
    Yet when I arrived at her location the is lying dead on the ground and unable to interact with.
    This has possible something to do with the seige to save Sigurd where she might have died somehow. I am on 85% progression and can't continue now unless I start all over since the save of Sigurd seige is gone. I have seen more people have this problem. During a brawl just before this quest she spoke to me in a cutscene and also fell dead on the floor right after.
    As a note. Restart or reloading a save before starting this quest or reinstall the game does not work.

  • The_tordah
    4 posts

    @polpettaditofu there is no news. I have started new game sadly, there was no other way.

  • yhlee203
    6 posts

    same issue here please, i already played 60+ hour and its too late to restart the game. it makes me crazy dude

  • ExpressedZero68
    18 posts

    Before the fist fight with Hjorr against the drunk brawlers, Lujtvina's NPC is Dead, but alive in the cutscene and then dead again after, which follows into Honor's Hubris (where she's Also dead when you arrive) meaning, you're unable to continue with the Main Story of that chapter (The Magnis Fortress) as you cannot speak to Lujtvina to start it.undefinedundefinedundefined
    These are the attached images for reference, she's an essential NPC, so I'm not sure How or Why she's dead if she's alive in the previous cutscene.

  • zilxard
    1 posts

    pls fix this bug come you are rueing the whole game goddammit

  • PolpettadiTofu
    3 posts

    @the_tordah i have 126h of game played i have no courage to restart.
    i just want to finish it!

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    Hello everyone!

    I was able to find quite a few threads about this, so I have merged you all together.

    Our team is investigating this issue. Any information you are able to provide is very much appreciated.

    Any videos received are being forwarded to the team, to get a clearer idea of the reproduction steps.

    All the best!

    Official Response
  • ExpressedZero68
    18 posts

    Yeah, Same here, exactly the same, nothing I do works, Don't fancy going back 20+ hours to my last save. Fix the game please Ubisoft. "AAA my [censored]"

  • Tsarchasm5
    9 posts

    Upon entering the final staging area before storming Magnis Fortress (where Honor’s Hubris activates) Ljufvina is laying dead in front of a group of guards upon arrival. There is no objective and you cannot continue the story (objective should be speak to Ljufvina). She has not died in any previous storyline and Faravid is in the camp in front of a different group of guards.

  • jahmadia
    6 posts

    @tsarchasm5 I have the same bug and I’m so mad I can’t advance the game

  • Blueknight89
    4 posts


    hi , it is simple, this issue happen because we forget / not enough time to revive npc (Lujtvina) during quest/ battle. The npc (Lujtvina) die permanently if you did not revive . The npc should not be death because we need to talk withher to start the quest for this honor hubris . This issue happen because this npc death and never respawn.

  • TheRealBuju3000
    9 posts

    @ubi-raziel Yes it's fairly simple: The problem happens during the quest line "Arrive Unexpected" where you join Ljufvina and Stoke to retake a camp of enemy soldiers. If during this quest she is knocked down and you do not revive her by the time the event is complete, she will respawn anywhere in the future as a dead NPC(at least up to the point of Honor's Hubris). This is causing a complete game breaking bug. The ones of us who have dozens if not hundreds of hours are just waiting for this to be patched so we can complete the game. Honestly this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth about buying any AC games at launch in the future. I would rather just wait until I can catch the game on a sale and where these bugs can be found and worked out prior to me playing. Please expedite this fix.

  • jahmadia
    6 posts

    Ljufvina is found dead in front of her troops so I can't continue

  • XSniper2000X
    6 posts

    @ubi-mark I'm currently having the same issue and I'm at 122 hours with my save I've been taking my time and I don't want to lose the save due to restarting... Do you have any information about a patch and or do you know how long I will have to wait or do I have to restart I really want to finish the game I've been really enjoying it but I don't want to wait a long time for a patch. Any information would be appreciated

  • CWRespectit
    2 posts

    mission "honors hubris" Xbox, same issue here, cant progress any further... fix asap please

  • jayanth.kanna
    1 posts

    In Honor's Hubris mission Ljufvina is lying dead instead there's no cutscene or further information to continue the story line

  • HawkEurope
    4 posts

    I have the same issue. I don't know where she "died" - maybe even during my Suthsexe battle.

  • urdnax
    7 posts

    I have a game breaking bug, Lujtvina is dead on the ground and cannot talk to her to advance the quest. Please patch.

  • Fly-K
    1 posts

    I also encounter this bug on PC. There is no save file on Suthsexe to go back 😞

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