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  • Scott1904
    11 posts

    In quality mode on XSX I didnt saw tearing anymore. VRR is disabled.

  • Bzduras
    27 posts

    @scott1904 yeah, but it cuts FPS by 30, and that's considerable price for getting rid of screen tearing. Seriously, just let us non-VRR people enable v-sync as an option.

  • Cor_76
    8 posts

    @cor_76 let's add to this shall we, so I am trying to go for the Plat on this game just missing a few trophies but one trophy I am missing that is angering me a lot is the one involving getting 19 fish, one of each, with the fishing rod. That's fine I don't mind fishing, I do mind it however if the fish magically disappear. One moment they are there I can see them with Odin sight the next they are all gone! I go to the quick wheel get the fishing rod and poof as if by magic cough glitch cough they are gone no longer there! Want to know how many I am missing for that particular trophy, Ubisoft? One a Bream fish, that is all. Yet I cannot even catch it, oh I see him but he is gone before the fishing rod is even in my hand! How about fast travel? Sometimes it will happen that I will fast travel and appear on thin air falling to my death away from the syncpoint and the game crashes. Soon as I reload I am still falling to my death won't crash again but still falling to my death.

  • Fractal009
    64 posts


    Vinland glitched wealth : worked for me, even if it s sad having to do such [censored] !!!!

  • jimmbeam619
    2 posts

    @darkgoan well how about replacing the movable shelf to breakable crates

  • Belcechus
    37 posts

    My game still crashing and the problem is't my ps4.

  • ernanib13
    2 posts


    The same is happening to me. In the last time, I was just started the game, started an Orlog game and ban, crash! I restarted the AC and played for more than five hours! It was not my PS4.

  • Beerggren
    1 posts

    Must be a new update soon?!

  • Patricia81994
    113 posts
    Must be a new update soon?!

    I've heard that there will be an update next week lets hope this one actually works.

    14 posts

    I'm now at 16 instances of the infamous "CE-34878-0 ERRORS", and all of them since November 22nd. At this point, I'm so thoroughly disgusted with this game, that I'm skipping through most of the dialogue and using Google/YouTube to get me through this game faster.

    This game has so much potential, but even this veteran gamer can only take so much of this ridiculousness. Choppy/skipping sound, brief pauses during gameplay, unable to collect items or glitched situations, constant game crashes, etc. Garbage. 👎

    14 posts

    And now, I'm at 25 "CE-34878-0 ERRORS". Ubugsoft, you've f*=ked this game beyond any enjoyment.

  • Scott1904
    11 posts


    This was a missunderstanding. The 30 fps mode was not implemented to fix the tearing. it was because of critics about low Resolution and blurry picture quality. But I noticed that I didnt saw tearing with it.

    Best solution would be a new settings for v sync.

  • Schother12
    76 posts

    Agree, please give us an option Ubisoft, it means alot to us.

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