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  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts

    I'm glad something was fixed, but I'm still locked out of map completion by a world event that takes my item and just, doesn't finish.
    And locked out of the entire Order questline because of a dead zealot who I didn't kill nor can interact with. Both known issues that they said were being looked at.

    9 posts

    @chaosandcoffee yeah. they are great for "looking at" ...

  • MRM70
    2 posts

    The shelf in "blood from a stone" still don't move and I still can't access the Opal shop. I even have checked the files, but still, I also have the impression the title screen only says 1.04, but nothing has changed.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @mrm70 true. Nothing did change. Just see the amount of issues / bugs being reopened or added.

  • Narisomo
    4 posts

    @shinow_fr Will not buy a game at launch again from Ubisoft, but maybe a year after in a sale. Cheaper, fixed, playable.

    Unfortunately I already preordered Far Cry 6.

  • KillerBee4321
    4 posts

    @perfectpeter stuck on the exact same thing, and I have already done every other main story arc...this sucks

    9 posts

    @narisomo Right.
    Nowadays a truly finished game with no bug at launch doesn't exist anymore.
    I miss the 90' ^^

  • alexdon1993
    13 posts

    What about the prodigal prince quest? Any idea?

  • Fraktal2004
    16 posts

    I made a separate thread, but I'm unable to save my game at all.

    No matter where I am, cannot fast travel either.

  • m1au
    48 posts

    yep even after 1.04 longhouse trophies are nowhere to be seen and I still have bugged items in my inventory like an already claimed treasure hoard map - preventing me of getting all artifacts.
    so they did change the background with a 2+ gb patch..wow

  • EvilQueenCin
    6 posts

    @sciss0rman Of Blood and Bonds still can't be completed either. I thought they'd fix that one quickly for sure since the game can't be completed without it.
    And with the new update I actually got a new issue, too. People's voices now have an echo, it sounds horrible.

  • host47
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • host47
    4 posts

    @m1au Dont forget the new armour you can spend money on... they dont miss that part, do they?

  • kale3l
    17 posts

    This is what i have now
    I finally can complete the nudist mission
    at shop the cosmetic are now in a separate category

    I don't have the fabric and I'm level 6
    I still have duplicate
    I can't jump from highest pont without damage anymore with heavy attack
    enemies still don't care when they saw their friends dies front of them

    and I don'y know if it's a bug or not but in east anglie it seems to have a new chest to discovers

  • Lanfeus78
    2 posts

    @mythranova same here...

  • thesarge134
    8 posts

    @sciss0rman I'm on console and Viking for Hire quest still doesn't work. I'm not able to interact with Reda.

  • Stewie_EGC
    4 posts

    @lanfeus78 sadly also have this issue.

  • Ribbheden
    3 posts

    Yeah, several of the things they were supposed to fix is still broken, the fishing for example. The fishes is still despawning for me on the coasts of England and Norway.

  • thml7
    5 posts

    @ribbheden For me the fish are back but I can't get any fabric still.

  • alexdon1993
    13 posts

    Nothing works, prodigal prince is still bugged.

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