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    @camino808 Same here, skipping Fenyx due to this.

  • mahavira777
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    @figurellllo I felt the same when I posted on the 17th of November about this bug hoping for a quick fix because I enjoyed the story and setting. After all this time of waiting; I've dropped valhalla completely and have moved on to other games. I am probably not going to purchase another ubisoft game until a few months after release and on sale.

  • tankytequila
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    what is frustrating is the amount of people saying they want the season pass for free, sorry but some of us actually paid for that, you forget that minus the bugs this game is unreal, clearly you just want freebies, it is frustrating that this is an issue but maybe try playing a different game or literally anything else, i'm sure the developers are extremely busy and don't forget the current pandemic, there will probably be people unable to work due to vulnerabilities etc, have some patience. If you where that annoyed you would just go play other games and forget ubisoft, I understand the game cost a lot but it will be fixed at some point it's not the end of the world.

    on another note I do hope this is fixed soon so I can continue the game as it's awesome, until then i'll be replaying oddysey!

  • markdorsch
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    This post is deleted!
  • tankytequila
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    This post is deleted!
  • zorin340
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    I have the same issue , this game is really frustrating full of bugs and crash, but this is unacceptable, please Ubisoft try to resolve this problem quickly, it’s so annoying that we can’t finish this quest , I tried whit past saves but it is useless the problem is persistent

  • CrimsicComet
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    @xsniper2000x oh gotcha

  • reddogg2006
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    @younglivingoils I'm experiencing the same thing.

  • F1uffymcnugget
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    Same problem for me. I cannot believe they released this game in the pathetic condition it's in. I got it only because my wife loves all things viking otherwise I've sworn off any ubisoft games due to game breaking bugs like this in virtually all their other assassin's creed games. I understand graphic issues and minor bugs but come on, you can't release things with multiple game breaking problems.

  • PinkTacoPuncher
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    So I saw a post saying there is a confirmed fix for this issue but no one knows when it will be implemented. Can we at least know whether or not we will need a save that is before the quest line starts or if the fix will bring her back to life regardless of where we are in the game. I have well over 100 hours into this game. I can wait for the fix within reason however if it’s going to require me to lose multiple hours of game play than I will seek a refund regardless of policy. Both myself and others need to know if we continue to put more hours into this game collect artifacts and what not, that our time will not be wasted any further than it has already. Please provide this information for us in a timely fashion. Thank you in advance.

  • LeRam_81
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    It's people like you that annoy me. DLCs should be part of the game in the first place. People paying extra for content that should already be included is the reason companies continue making so much money off of DLCs and microtransactions. I would never pay for the DLCs so if there is chance of getting them for free then of course I'll take it. You should be asking for a refund on your season pass. If you're at a restaurant and they bring you food with hair in it and when you complain they tell tough luck just eat around, are you going to be cool with that?

  • Cavethug21
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    This post is deleted!
  • ThePantryMaster
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    When is this patch coming out? I'd like to complete this game before Cyberpunk comes out

  • TheVidicus
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    @pinktacopuncher A timely fashion has come and gone at this point.

  • Q.50k
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    @q-50k I hope after the 16h that I waited that I will get any info about this bug and if there is anyone have the same issue

  • ExpressedZero68
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    Honestly, Unless they Somehow manage to pull off a patch before Cyberpunk comes out, this games going to be dead in the water for me, I was having a lot of fun but after doing almost Everything that's optional, Anomalies, Tattoo's, Stone Cairns, Mysteries, raids, gear, weapons, hunting, fishing after 140+ hours, being unable to actually Finish the game is just sad, I've gone past being angry or disappointed about it. I hope that people still waiting like myself find something else to do. Rampant bugs and issues have killed any excitement I had.

  • Ubi-MrM
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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your continued reports. Just to reiterate per my previous post: a fix is now confirmed for a future patch, and the quest has been added to our Known Issues List under "issues addressed in future update". I don't have any additional information to share about this fix at the moment (including when it is due to release) however as soon as I know more, I will let you all know.

    One workaround I saw for a separate quest that I don't know if could be applied here, was to set a trap on the body of the NPC (in this case Ljufvina), allow it to explode, and then save and reload the game. Some found that the NPC they needed was then respawned in, alive and well. If anyone has the trapping ability accessible, and could give this a try, let me know if it works!

    Replying to a few specific comments below -

    @Aks_l0n3w0lf Thanks for the Twitch clip, I've sent it to the developers now in case it's still needed.

    @LeRam_81@Cavethug21 I'm not eligible to comment regarding compensation however I've forwarded your comment to the team. I cannot promise anything will be granted, but if I receive any news on that subject, I'll let everyone know here.

    @Dolemite555 Please seek out appropriate threads for the other issues you have been experiencing and comment in those (or create your own if there is none!); we'll be happy to look into each separately with you. Please keep discussion related to the issue with Ljufvina in this thread 🙂

    @markdorsch @tankytequila @Cavethug21 Please refrain from being rude to other players here on the forums. We won't tolerate offensive language / trolling and further action will be taken if this continues. I've removed your posts, and this is your polite warning. There won't be another.

    @PinkTacoPuncher I do not know the specifics of the fix or how it will work I'm afraid, but will inquire as to its nature with the developers. I can't promise an answer but I'll do what I can. 🙂 Regarding a refund, if you purchased the game directly from us, you would be subject to our digital or physical refund policy as appropriate. Your request would be considered on an individual basis but I cannot guarantee a refund if under our policy you would be ineligible.

    Official Response
  • Alpha_Tony
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    @ubi-woofer unfortunately the trap trick doesn't work on Ljufvina, the option isn't there (only carry). Its been weeks now, how isn't this patched yet? Thought we might have had something today? any chance?

  • TheVidicus
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    @ubi-woofer Why does this have to wait for the next patch. A quickfix, or hotpatch for this issue would be welcome. People have been waiting around three weeks now.... almost a full month to finish the game. Honestly, how is this acceptable? If I do a charge back, will I be locked out of the other games I have purchased? If Ubisoft can not provide me the ability to play and finish the game I paid full price for, why should I not get a refund? I already put a ticket in weeks ago about the issue.... still no reply.

  • emonz1234
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    @ubi-woofer you cant put a trap to a NPA

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