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  • VenrisSFO
    15 posts

    @blackworm84 It means NPCs respawn, not that you can loot it again.

  • Darkgoan
    28 posts

    @scottyusceaser1 ubi: hey u, welcome to beta tester mode
    you: am nope i,m a client
    ubi: oh no, a beta tester client

  • scottyusceaser1
    34 posts

    @darkgoan What? LOL

  • Fractal009
    64 posts


    such a waste of a great game it is

    I m sad to witness this, I had so much expectations about Valhalla

  • Darkgoan
    28 posts

    @fractal009 I really think it is a good game, when it is game, the first day I was taken out of the gameplay that the horse was the equivalent of a 4X4 off-road, now I would appreciate finishing the game or not feeling that I have thrown a lot of hours in the trash so that They tell me when and how to move forward, I can't blame them, this game lacks a month of development, what would have happened if they released it this coming month?

    a name ; Keanu Charles Reeves

  • DonParic
    23 posts

    @venrissfo but the NPCs have always respawned so thats not rly new and there was no reason to put that in patchnotes cuz if the change is supposed to be that NPCs respawn than there is no change at all cuz they respawned already before anyway.

  • guest-qjYnXKKF
    5 posts

    This update did absolutely nothing, I still can't talk to the hunter, shipwright, cartographer, fisher or barracks woman

  • scottyusceaser1
    34 posts

    @fractal009 I do like the game, I'm just conflicted due to it's lack of quality and polish and features that aren't enjoyable at all.

  • JonyFury
    1 posts

    After the update, the game often crashes, as if I would give a pause, nothing can be done, only logging out of windows works earlier, the game worked without a problem

  • jdfdemocracy
    8 posts

    Patch is a huge joke

  • MattijsVR
    1 posts

    @sofajockey The "new" wealth item in East Anglia is the dude in Dunwic. Kill him and loot the ingot. Enemies with ingots seem to respawn but don't count as new collected wealth. This one does. Not sure that they meant to, or that this is also a bug but at this point who knows. Everything seems buggy and broken if you try to complete this game. Problem in Vinland is that enemies don't respawn, so the "new wealth" item is not collectable. It's supposed to be an enemy in Hjallgrof Outpost, but they stay dead. So no chance of collecting it a second time and completing Vinland now. Really sucks because everything was completed except Eurvicscire. The Fiber bug prohibited me from donating 5 Fiber at Dobby's Altar. But hey, they fixed that in the 1.04 patch. They just managed to [censored] up Vinland and East Anglia in the process. 130 hours in and level 400 + 35 mastery points, not really in the mood to start again or continue tbh.

  • Bzduras
    9 posts

    I was so eager to play with this patch and hoped that this abysmal screen tearing on Xbox Series X will be gone after patch... but no, it's there and I feel like it got a bit worse.

    Due to that I seriously don't want to play this game anymore. Maybe I should sell it and get something good, like Yakuza 7, I guess.

  • ApocDX69
    10 posts

    Anyone else having rumble issues when fishing / pulling on bow? No rumble at all

  • Fractal009
    64 posts


    I like this game too, I m just sad and disappointed..

  • krvpt.
    63 posts

    still cant launch the game despite being over the recommended specs and all drivers/OS up to date

  • DextryGames
    1 posts

    just started the game on ps4 and 2 late-game trophies autopopped after i killed my 1st enemy

  • R4Z0RW0LF
    8 posts

    I have all legendary animals beat but NO wall mounts. I cannot interact with East Anglia 3rd Daughter of Lerion and I have no more Raw Materials to upgrade my settlement to lvl 6. I am skill 400 with 25 mastery points and near full game completion. WHAT DID THIS PATCH DO AGAIN? I DONT SEE ANY NOTICABLE CHANGES

  • Blackworm84
    13 posts

    @r4z0rw0lf same, i finish everything.. +1 legenary animal which is not in trophy (in norway the ice bear thingy) i can Kill all 3 daughter.. but the settlement upgrade is missing.. i need 2000more supply.. we need wait the raid reset, which is in the patchnote, but not ingame.. or idk what was that.. 😄

  • Scott1904
    11 posts

    I realy enjoy and like the quality mode on series x. Its an great improvement in general image quality and also in graphic details. vegetation, textures, clothes and skin are great now. The higher Resolution is vissible in most scenes for me. Also it feels good with 30fps. Good solution for all players that every one can choose vetween there own preferences. my is absolutly quality.

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