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  • RA202075
    3 posts


    After installing 1.0.4 in PC the savegame doesn´t work. Neither the fast travel.

    Please fix it!


  • WR3cker_DK
    75 posts

    Unable to "Place Marker" on quests(map)undefined

  • RA202075
    3 posts

    @harmynl SAme to me!!

  • CGFrewboy
    5 posts

    Something seriously wrong with this update, at least on Xbox One X. Screen tearing still present, but at least that wasn’t said to be fixed. Still cannot progress with The Big Finish (more like The Bug Finish amarite), runes are not categorised, still have duplicate armours. Instead of fixing texture issues the new update seems to have introduced them to me, I am now seeing many low resolution textures as if they haven’t loaded properly. And my game took way longer than usual to save which is distressing after people have reported a new save bug. I am going to leave this game for now until someone that has the knowledge can 100% assure me that the update was deployed as intended, because this all seems very odd.

  • SofaJockey
    Original poster 169 posts

    @charlie_v_braun Patches normally fix the problem not happening during a quest.

    They often don't go into your save and retrospectively fix it.

    The best way to fix a bug is to open a prior save and re-play the quest.

  • Darkgoan
    28 posts

    @sofajockey they can erase the object causing the crash if it has nothing to do with the mechanics of the puzzle

  • guest-HwKHwDeF
    2 posts

    @detroitin2019, when they're not specifically listed, I don't maintain hope for them being fixed. After logging in today, my suspicions were correct. All 3 quests are still bugged and I'm unable to continue the game.

  • Devil_DogFL
    2 posts

    @sofajockey I can't talk to Reda when he is telling stories or any other time. It's definitely bugged.

  • scottyusceaser1
    34 posts

    I'm having issues with my hood/helmet disappearing mid conversation since the update

  • Blackworm84
    13 posts

    where is the raids resets??? 😢 Or ppl who already finish the full story line can reset via quest or put more supply somewhere.. idk.. but we neeed raids and more supply.. weeeeeeeeeeeee

  • scottyusceaser1
    34 posts

    @blackworm84 In the patch notes it states there will be a timer for being able to re-raid locations you've already been too... but it's not in the game I've just checked.

  • R4Z0RW0LF
    8 posts

    Did not fix not being able to interact with East Anglia 3rd Daughter of Lerion and I still cannot upgrade my settlement to lvl 6 due to lack of raw materials. Im skill 400 with 21 mastery points and need help. Ive exhausted all rss

  • Blackworm84
    13 posts

    In the patch notes it states there will be a timer for being able to re-raid locations you've already been too... but it's not in the game I've just checked.

    yap i checked too.. no raids.. thats why i ask .. where is the reset or how.. or the timer.. 2k supply missing for lvl 6 settlement.. and no.. i dont grind these 2k supply from random chests which is everywhere and some chest is only leather and iron.. hell nahw.. -.-

  • jimmbeam619
    2 posts

    Still can’t move the crate blocking the door to get to the room need to continue blood from a stone when are they going to fix it

  • scottyusceaser1
    34 posts

    @blackworm84 Game is just unfinished and needs a LOT of changes... like seriously. I paid for the GOLD edition and I'm starting to regret it because of a few small features and it sounds silly, but

    1. Draw distance (even for top end PC users it's lacking the hillside's look horrendous at a distance... you even walk 5 feet away from an NPC and their facial features go missing like eyebrows and stuff)
    2. Textures, we NEED 4K texture pack!
    3. Inflated Weapons when equipped
    4. Helmets missing in dialog cut-scenes
    5. The glowing markers are horrible, then need an icon or something
    6. When aiming with a bow it sort of locks as you first aim
    7. One Handed Swords MISSING
    8. Transmog
    9. Lack of music and stories when travelling in your longship
    10. Lack of drops for antlers to complete a mission
    11. .. and a few other bugs and stuff, I can go on...

    I love Ubisoft but these issues are infuriating, especially as I said I paid for the GOLD Edition and I feel like I've been ripped off. I'd actually ask for a refund until EVERY one of those issues I've stated got fixed.

  • Sugandhalaya
    2 posts

    Runes of the same type still don't stack!

    Why can't i save Item Sets like in Odyssey? And why do i have to change every part of a set separatly? Why cant i change all 5 clothes at once like in...yes...Odyssey?

    Changed to Quality mode on Series X it is so much slower....so much about your promised 4k at 60fps?

    There is 1 17th wealth at East Anglia...but where?

    Upgrading the "food" settlements in your village jumps from 1st upgrade to second upgrade and after that you can still upgrade it into the first upgrade and then the second upgrade again....what the hell?

  • SofaJockey
    Original poster 169 posts

    @darkgoan That's true.

    It's kind of an 'it depends'.

  • z0ppi
    2 posts

    @ra202075 same here!

  • SofaJockey
    Original poster 169 posts

    @sugandhalaya The '17th' East Anglia wealth item popped up today post-patch. It probably doesn't exist. Just like Vinland now has a wealth item broken.

  • SofaJockey
    Original poster 169 posts

    @sofajockey I'm a pretty positive-minded person, but I'll admit I'm quite disappointed with how flaky patch 1.0.4 is turning out to be. 😕

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