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  • moved Patch 1.0.4 discussion (drops Nov 26)

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    Screen tearing still persistent on One X. Really disappointing.

  • MirkoID
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    I've applied the patch on xbox one x, but new the game cannot load any saved data. It will crash on first loading.
    It is creazy!!

  • Drayce333
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    HDR is still broken on PS5. Super dark, and completely destroyed colors, SDR still looking much much better than HDR. Very very disappointed this still hasn't been addressed and it awful not being able to play at the game at it's best experience until they finally address it. Last time I preorder a Assassin's Creed/Ubisoft title cause what's the point in owning a broken title and waiting for patch...

  • R4Z0RW0LF
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    @blackworm84 use fire on the ice bear legendary animal. Works GREAT!!!

  • Akira1364
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    @kilyan82 Yeah I noticed this in a fort yesterday... they'd just stand there and stare at Eivor lol

  • Cor_76
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    Well that's good and all but now if I have my bow and get knocked down Eivor becomes stuck and I just lay prone there while the enemies keep attacking me. To make me even more angry than that I had completed all wealth, mysteries and artifacts locations on East Anglia so imagine my surprise when I look at my map and see one wealth missing! So, I though let's go to the Cartographer maybe it's me, I go to said NPC only for him to tell me 'come back later when I have new stock' because 'oh that's right! I had already bought everything he had!' So, where is my wealth Ubisoft?! I want it back. I like having my areas complete.

  • GuestSparda
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    Just going to drop this comment in here also as i think it is perfectly justified...

    Well Ubisoft.... based on the online comments and reviews of the so called patch which has just been implemented and the state of the game upon release, i think you've just burned your brand.

    I think most people, myself included have give up waiting for an actual decent patch for this issue to be resolved. The game should have never been released to the public in the current state, let alone as a launch and showcase title for the next gen consoles. It's absolutely disgusting that this was allowed. I mean, look at the megathread.... that will give you an indication of how many issues this game has. Now i understand most games arent flawless on release, and have a few issues here and there, but this is the other way round... its a struggle to find whats actually okay with this.

    For one the screen tearing has been an issue since release, and THOUSANDS of people, myself included, reported this and we had no acknowledgement whatsoever from the devs to give an update as to what they were doing or working on to help us all. All we got on the forums was 'its being investigated'. As a paying customer of your games, this quite frankly isnt an acceptable response. Secondly, the HDR implementation in this game, is probably the worse i've ever seen. In a pitch black room, it looks like its filled with blue fog. The black levels on my TV are absolutely fine and when i turn HDR off, it works fine.

    My next comment is just in the support of all of those people who have spent good money on your game/games and have been let down by the fact that you only appear to be supporting the next gen of consoles with your patches. Its disgraceful. You put the patch out for the game (not to mention the fact that it doesnt even fix the issues), but only for the next gen, and dont even bother to address those who are on the PS4 and Xbox one X. You couldnt even issue an apology, if it wasnt possible to patch those versions yet.

    As i say, looking at the rest of the internet, id imagine your sales and turnover will begin drastically dropping in the near future. I for one, most likely will not touch another Ubi game, as i've lost a lot of trust in the developer. Seems like a money grab, and put out a less than half optimised game.

  • Fractal009
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    I could not say better then you just did....

    What about the fact we are unable on PS4 to set the brightness and gamma up, among all other bugs we have and that I alrdy explained on previous posts...

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    Very disappointed honestly still got CE-34878-0 every 1 hour come on this is not right ubisoft am paid for your products if your game will never run great on old generation of consoles so just release only the next gen version only if you can check report errors from ps4 check on mind ok? You will see how frequently it happen. Oh and one last thing am in south east asia so my version is sensor the gore no blood at all and i saw a news that you will patch for us where it is? Sorry for make it long written it my first time lol cuz am really pizz off.

  • GuestSparda
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    This is also correct. I know there is another issue where you need to disable HDR to be able to change the contrast and brightness before enabling HDR again, but in fairness, it all requires a restart of the game, and no matter what setting you put it on the colours are all washed out.

    This company makes me laugh because they think we dont know what their turnovers look like, and they will continue to churn out poorly optimised games year after year in the hope of making a profit and because Assassins Creed is now a household name, they know people will buy it no matter the state its in. Same as a lot of people do with the Call of Duty games. But lets have a look at these for a moment... In the last decade they were at their peak turnover period between 2012-2014, but after that it all went downhill. Throughout their quarterly turnover stats, its pretty much non existent each year until around October-December hits, and then it goes through the roof. My speculation.... Assassins Creed release. Funny how every year since then though the turnover has only reached half of what it it did in 2014. Im thinking people are clicking onto the fact that their games are getting more and more poorly optimised, and so are not purchasing them. I honestly think AC Valhalla is the final killing blow for their brand though. As i say, my opinion, but stats dont lie

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    I have played the game 60 hours everything was fine, after the patch it crashed to desktop sometimes

  • Tomo1985
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    @harmynl same here, in PC.

  • WR3cker_DK
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    4.3 gigabyte update and now the game is even more broken, than before the update 😡

  • FlashXAron
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    @haermann ... same here, even played 170h before , after patch already crashed and freezed 10 times
    BUT found a solution for me , if you are on PC


    now was able to play with 1.0.4 over 1h , with full screen it freezed and crashed every 10min
    Maybe it helps others also, even it cost me some FPS !

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    @wr3cker_dk Even the screen tearing in Xbox One is still there...

  • ABlackOPS.
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    Had high hopes to be able to talk to my NPCS in the settlement to finally customize my ship, raiding party, make trophies, and customize with tattoos but still can't. Really disappointed.

  • Slowjoe2020
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    Played the AC games since the first one, but valhalla is by far the worst!

    70 hours of gameplay deleted en uninstal the game of my xbox. Cant talk to Ubba for the quest 'sons of ragnar' to start, waited for the patch to fix this bug but it didnt.

    Reading all the comment on the forum and shocked how ubisoft can launch a game with this many failures. If i could fix a refund, i would. Sold me a game that doesnt work!

    Ubisoft lost a fan today, maybe give it a shot one day...

  • HendrixValkyrie
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    My game has crashed about 3 times today. Twice in the past hour, I mean it’s an old ps4 but still

  • zzcool500
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    @guestsparda as someone who only play ubisoft games for the story and music and setting which is where they shine i can accept the issues with graphics etc, but assassins creed games are hideous for todays standard compare valhalla to red dead redemption 2 released over a year ago it is a beautiful game valhalla is an unattractive game gameplay is boring and pointless loot is pointless i stopped looking for chests because why bother, and the glitches and bugs is insane

  • Fractal009
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    Just do as I will do. Uninstall and stop buying Ubisoft s games... simple solution

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