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    13 posts

    @wr3cker_dk Even the screen tearing in Xbox One is still there...

  • ABlackOPS.
    1 posts

    Had high hopes to be able to talk to my NPCS in the settlement to finally customize my ship, raiding party, make trophies, and customize with tattoos but still can't. Really disappointed.

  • Slowjoe2020
    1 posts

    Played the AC games since the first one, but valhalla is by far the worst!

    70 hours of gameplay deleted en uninstal the game of my xbox. Cant talk to Ubba for the quest 'sons of ragnar' to start, waited for the patch to fix this bug but it didnt.

    Reading all the comment on the forum and shocked how ubisoft can launch a game with this many failures. If i could fix a refund, i would. Sold me a game that doesnt work!

    Ubisoft lost a fan today, maybe give it a shot one day...

  • HendrixValkyrie
    1 posts

    My game has crashed about 3 times today. Twice in the past hour, I mean it’s an old ps4 but still

  • zzcool500
    19 posts

    @guestsparda as someone who only play ubisoft games for the story and music and setting which is where they shine i can accept the issues with graphics etc, but assassins creed games are hideous for todays standard compare valhalla to red dead redemption 2 released over a year ago it is a beautiful game valhalla is an unattractive game gameplay is boring and pointless loot is pointless i stopped looking for chests because why bother, and the glitches and bugs is insane

  • Fractal009
    63 posts

    Just do as I will do. Uninstall and stop buying Ubisoft s games... simple solution

  • DeepDarkVoid
    1 posts

    Unable to fast travel & save games in Ps5 after this update🤮🤮

  • Redw0lfAlpha
    57 posts

    Still visual bugs on cloak. The Hidden Ones cloak missing back visuals 😠

    354 posts
    Just do as I will do. Uninstall and stop buying Ubisoft s games... simple solution

    In the long run not sure...
    But now, yes, it's the only true thing to do.
    Valhall is crappy. Could become good. Could...

  • Redw0lfAlpha
    57 posts

    And it took away one save file. I had four no i have three. I mean [censored]?
    Lucky for me i saved all progress on all four save files just yesterday. So i still have three recent save files. Don't touch my save files ever again! 😠

  • FGx1988
    99 posts

    @redw0lfalpha could it be that you are talking about the cloud save file? They have take it out so you are no longer able to override it manually, that was one reason for some save file problems.

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    lol now with this patch my hole crew lie's dead on the pier, same for haf the town peeps
    yea they realy fixed (f'k up) things

  • Jaim66
    1 posts

    Prior to this patch playing on PS5 only had noticeable screen tearing in cutscenes. Now it's basically unplayable in performance mode as the screen tearing is as bad as I have seen it during xbox gameplay. [censored]. No screen tearing if i play in quality mode. Is there any way to roll back to a previous version? Lol

  • ibinpots
    6 posts

    @sofajockey no opal map bug fix?

  • Thatonefirefly
    5 posts

    Still no fix for the fact I'm stuck in Asgard😤 fully updated my game and loaded in expecting to be able to leave and play but nothing, just back to turning it off and wasting my money.

  • anaibendai
    4 posts

    Patch 1.0.4 corrupted ALL my save game files. All I have left is one cloud auto save around 15 hours of gameplay. I was almost at 60 hours of gameplay. All my save games say "Data Corrupt!" I do not feel like replaying 45 hours of game to get back to where I was... what the hell?

  • br4k4n
    2 posts

    Anyone else having increased Crashing on PC since patch?

  • FGx1988
    99 posts

    @br4k4n yes, before the patch no Problems

  • Retsamitik
    1 posts

    I had no Problems before 1.0.4, now the the game freezes every minute for 5-6 Seconds. I had to lower my settings to avoid this. What have you done?
    When I open the Map now, sometimes I see glitches on the map, something is glittering through.. Well, I realy have no "improvements" with this patch...
    NVIDIA GTX 1060 - Win10

  • Redw0lfAlpha
    57 posts

    @fgx1988 really? Yeah it was a cloud save with a little cloud symbol on it. Thanks i didn't know.

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