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  • guest-dD9Of92F
    5 posts

    @shadow-wipeout I have the same issue with The Letter to get last clue,no where to be found !! Plus no Poor fellow soldier quest ?

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1027 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello @thefrozencreed - thank you for your reply to this thread.

    Could you please confirm the exact nature of the issue you are having? Are you unable to locate Hytham outside of the longhouse, or are you having a different issue, such as being unable to proceed due to having the incorrect number of medallions? If the former, please be advised that this issue has been considered resolved as of TU 1.3.0, and it could no longer be reproduced in the live game.

    Please refer to the information posted above by my colleague @Ubi-Borealis; can you please confirm that you have completed all of the prerequisites for starting "The Poor Fellow-Soldier", which are the following:

    • You have completed the full game, including the Hordafylke and Hamtunscire arcs
    • You have defeated all of the other Order members, with the exception of the Father

    If you find yourself unable to locate Hytham outside the longhouse and proceed, as previously directed, please send us a video showing the following:

    • Your completed quest log, showing that "Reporting on Hamtunscire" has been completed.
    • Your Order menu, showing that all members have been defeated except the Father.
    • If you have handed the medallions over to Hytham, please can you show us that you are unable to interact with him in front of the longhouse. If you haven't yet handed your medallions over to Hytham, please can you do this to see if this causes him to move in front of the longhouse.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and any information that you provide. We'll be happy to reopen the the investigation into this issue if the information needed is received. 🙂

    Official Response
  • PyroDC1997
    2 posts

    @alexandru27p same with me on PS5, i completed hamtunshire but no trigger for the last order quest.

  • Frankie_Drums
    12 posts

    I'm having the same issue. Can't complete the game after 150 hours of playing.

  • Frankie_Drums
    12 posts

    It's bugged for me too, can't complete the game after 150 hours. This issue's had a thread for 3 weeks on the ACV technical forums for PCs with almost 100 replies so I don't know why it hasn't been investigated yet.

  • UbiT00n
    Community Manager 73 posts

    @shadow-wipeout Hey!
    Thanks for bringing this up, there is a known issue about this and I have re-flagged with the team.
    Is it possible to provide some screenshots to show your progress please??
    This would be really appreciated.

    Official Response
  • PithyCanine03
    3 posts

    Hey! I started to worry that this issue would stay unnoticed, thanks for the response! I'm surely going to upload my save files and screenshots with this problem, thank you. With the Members of the Order, as I mentioned earlier, I didn't start the Winchester arc, so I had yet to kill Hilda, Selwyn, Ealhferth and their Magister, Sister Blaeswith. I also didn't kill the Fulke at that point. However, I was able to hunt all of the Zealots, and I could give Hytham those 15 medaillons. As a result, I finished "Breaking the Order" quest, but not really. So now I can't go after Alfred, because the game thinks I did that already, yet he remains Undiscovered in targets menu.
    I understand that the game is huge, but I hope this bug will be fixed in a near future.

  • nuglife22
    26 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • twyhein
    5 posts

    @UbiKobold You apparently have time to pander to twitter plebs offended by one word in game dialogue and release store packs, but no time to fix game breaking bug many others already pointed out weeks ago.

    Can we get some update on this? Hello?!?

  • Madeezy
    67 posts

    You're still wrong. Majority of us here have completed the GAME. All pledges. Not having ignorantly forgotten a zone or not speaking to Ramvi. I have completed all content and Hytham will not trigger the quest for me. This is the bug we're discussing. While you forgot to do something that was required for progression, we did everything and aren't able to progress.

  • EvilWaylander
    7 posts

    no problem just wished I had a solution for the last 2 things holding up my completion of the game.
    the Jars mystery in Lunden and Regan not activating so I can’t get the Thor armour

  • Shadow-Wipeout
    19 posts

    @ubit00n the websites parameters prevent me from uploading the images, is there an alternative way I can provide these?

  • Shadow-Wipeout
    19 posts

    @madeezy did you get those cape after handing in 44 medallions? If so thats the cause as the game thinks you've already done the quest so won't issue it

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 644 posts

    Hello again everyone, and I would like to thank all of you for your continued patience. I am very sorry that I was not able to get back to you all before today. I greatly appreciate the answers to my previous questions as those will help the Game team as they continue to look into this. This should be added to our list on 'known issues' soon, in addition to creating a megathread about this! However, please know that we have already been looking into this and continue to do so!

    At this time, if you play on PC or PS4 (Xbox files may not send), please create a ticket and submit your save game files. Afterwards, return here and provide your ticket number so I can send up your save files to the Game team for further review.

    Also, thank you Madeezy for providing all of those images and thank you nuglife22 for already providing your save file.

    @twyhein Thank you for sending this video as well! I have forwarded this up to the Game team. Also, will our site here allow you to create a ticket?

    Official Response
  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 644 posts
    This post is deleted!
    Official Response
  • greywardenqueen
    1 posts

    Same issue for me. 44 Order members dead, turned in 11 medallions and Hytham tells me there are more out there?
    Finished Hamtunscire, and still does not trigger the quest.

  • Quagmire81
    1 posts

    As with everyone else, I'm having the major bug of not being able to complete the Father mission. I handed in all 44 medallions, to which i instantly received Thor's cloak ????? One thing I seem to be having issues with that no one else has mentioned is, I spoke to Randiv about Hamtunscire Arc, which i pledged to, where she told me to go to Werham (Kingdom's end quest). No Quest marker showed but i went anyway. Just a load of Saxon and Norse men stood around with Guthrum in the church by himself. No cut scene, No mission starts. It's like Alefred no longer exists so wasn't there to negotiaite with Guthrum to trigger the mission. I figured out if I start a fight they all start fighting one another until everyone is killed...then nothing.......can't do anything else. So annoying. 95hours of gameplay ruined!! It's like my game assumes I've already finished this arc and killed the Father, even though i haven't. Anyone else having a similar problem with this Arc?

  • S3anwrd
    14 posts

    I encountered a bug where you can't eliminate the last member of the Order of Ancients. I can't reveal him even though I already defeated all of the order members and completed all of the Alliance map. It just says continue the story to find the last clue. There is no more story to continue. Hytham will not spawn outside of the longhouse to give me the quest to go find him. When I turned in the medallions before finishing the story it tricked the game into thinking I defeated him already. Hytham even told me exactly who he is, but it doesn't show it's him in the Order menu. It just says I have 5 out of 6 clues and I have to continue the story to find the last clue which is not possible.

  • moran1019
    1 posts

    Can't start the Poor Christian Soldier Mission, I gave the codex pages and medallions to Hytham after returning from Norway. Now I can't start the mission to kill the Father.

  • NoL_Altair
    1 posts

    Same here, such [censored] I've done everything and I'm stuck at 5/6 I've done the poor soldier of christ and the Winchester arc. I've done the the daughter's battle and can't move on.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 644 posts

    Hey moran1019! Please check out the thread here that I have recently responded to. Many others are experiencing this same issue and it is something that we are currently looking into. However, I am very sorry for any trouble that this has caused in the meantime!

    Official Response

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