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  • Chevy_man2010
    83 posts


    I agree. I loved Odyssey. Just everything about the game was engaging & hours of gameplay, contracts, bounty hunting, side missions, civilians stopping you & asking for help, & so much more. It was so engaging.
    Combat was amazing, skills were fun to acquire, & more.

    Odyssey was so vibrant & alive. Where as Valhalla took every about Odyssey & trashed it; which in my opinion makes this game a joke.

    Storyline is ok. Upgrading horse stamina & horse being able to swim is great. Even building the settlement is cool. Being able to go fishing is cool.

    But thats where it ends. Button configuration on ps4 is jacked up & when you try to change it everything conflicts.
    Combat sucks because you cant block or counter worth anything.
    You can out level a boss by 100 levels & hit you once & take a 1/4 of your health which makes no sense in reality but you hit him you barely hurt him.

    Then there is the fact of they say you lose health & stamina when you upgrade your armour. Which makes no sense.

    And whose bright idea was it to add a stamina bar? Run out of stamina & you cant dodge. Its stupid & needs to be removed.

    If Ubisoft doesn't fix this game. I will never buy another one of their games ever again. And I will let my friends know this game is a waste of money.

  • LennyFuManchu
    1 posts

    Just updated to the new patch and have been crashing around every 10-15 minutes. I have around 30 hours of playtime and prior to this patch had not crashed once. Any ideas what's causing it. I haven't seen any updated threads on this issue since the patch was released.

  • smtenglish
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Abreuski
    1 posts

    "Addressed various Mouse- and Keyboard-related input issues"

    Directly from the patch notes. I call a big heaping serving of bs.

    Xbox One X, mouse input works on menus, keyboard does not. That's after needing to unplug and plug in both the mouse and keyboard. Kinda [censored] I spent $60 on a broken game.

  • BigDShayne
    5 posts

    After update 1.04 my berserker set lost upgrades and runes missing.

  • casia01
    2 posts

    I thougth the Patch will help but the Aim lock Bug is still here.No Raid info on World Map or Info for the Mysticals.Freezing some times but not so often as normal befor the Patch.And the Rune sorting is a joke

  • Uromastrixx
    3 posts

    Useless patch
    Did just about nothing quality mode at 30fps is janky
    The fish oh my god the fish at first it felt like they fixed it but rather than fish not despawning almost instantly they now do it after 20 seconds or not at all, quests still bug out, nudist one and the Baker been most prominent
    So we got 1/3 of a patch
    Guess they gotta patch the patch

  • hakunamatata167
    5 posts

    @harmynl yip same here on PS5

  • SofaJockey
    Original poster 169 posts

    @fractal009 Your choice but that seems a self-defeating solution.

    It's certainly got a few annoying bugs but I've still had around 120 hours of fun with this one.

    I suspect being a next-gen launch title with a release date they felt keen not to miss didn't help.

  • Gizil2
    5 posts

    Game crashes every 20 min after 1.0.4 path. Not Ubisoft+

  • anaibendai
    4 posts

    I posted earlier about how Patch 1.0.4. corrupted all my game saves destroying my entire 60 hour game progress before I could finish it - also just noticed the date on all the "Data Corrupted!" saves is December 31, 1969. Man - WORST PATCH EVER.

  • Uromastrixx
    3 posts

    Yeah and zero contact or news from Ubisoft, congrats to them for ruining what could have been something great
    The game is great just too much crap in great way to enjoy it sadly,
    Apparently though they manage to fix helpful bugs like jumping from anywhere any height and just use heavy attack to take no damage thats fixed 👏

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @uromastrixx "Helpful" How about not going in a straight line to your mission marker and instead circumvent mountains and enjoy the landscapes? How about finding parkour ways to go down in cities? There are a lot of options and you miss out all of them by playing like that. I would even make the fall damage way bigger. I never had any problem with it. Of course they can add an accessibility feature to deactivate fall damage. But then you are taking it away for yourself from the game and make the game less enjoyable for yourself.

  • Uromastrixx
    3 posts

    I have enjoyed it, I have explored and seen pretty much all I think since starting on ps4 over 2 weeks ago. Nothing wrong with getting down faster man,
    I've put 120hrs i need just a singular fish for the platinum.
    My point is they could focus on actual problems in game rather than some fall damage
    The problem also is they claim to fix stuff be clearly isn't
    I cant buy linen from vendors,
    i see no times on the raids
    Fish are still bugged
    Save files still been corrupted
    Awfully clipping on cloaks remain
    So yeah I'd take any of the above instead of fall damage

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @uromastrixx I imagine the fall damage thing being something left over from their QA team which they haven't fixed with the day 1 patch. I could not find anyone complaining in the forums about that. So it seems like it is not a player reported bug. That would explain why its in the patch notes. They basically could have fixed that on release day.

    But I do agree that I wish for the game breaking things to be fixed.

  • W1nke
    4 posts

       Added fabric to traders once the settlement has reached Level 6."

    No fix on PC version of a game.
    OS Name  Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

    Version  10.0.19042 Build 19042

    System Type  x64-based PCundefinedundefined

  • zzcool500
    19 posts

    with all these corrupted games saved games should have an option to adjust your progress so if you lose your save you can open a service menu and check off the quests you've done and adjust your leather etc and create your new savegame from a menu maybe the game could keep snapchats of all savegames so even if they corrupt themselves new ones can be made, i also wish cutscenes and and dialogs were archived once experienced so you can go back and listen to those you missed if you killed the enemy too fast for example

  • roger.helgeson
    6 posts

    So the opal map bug still isn't addressed?

  • Brutal_Legacy83
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • geoage095
    39 posts

    My game now crashes every 10 minutes.I had 2 crashes after 6-8 hours of play before the patch. I play on PC btw...

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