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  • saintfox13
    7 posts

    @ubi-baron I would but this site keeps sayin my image dimension are to big....even after reducing my megapixels....but like I said everyone on the Order list is dead ...but King Alfred is still silhouetted...i gave hytham my medallions got my Thor's cloak no mission called the letter has ever spawned him at the Longhouse

  • CeaOsayuki
    1 posts

    I have suffered a game stopping bug, i have completed all zeolots, area stories, main story, order members and was aiming to finding the father. However i handed in all the medallions from the zeolots and order members and Hytham and Eivor revealed the father was king aelfred before i had finished the hamtusnshire arc and now Hytham won't let me take on the final quest and I cannot do amything more in the game. Fixing this would mean going back a full day of progress when i was doing collectibles and this game honestly needs refining for the ps4 as this glitch is game ending and makes me want a refund from ubisoft for releasing this mess. Me and a ton of others have experienced this and it should have been caught. It needs to be fixed for those who report and have suffered the glitch and altered so it can be fixed for people who havent go there yet.

  • VikingRogue
    1 posts

    All quests done, all members dead too. Not listed yet on official thread. Tried to restart game, which helped with few others, still nothing

  • sethed90
    1 posts

    I finished all the order member targets except for the final one. I returned to the settlement and received the prompt to turn in the order medals. Turned all of them in, to include the order member I had not revealed yet, and received the reward.

  • Regent_Syhr
    3 posts

    At the end of the game, following the final region and finishing of the zealots/order members, Hytham doesn't appear outside the longhouse for the final order member so I can't start the quest. I was able to give him the 15 medallions early and now can't trigger the final quest.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 788 posts

    @saintfox13 Thanks for getting back to us and providing the extra details.

    So for the image, as we would still like to see that, and also one of the cloak, you can upload them to a site such as Imgur and then link the images here.

    Official Response
  • Vindilator
    8 posts

    So i assassinated every member of the order except fulke and "father" then went on to finish the quest line. I had thors cloak from hytham equipped along with the set +mjolnir + gungnir while i was finishing the quest line, i went to isu temple, i entered the animus as basim, did hamtunscire, returned to ravensthorpe, did the gunnar wedding and now nothing pops up, all the order members are gone but father is at 5/6 clues and tells me to continue the story but there is literally nothing to do else in the game, when i speak to Hytham nothing happens he doesnt tell me to chase father or something..I read somewhere im supposed to get a poor fellow soldier of christ or something like that and then find aelfred is the father, i cant see if i have the quest or not but i do remeber beeing called to wincester by him to assassinate some people.. done know if its the same quest or not but i cant seem to finish this

  • nuglife22
    26 posts

    Looks like Ubisoft is going to continue ignoring this issue. So the only fix is to reload a save from before turning in "Breaking the Order" and replaying a weeks worth of progress or wait for NG+ and spend 30 hours rushing through the story. Or just give up, sell the game, and never buy another product from Ubisoft. This is pretty disappointing after years of supporting Ubisoft and always defending them.

  • kairockz
    9 posts

    I got the Thor Cloak first, then Haytham doesnt give me the last quest to kill Alfred.

    please fix.

  • HuntingU2016
    4 posts

    @kairockz It has been 2 weeks now since I got that glitch and no one at Ubisoft reports whether the bug is being patched or under investigation.

  • Kaks_187
    17 posts

    did you happen to turn in 15 medallions to hytham already for thors cloak? if you did.... you're in trouble https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/84794/last-order-member-bug-the-father-missing-clue/5

  • D4rKy26
    64 posts

    One of the most annoying bugs in the game and no response yet, i have a feeling they either cant reproduce it, or they fixing it atm.
    I dont see this problem in the megathread yet hope it will soon, its pretty game breaking. Cannot talk to reda is mentioned but not this one i find that extremely weird if u look how many people got this problem.

  • RealXPSgaming
    3 posts

    @alexandru27p Yeah I'm having the same problem. Its a shame that this was overlooked because I bet the reason the glitch happens is if you kill all order members/zealots before you take the last area.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 673 posts

    Hey everyone! Thank you all very much for your patience during these busier times. There have been other reports where this has been occurring. After killing the Order members and all of the Zealots, Hytham should mention knowing someone who has information about who The Farther is. I have a few questions for you all to try and pin point this issue. My apologies if a few of these questions are things you have answered in your individual post.

    1. As mentioned above, did Hytham reveal this information to you?
    2. Have you been to the village of Hamtunscire to continue the mission?
    3. Do the "Breaking the Order" and "The Poor Fellow-Soldier" show as complete?
    4. Have you completed every region on the alliance map?
    5. What platform are you playing on, and are you using cross-platform progression?

    Official Response
  • nuglife22
    26 posts

    @UbiKobold Hytham revealed certain information midway through the game after turning in "Breaking the Order" and gave Thor's Cloak but nothing more. I went to the village in Hamtunscire because of a video I saw of the quest for the father but nothing was there, no cutscene. "Breaking the Order" shows in the completed quests but not "The Poor Fellow-Soldier." We can't get "The Poor Fellow-Soldier" because Hytham does not move to the longhouse to tell us about the letter. Everything in the game is done aside from this one quest. I've got the platinum trophy that should show everything was completed. I only managed to finish the order trophy with another glitch "fix" on an old save previously mentioned. The issue is on all platforms, people here from Xbox, PC, and PS4. Progression for me is not cross platform, only PS4.

  • SounderSpace710
    14 posts

    @realxpsgaming I can't take Glowecestrescire (last place for me) because "Clues and riddles" is glitched and it won't let me talk to Halewyn after buring the straw men. So I decided to go for the order hoping I can come back to it, Killed 44/45 members but it won't trigger anything to get the final father clue. Now i'm stuck with the order being glitched and the main story being glitched with no progression options. Thats not even mentioning asgard paint glitch, THIS GAME SHOULDN'T HAVE COME OUT IF IT WAS'T READY

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 673 posts

    Thank you very much for this thorough information! I am very sorry that this has become your final quest due to this issue. Would you be able to provide your save game files for review? You should be able to find these on PS4 by going to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Then, attach them to a Support ticket and provide your ticket number here.

    Official Response
  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 673 posts

    Hey there. Would you be willing to check out my previous post on this thread that asks a series of 1-5 questions and provide your answers? We are currently investigating this issue and are trying to gather as much information as possible. Thanks!

    Official Response
  • nuglife22
    26 posts

    @ubikobold Can't submit anything. Can't submit without picking a "category" but once you pick a "category" the "submit my case" button disappears.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 673 posts

    I am very sorry this is happening! Can you see if this continues with our guide here?

    Official Response

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