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  • Blackworm84
    13 posts

    @fgx1988 i dont care all other bug fix.. i finish the game without any issue (few small bug like stuck in pixel etc) i onyl need the raid resets, coz i dont wanna search every single chest and mouse hole, for 2k supply.. there is no raid reset.. nothing happened? ^^

  • VenrisSFO
    15 posts

    @d-kruger Nope, Mans Best Friend ability still not fixed, have only level 1.

  • Superfly_Boss
    80 posts

    Please fix the Mari Lwyd cloak and horse face issue. It overrides every single piece of armor in the game and it will not disappear.

  • Blackworm84
    13 posts

    Wait a minute, this patch is just downloaded but not "live"? there is a lots of fix not fixed ingame like runes .. raids etc.. so when this patch live?

  • Superfly_Boss
    80 posts

    @blackworm84 wait what? I have the update and it says 1.04 on main menu

  • Blackworm84
    13 posts

    @superfly_boss click the update info.. there is nothing.. ingame nothing changed (for me) so idk what happened..

  • harmynl
    7 posts

    After the patch I can't fast travel and save a game 😕
    The patch just broke the game!

  • ChrisClement70
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • ChrisClement70
    2 posts

    5 minutes into the game on PC and it freezes yet again. This is ridiculous.

  • Blackworm84
    13 posts

    There is no rune sort, or anything.. looks like half patch works - half not? or what was that?

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @blackworm84 Can you point me to the point in the changelog where they say they added rune sorting? I can't find it. Sadly they didn't add that.

    They said this:
    · Added rune categories to the rune menu. All runes are now categorized in Weapon & Armor runes

    You just read more into it than they stated. I would love them to add that but yea. Priorities and stuff.

  • torqization1215
    2 posts

    bro i have not been able to play this game on pc since release , lol patch comes out i still cant play

  • Blackworm84
    13 posts

    @souldrinkerlp yep true.. my bad.. okay, but about the raids? how or where i can reset?

  • mobbie1996
    3 posts

    The update seemly made game run bit worse

  • zzcool500
    25 posts

    reading the update notes makes the game a meme in itself

    fixed dog levitating
    zealots will no longer heal themselves in player vicinity
    shooting bows from longship now consumes....arrows

  • harmynl
    7 posts

    After the patch 1.0.4 I can't fast travel and save in England, but I can fast travel in Asgard.

  • FraJoSis
    2 posts

    I really dont see any difference. Screen tearing is still there in performance mode, maybe a little bit "improved" but still annoying. 30 FPS looks amazing but sorry - I didnt buy XSX for a 30 FPS experience.

  • FIL_903
    1 posts

    never had a single crash in 40hrs, after patch 1.04 crashes every 5-10 minutes 😞

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    opal dealer not fixed, he still sit there
    tropy's for longhouse not fixed
    that dum haloween cape stil show, not removeble
    female still not topless dispeit nude filter

    in my eye's they din't fix anything, although they shoud not have to fix anything with a price tag like it have
    just pile of [censored]

    13 posts

    Screen tearing still in Xbox One X

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