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  • zzcool500
    19 posts

    reading the update notes makes the game a meme in itself

    fixed dog levitating
    zealots will no longer heal themselves in player vicinity
    shooting bows from longship now consumes....arrows

  • harmynl
    7 posts

    After the patch 1.0.4 I can't fast travel and save in England, but I can fast travel in Asgard.

  • FraJoSis
    2 posts

    I really dont see any difference. Screen tearing is still there in performance mode, maybe a little bit "improved" but still annoying. 30 FPS looks amazing but sorry - I didnt buy XSX for a 30 FPS experience.

  • FIL_903
    1 posts

    never had a single crash in 40hrs, after patch 1.04 crashes every 5-10 minutes 😞

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    opal dealer not fixed, he still sit there
    tropy's for longhouse not fixed
    that dum haloween cape stil show, not removeble
    female still not topless dispeit nude filter

    in my eye's they din't fix anything, although they shoud not have to fix anything with a price tag like it have
    just pile of [censored]

    13 posts

    Screen tearing still in Xbox One X

  • Noir-ceuil
    3 posts

    Still no fix for the audio too. RIght now i can't play the game anymore, the echo sound is even worse after the patch.

  • fishersfritz
    1 posts

    I feel like the patch didn't do anything, this has to be an error

  • Charlie_v_Braun
    16 posts

    Still unable to finish "Clues and riddles", appearantly existing savegames do not profit from this patch?

  • LeoRaptor1979
    98 posts

    The patch didn't fix any of the issues. I still have duplicate Hunters Armor, thought they were removing duplicate items? They said you would get rune categories but they are boxed together. The only new thing I saw is in the trader where packs are not in there categories. What is going on with this patch?

  • Charlie_v_Braun
    16 posts

    @leoraptor1979 same here, Runes are catogorized by the description when you hover the mouse though

  • LeoRaptor1979
    98 posts

    @charlie_v_braun is this patch fix by where they just wanted to say here we tried or do they have to activate it to make it live?

  • Charlie_v_Braun
    16 posts

    This patch is not working on any of my issues so far, I still have messed up sound, armor is duplicated and if I cannot finish this "Riddles"-quest this game will unfortunately be done for me, I am not retracing almost 7 hours of gameplay from my latest manual save - any autosaves have already been overwritten, because it took a while for me to realize this quest did not finish properly, at least give me a way to restart the questline or something, so frustrating...

  • FlashXAron
    19 posts

    @chrisclement70 ... had around 10 freezes before in 170h ...
    NOW I HAD ALREADY 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in 1h [censored] ...................

    @ubisoft WHAT settings to reduce at least to be back that game only crashes/freezes after around 10h, like it was before, playing on PC (980 TI)

  • Fractal009
    63 posts

    Yes this patch is a joke, nothing they said wd be fixed is fixed .
    Ubisoft once again is disappointing..
    The runes menu ?
    The cloak and skull mask glitched on my face ?
    The sound tearing ?
    The aimlock with bow on controller ?
    And so many others ...

    Please @Ubi stop making fun of us and do your fu..ing job

  • SeeHT
    2 posts

    Didn‘t see much difference with the newest patch. The Lunden World Event near the harbour still not working. On top of that I noticed that some wealth disappeared in East-Engla. The Region now is uncompleted because of the missing wealth. Before the patch everything was fine there. A bit disappointed with the newest patch.

  • Sh0ziii
    1 posts

    They still dont fixed mission with bear Njal and mission in Lunden with man who is stuck in magazine. Pathetic..

  • Fractal009
    63 posts


    Pathetic is the word indeed. If i cd insult them i wd, as I am [censored] af

  • geoage095
    39 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Darkgoan
    28 posts

    patch joke,my hours of play depend on a bookshelf on a wall T.T

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