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  • KnightlyOwl31
    3 posts

    I never really came across any of the game breaking bugs many people here have, but I still have the aweful screen tearing issue on xbox one x.

  • Elicit85
    17 posts

    Honestly as useless as they seem to be. I wouldn't doubt if the bug fixes only work in new games only lol. They literally fixed NONE of the bugs being reported. I don't even think they actually pay attention.

  • Nozgame
    50 posts

    The game crashed on first launch for me, even though it never did that before the patch. Also they said they fixed the temporary online service error when looking at photos on the world map but it still happens. There are still audio issues, like the one in the menu when the intro videos are playing. I also randomly got 1200 XP for absolutely no reason when I logged in. It really does feel like this patch is not working.

    3 posts

    @tha_marine_817 on xbox here too

    3 posts

    I cant even play my game, I'm on xbox one and whenever i load up the title screen and press continue it just freezes and crashes back to the home menu.

  • Don_TGR
    1 posts

    I am on PC, the patch was about 2.6gb.
    Still having dupe items in inventory
    Still having the confirm read "yes/Esc" bug.
    Runes not categorized
    · Added a timer until players can restart a raid that was just completed. - no timer yet.

  • Stewie_EGC
    4 posts

    @perfectpeter i think your being a bit optimistic on june still you did not say which year 😄

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    Nothing changed/fixed... haha, real joke.

  • omnistrife99
    7 posts

    The patch just potentially locked me out of the platinum trophy, it’s added an extra segment of wealth for at least Vinland and East Anglia so the regions now appear as not completed...

    I’d saved before every single mission, wealth and mystery in case it bugged and now it’s an actual patch that locks me out, wth.

  • m1au
    51 posts

    at least you can get East Anglia again back to 17/17 by looting and killing the respawned guys in Dunwic. Vinland doesn't work for me tho

  • M0gliere
    1 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    This patch did nothing but broken the game even more. Its a big joke, all about the moneyz

  • omnistrife99
    7 posts

    The East Anglia Dunwic guy worked thanks! So weird how extra wealth was even added in a patch. Just seen that the guy added in Vinland is at Hvallgrof Outpost, he’s long dead in mine so hopefully there’ll be a fix for that soon.

  • cavveman
    77 posts

    Honestly I do not think that the patch is compatible with the old save files that we have. I already deleted all old save files and started a new game. But I'm honestly considering returning to this game in 1 year or 2 when the game probably is more robust. But considering that there are a 7 year old bug still present in AC3 does not really bring much hope 😕

  • veehexx
    8 posts

    due to the mission bugs i've been avoiding them pre-104. just been doing syncpoints and looting wealth points just to get some gametime in and inevitable progress done.
    Hoping 104 would fix i started with the quest lines but alas, i'm still crashing to desktop after a few 10's minutes and whatever audio issues they fixed, certainly wasnt any volume balancing betwen eivor and friendly NPC's. very clear volume difference.

    at this point i'm not fussed about continuing valhalla. i've other games to play.
    assuming no response is posted in the next week, i'll be canceling my uplay+ subsc before renewal and waiting for this mess to be fixed. audio level issues is one thing, crashing makes the game simply not enjoyable.

  • Hunterr12
    22 posts

    @don_tgr File size is interesting, the official post says the pc version was supposed to be around 4.3gb so maybe somebody pushed the wrong thing forward

  • Rachlily1971
    26 posts

    I have a bug which didn’t exist yesterday
    i cannot complete the main story “Bleeding the Leech” quest !!!!!
    ive killed the leech, got the cutscene but now it says to report to Erke - but I have no quest mark on the map yet I have the quest selected in the menu?

    anyobe else

  • veehexx
    8 posts
    @hunterr12 @don_tgr File size is interesting, the official post says the pc version was supposed to be around 4.3gb so maybe somebody pushed the wrong thing forward

    i wonder if we got double patched? i wasnt taking too much notice on the pc patch but it seemed to download twice for me certainly much longer than 4gb should've took on my line when running 100%

  • cavveman
    77 posts


    I already played 82 hours in Valhalla and only done 45%. This is my second restart. Two prior playthroughs deleted due to bugs or similar.
    In AC Origins I played 94 hours and have done 100% + completed every DLC. And I did not have to restart the game due to bugs or anything like that.
    For the next AC game I should wait for a goty edition that usually arrives 1 or 2 years later.


    It did download 4GB or more on my pc.

  • XboX.FPF
    22 posts

    Mysterie Quest: A Desperate Bounty - Hrorek is dead, quest cannot be started

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