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  • speedynl21
    79 posts
  • geoage095
    39 posts

    @speedynl21 xD that's a hillarious bug. GOOD JOB UBISOFT!

  • roger.helgeson
    6 posts

    @mentraton Thank you.

  • phoenixash2001
    10 posts

    They fixed the Dobby altar linnen problem but they also reset (or, more likely, added) 2 wealth points in East Anglia and Vinland.

    Meaning those two map segments are no longer 100% completed if you had completed them before installing the patch.

    Both are carried by enemies. Which means that the one in East Anglia is collectible but the one on Vinland isn't *if* you already killed that enemy previously since enemies do not respawn in the Vinland map.

    You do *not* get a loot option for the corpse. Which means the wealth is 100% uncollectable.

    What this results into is that it is no longer possible to complete the Vinland region and thus meet the requirements for the "completionist all the way" tropy and thus are still unable to acquire the platinum trophy.

    Fixing the issue that disallowed players to get the platinum but introducung another with the same result...feels...well...bad and demotivating.

    I don't know what the decision was for adding these 2 new wealth points since both seem very redundant and unnecessary.....but this really, really needs to he fixed.

  • phoenixash2001
    10 posts

    @seeht they added a wealth points there and in the Vinland map

    The wealth point you are taking about is wealth carried by an enemy and it will show up on your radar when you fast travel to the region.

    Just in case it doesn't show up: ....it is in the coastal fortress. Look for a castle on a patch of land portruding out from the mainland into the sea. You have def been there before if you cleared that region.

    Good luck.

  • phoenixash2001
    10 posts


    It does exist. It is wealth carried by an enemy in a big coastal fortress/Castle on a peninsular outcropping....and it will show up on your radar if you fast travel to the region.

    The one in Vinland is also enemy carried. However....enemies do not respawn there...so if you killed that enemy before...you can not collect that wealth and thus not complete Vinlans 100%...and thus can't get the platinum trophy.

    IF however you didn't kill that enemy or didn't previously go to Vinland ...it might (I can't check) still be collectable.

  • Fractal009
    63 posts


    Such a joke omfg

    Makes me rage

    Worse part is that those guys at Ubi dont even apologize or communicate about their failure.. no no, they prefer release new packs in store to make more money !

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    prolly the reason they don't fix reba 😊

  • phoenixash2001
    10 posts


    * Go to Vinland.
    * Make a manual save
    * Carry the body with the wealth out of the camp area (so you are not in the red zone).
    * Plant a trap on the body.
    * The body now needs to explode. You can do this by either:

    _ Finding a patrol and letting them explode it.
    _ Keep heavy attacking the body until it explodes.

    When the body explodes:

    * make manual save!
    * reload that save

    * go back to the camp....and the enemy should, if you did the above correctly, have respawned.

    I just did it...it worked for my friend and now for me.

    Good luck

    14 posts

    I've had a total of three (3) CE errors, since the launch of this game, and two (2) of them occurred in the last 24 hours. Fun....👎

    2 posts

    @superfly_boss can confirm this is still an issue for a lot of people as well... Is this being fixed?

  • Darkgoan
    28 posts

    @phoenixash2001 this work? omg Isn't it the bear's key, is it the camp soldier's key??? aggggggh T.T

  • Darkgoan
    28 posts

    @guest-sqtxbv0f they were busy selling us watch dogs: syndicate

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    now the haf of my npc's are like this
    all dead, crew dead, the npc's that you can recruit, haf into the ground and dead, dead body's in the barrack, gunners wife dead on the floor
    yea the patch fixed alot, no reason to play anymore, maybe going to try out rune ii, it looks a bit the same

    364 posts

    @speedynl21 Dead bodies all around in a dead and shallow game, it makes sense! 😕

  • LeoRaptor1979
    99 posts

    @phoenixash2001 Thank you for this, it worked for me 🙂

  • MnemonicSyntax
    9 posts

    I don't see anything about NPCs reacting from "stealing" either. Not that that is a priority, I'm just curious as to what the heck it means.

  • Scott1904
    11 posts

    In quality mode on XSX I didnt saw tearing anymore. VRR is disabled.

  • Bzduras
    9 posts

    @scott1904 yeah, but it cuts FPS by 30, and that's considerable price for getting rid of screen tearing. Seriously, just let us non-VRR people enable v-sync as an option.

  • Cor_76
    8 posts

    @cor_76 let's add to this shall we, so I am trying to go for the Plat on this game just missing a few trophies but one trophy I am missing that is angering me a lot is the one involving getting 19 fish, one of each, with the fishing rod. That's fine I don't mind fishing, I do mind it however if the fish magically disappear. One moment they are there I can see them with Odin sight the next they are all gone! I go to the quick wheel get the fishing rod and poof as if by magic cough glitch cough they are gone no longer there! Want to know how many I am missing for that particular trophy, Ubisoft? One a Bream fish, that is all. Yet I cannot even catch it, oh I see him but he is gone before the fishing rod is even in my hand! How about fast travel? Sometimes it will happen that I will fast travel and appear on thin air falling to my death away from the syncpoint and the game crashes. Soon as I reload I am still falling to my death won't crash again but still falling to my death.

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